Fixed Damage Chapter 59

Fixed Damage
Koibito o Netorare, Yuusha Party Kara Tsuihou Sa Retakedo, EX Skill [Kotei Dameeji] ni Mezamete Muteki no Sonzai ni. Saa, Fukushuu o Hajimeyou.

Arc 5: Omen of Magic War


3 - Principality of Lyju

We entered the Principality of Lyju.

Although a small country, it had a long history and was dotted with ancient ruins.
There may be a way to counter [Chaos] in them──.

It seemed that Valery found the [Chain of Darkness] spell from one of those ruins.
It may sound like grasping at clouds, but let's try to find out first.

We continued along the highway.

"It's getting a little chilly around here."

I shivered.
Compared to the Kingdom of Shadi and the Kingdom of Larva, where I had been, this was much colder.

"Are you cold, Chrome-sama?"

While saying, Shea snuggled up to me.

"Th... this is, to help keep you warm, even a little."

I wasn't strong, I considerably weaker than the average person.
This was because of the influence of cursed by [Chain of darkness] two years ago.

I was also vulnerable to cold and heat, so I was grateful for Shea's thoughtfulness.

"Then, me too"

Yulin also snuggled up to me from the other side.
I was sandwiched between these two girls.

It was getting warmer now.

"Mmmu... could it be, Yulin-chan is also after Chrome-sama..."
"Ara, I'm just trying to make Chrome-sama a little more comfortable, you know."

Yulin smiled at Shea, who seemed to be sulking for some reason.
When I saw the bewitching crimson glow in her eyes, I realized once again that she was no longer a human.

Yulin had become my [Subordinate], and the [Darkness] skill I gave her turned her into a demon.

As the name suggested, it was a human being with demonic attributes.

They had strong physical strength, high vitality, and immense magical power.

Since Yurln had just become a demon, she was not yet at a high level, but she still possessed overwhelming magical power compared to humans.
If she trained herself, she would become even stronger.

However, even if you called her "Demon", she looked almost the same as when she was a human being.
She had blue hair cut off at the shoulders, and a pretty face.
Wearing a maid-like apron dress.

The only difference was that the tips of her ears were a little sharper than before, and her whole body was covered with a terrifying miasma──.

In the moonlight, I was standing in front of a tree.
Shea and Yulin were waiting a few meters away.

"Can we get started, Rakshasa"
[Anytime. Master.]

A beautiful woman in a black robe appeared as if oozing out of the void.
She was the terminal of [Darkness]──Rakshasa.


I lightly swung the black chain that extended from my right hand.

What I was about to do now was,  performance tests of this chain.

It was a new power that had become able to be used, probably because the [Darkness] within me had increased.
What I could do and could not do with this chain.

It was necessary to test it for future battles.


When I thought about it, the tip of the chain shifted
After all, it moved according to my will.

I didn't have to say loudly, I simply just had to think in my mind.


The next was, to measure the length.
The chain took my will and extended.

When it reached about 100 meters ahead, it stopped.
It seemed that it was the limit.

"The approximate "range" is about 100 meters, huh..."

I tried to move it in that state, but the movement was slower than before.
The longer it was extended, the less power it had to bind or strike.

Also, even though it was capable to strike, the attack power itself was about the same level as a warrior's.
In terms of the amount of damage, it probably 10 or 20.

Naturally, it couldn't be compared to [Fixed Damage]'s 9999 damages.
After all, it was more suitable to be used for restraining and twisting like I had done to MIkha before.

Besides, the black chain reached farther than [Fixed Damage], and it seemed to be quite useful in other ways than attacking.

──I finished a series of performance tests and walked up to Shea and Yulin.

"Sorry to keep you waiting"
"Thank you for your hard work, Chrome-sama"

Shea took out a towel and wiped my face with it.
I must have used more energy than I thought, and before I knew it, I was sweating.

"Thank you."
"Uu~, I wanted to do that too..."

Yulin mumbled.

"Ah, I, I'm sorry. Then, it's Yulin-chan's turn now."

Shea hurriedly handed Yulin a towel.

"Eee, Thank you very much"

Yulin thanked her and took the towel.
Taking turns with Shea, Yulin wiped the sweat off my face this time.

.....It's not like I sweated so much that it took two people to wipe it off, you know.

That was when I chuckled inwardly.

"Those who possessing wicked power──we're here to destroy you!"

A voice was heard from the bushes behind me.

A group of people appeared.
A swordsman, a spearman, an archer, a wizard, a monk... there were five in all.

"There's no doubt about it──they seem to have the power of [Darkness]."
"Then, this is The Hero Harold's turn!"
"I'll show you that Yuno and his companions aren't the only hero party out there!"

They all raised their spirits at once.

"These people are──"

I raised my eyebrow.

I had known them for a while two years ago, when I was still a member of the hero party.

They were a hero party different from Yuno and co.

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[End of Chapter]

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