Fixed Damage Chapter 58

Fixed Damage
Koibito o Netorare, Yuusha Party Kara Tsuihou Sa Retakedo, EX Skill [Kotei Dameeji] ni Mezamete Muteki no Sonzai ni. Saa, Fukushuu o Hajimeyou.

Arc 5: Omen of Magic War


2 - An uneasy conclusion.


Hero Knight Margo.

A veteran warrior who was renowned as the strongest knight in the Luphus Empire.
He was a knight among knights, with an impeccable personality and ability, and was respected by many people.

Yuno met him while traveling with Chrome, Irina, Valery, and others, and had him join the party.
At all times, he calmly assessed the battle situation and uses his sword and skills with perfect precision.
Yuno had been saved by him many times.

And even now──.

"You came, Margo-san."
"I'm sorry I was late, Yuno. Fara too."

Margo walked up to him.

A full-face helmet and armor were covering his entire body.
He was a fully armed knight.

"Mmm, your arm is──"

Margo looked surprised at Yuno's lost right arm.

"Ee, this..."

Yuno gave a bitter smile.

"Let's save the details later. Now we've to focus on the fight against Lagios. Fara-san, you take care not to get any collateral damage.."
"....I'm sorry. I can't give you any help."
"It's okay. I will protect you."

Yuno gave Fara a refreshing smile.

I wonder if it left an impression on her a little──
In the corner of his head, he was thinking about that.

"I'll be on the left-side and Margo-san on the right-side, please."
"I understand."

Margo held up his shining sword.


A noise was sounded, and a light greenish wind clung to the blade.

The first-class magical armor, "The 77-forms Gale Thunder King Sword".
It was a treasure sword that can be said to be the signature of the Hero Knight Margo.

Although not as good as Yuno's holy sword, it was the strongest sword that could cut through even the high-ranking demons.

"Skill [Blessing Arrows]!"

Yuno yelled.
A total of 70 feather-shaped light bullets were released.

"Just something like that!!"

Lagios shot them all down with a breath, but a few of them managed to evade.

A thunderous sound was heard.

The damages caused by exploding light bullets were taken by the "Barrier Crest" that Lagios was wearing.

"Then, me too──with my sword!"

Margo gripped his sword, and ran from the opposite direction

"[Severing Wind]!"

A huge vacuum blade──A kamaitachi, slammed into Lagios.

The second, third,──fifteenth shots cut shallowly through Lagios' torso.

Blue fresh blood splashed.


Lagios screamed.
At last, it broke through the endurance of the "Barrier Crest" and damaged Lagios directly.


With a roar of anger, the demon dragon swung its huge tail.


Yuno quickly blocked it with his defensive skill [Flower Protection].
However, he could not kill the power and was blown away.

Margo, on the other hand, slipped through its tail as if he were reading the attack.
It was a great maneuver.

Accelerating and closing in on the blue dragon, Margo made a huge leap.
With a jump so powerful that it was hard to believe he was clad in heavy armor, he thrust his treasured sword into its chest.


Lagios screamed.

Then Margo climbed up the dragon's body.

"This is the end!"

He pulled another sword from his back and stabbed it into the dragon's forehead.
The screams remarkably loud and eventually become smaller and smaller.

Zu .. n!

The earth was shaking by the dragon's huge body that collapsed.

Margo landed on the ground, and pulled out the "The 77-forms Gale Thunder King Sword".
The sword stuck in its forehead still there.

"Margo-san, you did it!"

Yuno run up to him.

"What is that sword?"
"It's a kind of "Dragon Killer" that I got the other day. It's hard to use against the highest-class dragons, but I thought that it might do if it was a damaged Lagios. and it turned to be work better than I expected."

Margo said with satisfaction when he saw the fallen Lagios.

"That sword is, the mark of its tombstone, huh?"

Certainly, the blue dragon didn't even twitch.
Its heart had already stopped beating, and he no longer felt any of the magical power that had flooded its body.

Lagios was dead.


The next day──.
A knight visited Lagios' castle.

A white knight in full gear.
It was Margo.

At the back, a giant blue dragon was still lying.

"How are you feeling, Lagios?"
"...I had a terrible experience. The power of the Hero, should not be underestimated."

When Margo called out, Lagios slowly got up.

The sword that still on its forehead disappeared without a trace when the demon dragon shook its giant body.

In yesterday's battle, it wasn't "Dragon Killer" that Margo had stabbed at Lagios.
It was a treasure sword that put the target in a state of temporary death for a whole day.

Thanks to that, both Yuno and Fara believed that Lagios was dead.

(Hmm, he's easy to be fooled. He's indeed the strongest in terms of fighting ability, but he's still mentally weak.)

Margo grumbled inwardly.

Anyway, the first stone had been laid.

With that, now the attention on Lagios would be lessened.
And It would make it easier for Lagios to do all sorts of schemes.

(Eventually, I will defeat the hero and make the name of Margo Laksada known all over the world. Wealth, glory, women──anything you could want in the world is within my grasp.......!)

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[End of Chapter]

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