My Wife in The Web Game is a Popular Idol - 13

My Wife in The Web Game is a Popular Idol

Netoge no Yome ga Ninki Idol datta ~Cool-kei no kanojo wa genjitsu demo yome no tsumori de iru~


Double Release!!

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13 - The starting line

"I guess it's time to go home." (Kazuto)

The view of the cityscape from the window was getting darker.
I had come to Saito's house for a visit, and I told the two that I was about to go home.
This information might be unnecessary, but Saito's room was really dirty.
There were so many light novels and mangas scattered about that it was hard to find a place to step.
If you say it's a typical high school boy's room, then yes, it is.......

"What? Isn't it too early to go home? You usually stay up later than this to have fun." (Saito)
"Ah, I have an appointment tonight." (Kazuto)

I said to Saito, who was lying on his bed reading a light novel.
Today was Saturday.
I was going to play an online game with Mizuki-san and Kurumizaka-san tonight.

"What do you mean by 'appointment'? Who else can you play with other than us?" (Tachibana)
"I've heard that line a few days ago...... it's with Mizuki-san." (Kazuto)
"Didn't you get rejected by Mizuki?" (Tachibana)
"No, I didn't. It's kind of a pain in the αss to explain..... I'll show you the authentic proof, guys." (Kazuto)

I took out my smartphone and showed them the chat I had with Mizuki-san.
What was displayed on the screen was the exchange that started with the morning greet (I love you) the other day, recognizing ourselves as a husband and wife.

"Is this, for real.....?" (Tachibana)
"This is for real. Don't tell anyone, okay? I still can't believe it, either......." (Kazuto)
""........."" (Tachibana, Saito)

Saito and Tachibana stared at my smartphone and started to tremble like crazy.
When I was wondering what was going on, they suddenly screamed.

"N-no, no no, it's a lie, isn't it! Life is too UNFAIIIIIIRRRR!" (Tachibana)
"A-aa-ac-according to my calculations, ......... AAAAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!" (Saito)

Both of them were unsightly and screaming strangely.
I'm sorry to say, but the appearance of them holding their heads, their eyes turning white, spitting, and screaming was extremely ugly.
My cheeks tensed up, I tried to escape as I put my hand on the doorknob.

"Wait, AYANOKOUJIIIIIII!" (Tachibana)
"Whoa, what the h*ll!" (Kazuto)

Tachibana clung to my waist and said with a zombie-like voice.

"I'm not going to let you go like this! While you play husband and wife with a popular idol, we have to play with each other, huh, bastard?" (Tachibana)
"Well, yeah ... It can't be helped, right." (Kazuto)

I have no choice in the matter, do I?
I tried to open the door and get out of the room, but Tachibana tightened his grip on my waist.

"I'm not going to let you go!" (Tachibana)
"Ugh, seriously, let me go! If you don't, I'll be in trouble with Kurumizaka-san――――ah." (Kazuto)

The moment I said it, I knew I had dug my own grave.
I was so impatient that I was leaking unnecessary information.

"Y-you, no way..... you'll play online game with Nana-chan, too?" (Tachibana)
"..." (Kazuto)
"So you will? I'll take your silence as an affirmation!" (Tachibana)
"...N-no, it's different, you know?" (Kazuto)
"It's no different! Ayanokouji, you're a terrible liar, I can tell right away! Aaah DAMMITTT, you have a flower in each hand!? I'm so f-kin' jealous!" (Tachibana)
"... According to my calculations, the probability of us going insane with jealousy is――1000%!!" (Saito)

The next moment, even Saito, with his bloodshot eyes, jumped on me.
The two of them were coming at me.......!

"Wa- stop iiiiiiitttttttttt~!" (Kazuto)

[It's too late, Kazu!
What have you been doing before ٩(๑`^´๑)۶ ] (Rin)

As soon as I logged in to the game, I received such an angry message from Rin.
It was kinda cute and made my cheeks loosened.
In the end, because of Saito and Tachibana, I was about twenty minutes late.

I replied, "I'm sorry", and then launched the voice chat app on my computer.
I selected the chat room that I had created with Rin and clicked on the voice channel to enter the room.
There were three players in the room.
"Kazu," "Rin," and "Sturmangriff."

There was a player with its username contain some awesome characters.

"You were late, Kazu. We've been waiting for you for a long time, you know?" (Rin)

Rin, who dressed in a cool outfit, said to me.
It had a very different atmosphere from the cute chat that was sent to me just a few minutes ago.
......Well, it's not like I'm going to go into it.
I was sure she had her own reasons.
I was more interested in Sturmangriff.
I'd known who it was, but I couldn't help but ask.

