Househusband-wannabe Boy and Idol Girl - 90

A Very Popular Idol Classmate Has Taken a Liking to Me, A Person Who Doesn't Want to Work for My Whole Life.

Daininki Idol na Classmate ni Natsukareta, Isshou Hatarakitakunai Ore


Act 3 - The School Festival

23-1 Honest intention

The day after practicing in the studio with Rei and the girls.

I go to the school, with the determination to talk to Kakihara and Doumoto.


"Huh, he hasn't come?" (Rintaro)

"Yeah, I'm a little worried because there hasn't been any contact from him." (Ryuuji)

I go to check with Doumoto since Kakihara wasn't in the classroom, but all I find out is that he's apparently absent today.

Neither Nikaido nor Nogi seem to know why, and they have the same worried expression as Doumoto.

"Yusuke, is he okay? His parents are overseas, right? If he's not in good shape, it could be really bad if he doesn't have anyone to take care of him......" (Ryuuji)

Come to think of it, I heard something like that during the tripartite meeting.

If he's feeling unwell, there's a possibility that he's in a situation where he can't expect help from anyone.

"Rintaro, can you keep me company after school for a bit?" (Ryuuji)

"Sure. You're going to visit him, right?" (Rintaro)

"Yeah. He's not a frail guy, but just in case something happens......" (Ryuuji)

Maybe there's another reason why he's absent.

But I remember his recent condition being somewhat strange.

His complexion was off, and his mental state seemed to be down.

With these factors in place, there's a high possibility that he's unwell after all.

"Even if I can't help with today's preparations, is everything okay with you, Nikaido-san?"

"Yeah. Everyone's moving proactively, so we have some leeway for a day. Sorry for leaving Kakihara-kun to you. Since he's not here, I have to take charge......" (Azusa)

If Kakihara, who is a member of the school festival executive committee, is absent, it's inevitable that Nikaido, who is his assistant, will have to take charge of coordinating everyone.

Since the preparations for the festival have to proceed steadily, it'll be a problem if she were to go visit him as well.

"I'll also help Azu-rin today. If it turns out that he's really unwell, I don't think it's a good idea to visit him in a large group. And if we stay at school, there might be something we can do too." (Honoka)

"Okay, that sounds good. Then, Rintaro and I will stop by the pharmacy before going to Yuusuke's house." (Ryuuji)

I nod in response to Doumoto's words.

Buying sports drinks and medicine shouldn't be a waste if we're going to visit him.

After the conversation is settled, the first-period chime rings.

We exchange brief greetings and return to our seats.

When I have time to think alone during class, an inexplicable anxiety well up inside me.

(I hope he doesn't end up like this on the D-day of the school festival...)

I open my left palm and look at my fingertips.

Although it's only been about a month, calluses have formed that can be seen as proof of practicing the bass every day.

The corn I got on the first day burst the next day, and there were times when it bled.

My time, accumulated in a short period, is packed in here.

Apparently, I feel terrible that all this time I've spent is going to waste.


I explain the situation in detail to Yukio, who has been working on the school festival preparations, and then I leave the school with Doumoto.

Following his lead, we board a train and get off at the fifth station.

It's a place I've walked to several times, being close to the school station. But my memory of the area is not enough to say that I'm familiar with it, and of course, I don't know Kakihara's house, so I'll rely on Doumoto here.

"...Here we are. It's still as huge as ever." (Ryuuji)

"O-oh......" (Rintaro)

We walked through the residential area for about five minutes.

At the place of Doumoto pointed to, and there stood a three-story mansion.

Compared to the surrounding houses, it was noticeably larger.

It seems like both of his parents working abroad is no joke.

We open the lattice gate that is as tall as our shoulders and stand in front of the front door.

When Doumoto presses the intercom installed next to the door, we hear the chime ring from inside the house.

However, even after waiting for a while, no one comes out.

"......Is he not home?" (Ryuuji)

"If he's unwell, there's a high chance he's in bed." (Rintaro)

"Sigh... Well, there's no helping it then." (Ryuuji)

Doumoto takes out a key from his bag, inserts it into the front door keyhole, and turns it.

With a clicking sound, the front door is easily unlocked.

"I know Yuusuke's mom as well. They trust him, but they gave me the spare key just in case he collapses alone at home. I guess this is the time when it comes in handy." (Ryuuji)

Doumoto opens the door and we enter the house.

I had expected that a single boy living in such a mansion would have at least some mess, but it's surprisingly well-organized, to the extent that it defies my expectations.

According to Doumoto, a hired housekeeper-like person came once a week to clean up.

"This is Yuusuke's room." (Ryuuji)

We went upstairs and Doumoto pointed to the door at the end of the corridor.

By the way, I have already confirmed Kakihara's shoes at the entrance, so I know he is inside the house.

"Hey, Yuusuke! Are you there?" (Ryuuji)

Doumoto calls him out with a slightly louder voice into the room, and then there is a rustling movement from inside.

"Hmm... Ryuuji, huh?" (Yuusuke)

"Yeah. Can I come in?" (Ryuuji)

"Yeah... Sure." (Yuusuke)

The voice from inside the room is definitely Kakihara's, but his usual spirit and cheerfulness are nowhere to be found.

This is clearly that he's not in good condition.

"Well, I'm coming in then." (Ryuuji)

Upon entering the room, a bed, a study desk, a TV, and a computer placed on a desk come into view.

Overall, it's tidy, and there isn't much of a masculine smell.

"I see you're here too Rintaro ...... sorry I didn't contact you guys." (Yuusuke)

"It's okay, it can't be helped right? That... are you feeling okay now?" (Ryuuji)

"I managed to catch a taxi first thing in the morning and had myself checked at the hospital, so it's not a serious condition. They said it's probably just accumulated fatigue, no specific illness. I've been so busy, after all." (Yuusuke)

Fatigue, huh.

It seems that what I had feared before had come true.

"With all the stuff you've been juggling, it's no wonder your body gave out." (Ryuuji)

As Doumoto looks at the printouts on the study desk, he mutters.

Those printouts were filled with details about the class budget and schedule.

"Yeah... the seniors asked if we could cut down the budget a bit, so I've been thinking about where we can make cuts. Especially the costumes were going to be expensive, so I called the vendors and tried to negotiate with them...... Haha, I wish I could have done better." (Yuusuke)

Kakiwara tells this with a somewhat apologetic expression.

In response, Doumoto makes a bitter face, clenches his fist tightly, and lowers his head.

"Yuusuke... I'm sorry for yelling at you that time. I have forgotten that you've been working really hard in the committee." (Ryuuji)

Accepting the sincere apology, Kakihara scratches his cheek, looking embarrassed.

"Same here, I'm sorry...... No matter how tired I was, I shouldn't have shown such a throwaway attitude to you guys, who have been helping me." (Yuusuke)


Pausing, Kakihara twists his expression in frustration.

"I'm anxious. Even though you've been helping me so much, if I confess and get rejected, I'll feel incredibly sorry――――No, to be more honest, I think I'm more scared of that happening." (Yuusuke)

Trying to downplay his anxiety with a chuckle, the Kakihara now doesn't seem like the super extrovert person I imagined, but just a shy boy.

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[End of Chapter]


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