My Wife in The Web Game is a Popular Idol - Prologue

My Wife in The Web Game is a Popular Idol

Netoge no Yome ga Ninki Idol datta ~Cool-kei no kanojo wa genjitsu demo yome no tsumori de iru~
My Wife in The Web Game is a Popular Idol ~A Cool girlfriend intends to be a Wife in Real Life~
Author: あボーン (Abōn)

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"Kazuto-kun. What does this mean?" (Rinka)

After school. In the room of a high school girl idol.
In a corner of the neat and tidy room, I was forced to sit on the floor.

Standing in front of me was Mizuki Rinka, a beautiful girl with long hair.
She was looking down at me with frozen eyes, a silent menacing aura was emitted from her whole body.

"Kazuto-kun, I ask you one more time, Who are these girls?" (Rinka)

Rinka showed the screen of a smartphone in her palm.
What displayed there was friend list of a certain MMO.
There was a list of amusing names of online game players (only 5). 

"They are... just ordinary players. We just happened to be together in a dungeon the other day and then we became friends." (Kazuto)
"Is that so. then you cheated on me while I was logged out." (Rinka)
"Absolutely no! Because those people are hode! The avatar of theirs are beautiful girls, but they are actually old men(?)!" (Kazuto)

I hurriedly excuse myself when I was glared at by her beautiful yet sharp eyes.
But Rinka wasn't convinced, she scraped her hair up and said, "Don't make any excuses".

"Excuses eh... You think I have a strange relationship with old men?" (Kazuto)
"It was what I think." (Rinka)
"Why! It's really shocking to me that you answered immediately without hesitation..." (Kazuto)
"Kazuto-kun might have a fεtish for Hodes." (Rinka)
"I don't have such a tendency, absolutely don't have!" (Kazuto)

Let me affirm. Absolutely impossible!
Let me affirm one more thing! They are not hodes!
They simply just men who were playing using beautiful girl characters.

"Is that really the case? I can't deny the possibility that Kazuto-kun will get tired of me and run for an oldie hode." (Rinka)
"I want you to deny that possibility! Even if I get tired of Rinka, I absolutely won't run to some random old men!" (Kazuto)
"...That so. As I thought, you tired of me after all." (Rinka)

Rinka sadly hung her face down.
She looked like she was about to shed tears.

"For example! Suppose that Rinka and I are friends from middle school? It's not like I will getting tired or anything like that." (Kazuto)
"... Prove it." (Rinka)
"What?" (Kazuto)
"Prove to me that Kazuto-kun pledged his eternal-undying love to me." (Rinka)
"N, no no...." (Kazuto)

Th, that's exaggeratedly heavy. To pledge eternal-undying love, was quite a problem.
Because we are...

"We're married, aren't we? On the internet, though." (Rinka)
"Y-yeah, I guess so, but in real life, we're------." (Kazuto)
"In real life.... what was it?" (Rinka)

Rinka asked with a cold and powerful tone.
This is as if you are being confronted with choices that will take you straight to the bad end.
A or B. (PTW/N: ERABE!!!! XD,, somehow I remember anime NouCome)
It is a hellish game that does not even have load option, let alone save.
I carefully chose the words while breaking out in a cold sweat.

"In real life... we're close and get along well. Very close and get along very well." (Kazuto)
"Yup, we are. We also have fostered an absolute bond, like a mature couple." (Rinka)
"..." (Kazuto)

We were not even dating, though.
It's not even a month since we met in real life.

"Surely, I've been busy with my idol activities. Still, I've never forgotten Kazuto-kun even a second." (Rinka)
"E-ee......" (Kazuto)
"So, don't forget about me okay, Kazuto-kun." (Rinka)
"O-of course." (Kazuto)

"Thank you..... So I'm going to delete all your friends except me." (Rinka)
"Okay――no, why! Even though they are nice people!" (Kazuto)

"Then, let's do this. Next time, I'll talk to them one-on-one. If I find out that they don't have any ill feelings with Kazuto-kun, I'll approve them to be friends." (Rinka)
"If you do that much, I'll be very embarrassed, you know." (Kazuto)

"This is the lowest line I can make concessions. If you don't, please give up on friends other than me." (Rinka)
"Seriously. I'd like to ask you to review the minimum line..." (Kazuto)
"I can't." (Rinka)

The plea was rejected with a snap.
Apparently, Rinka is serious.

Why did this happen?
It was two weeks ago, that my entire life took a drastic turn.

An online friend who I got married with in the game, actually was a popular idol and even my classmate.

~"(This is a Translation Content of so, read only on my site)"~

[End of Chapter]

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