The One I Married in The Web Game is a School Idol

The One I Married in The Web Game is a School Idol

~She Seems to be an Ice Idol, but in The Game, She's My Wife~

Alt. Title:
Netoge de Kekkonshita Aite ga Gakkou no Idol dattandaga. ~Koori no Idol-rashiiga, Game no Nakade wa Ore no Yome~

Web Novel (JP)

Wyvern Quest X. An MMORPG popular throughout Japan.
Ono Shouta, aka Shou, got married after Rein, a female character he met in the game, confessed her love for him.

One week after the marriage. Rein suggested that the two of them have an offline meeting.
And the off-line meeting was on a weekend. Shouta went to the meeting place and met Sakura Reika, who was his classmate. Surprised by the gap between the cheerful and frank Rein in the game and Reika in real life, Shouta gets to know her better.
Their slightly unusual coming-of-age story unfolds.

Nihonkai no Aji (日本海のアジ)



Comedy, Romance, School Life, Slice of Life,

Beautiful Female Lead, Clingy Lover, Gamers, Male Protagonist, Online Romance, Popular Love Interests,

Origin (Syosetu):
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