"Umm, who is Sturmangriff?" (Kazu)
"Hey, hey! It's me! Kurumizaka Nana, y'know!" (Sturmangriff)

A cheerful and lively voice echoed from the headphones.
And it was quite loud.

"Hey Nana. You're talking too loud. Keep your voice down." (Rin)
"Ah, Sorry~." (Sturmangriff)

It appeared that Kurumizaka-san, who usually made a lively voice, was in the same boat in voice chat.
I casually ask her about the origin of her name.

"Kurumizaka-san. Why is your username Sturmangriff?" (Kazu)
"Umm, y'know.... It's the name of a cat I have! What do you think? Ain't it a cute name?" (Sturmangriff)

For a moment, I thought it was a joke waiting for a retort, but the cheerful tone of Kurumizaka-san's voice made me realize that she was serious.
As I was struggling for words to reply, Rin took over the conversation.

"Nana's sense of naming is different compared to most people. Don't let it bother you." (Rin)
"That's not true! I'm normal, y'know!" (Sturmangriff)

...... Absolutely not normal.
Also, I just looked up the meaning of "Sturmangriff" on the Internet, and it appeared to mean "Assault" in Deutsch.
I wonder what Kurumizaka-san is going to make her cat do.

"Sturm――――Nana has already finished the tutorial. I'm sorry, Kazu, but could you please come to the first village?" (Rin)
"Okay. I'll be right there." (Kazu)

It seemed that calling her by her player's name was becoming annoying. (PTW/N: Poor Nana-chan)
Mizuki-san called her by her real name. So, I would do the same.

As I was told, I got on my horse and took a few minutes to arrive at the first village.
On the way to the village, I talked to Kurumizaka-san, who had finished the tutorial but still wasn't used to the controls.
That's why, until she was getting used to the controls, we had to fight the small monsters around the village.

I walked my character to the central square of the peaceful village to gather with the girls.

There, what awaited me was a lovely blonde elf carrying a bow on her back, "Rin", and a burly macho oldman beastman carrying a great ax, "Sturmangriff". (PTW/N: ⁰×⁰)


"... Hey, Kurumizaka-san. You're definitely playing for gag-play, aren't you?" (Kazu)

On the Black Plains, you can make your character in a rather detailed way.
The character that Kurumizaka-san had created was a muscular daruma that seemed to have all the parameters raised to the max.

"Gag-play? Emm this character, Ain't it cute?" (Sturmangriff)
"I have to say it. Kurumizaka-san, your taste is crazy." (Kazu)
"EEEEEEHH? Even Kazu-kun too?" (Sturmangriff)

I think anyone would say that.
Everyone would say that it's cute, because it's obvious that the character design is a joke.

"Now that we've confirmed Nana's crazy taste, let's go hunting right away." (Rin)
"Boo~, Rin-chan and Kazu-kun are so mean." (Sturmangriff)

Even though she was pouting her lips and leaking out a dissatisfied voice, Kurumizaka-san followed Rin out of the village.
Not long after, we came to a grassland area inhabited by monsters.

"Oh, look! There's a big and cute cat over there!" (Sturmangriff)
"That's a Serval Cat. Be careful, it's the strongest monster around here. Nana will never be able to beat it right now, so stay away from it――――" (Rin)

"It's so cute! Look at it, it's having so much fun pouncing on me!" (Sturmangriff)
"No, Nana! You're being attacked! Run, quickly!" (Rin)
"What? I don't know how to run――――ah." (Sturmangriff)

[Party member: Sturmangriff has fallen]

A death announcement was mercilessly displayed in the chatbox.
It happened less than five minutes after we left the village.
Instead of charging in, she died standing on the spot.

"Nana......" (Rin)
"I'm sorry. Rin-chan" (Sturmangriff)

Rin grumbled Kurumizaka-san's name in annoyance.
I guess I'll take care of the enemy for now.
"Kazu", who had maxed his level, swung his sword and killed the Serval Cat.

By the way, the Serval Cats were not cute at all.
They looked like cats, but had physiques as big as humans and had vicious looks.
They even had huge fangs coming out of their jaws.

"Let's get ourselves together and proceed. Kazu, please." (Rin)
"Yeah." (Kazu)

I guessed the meaning of her words, and went around in circles, killing only the monsters that might give Kurumizaka-san trouble.

"Ah, with this, I may be able to win!" (Sturmangriff)

An oldman beastman with a huge body was swinging a great ax that matched its physique and trying to tear apart a small weasel.
However, Kurumizaka-san seemed to be unfamiliar with even normal attacks, and the weasel occasionally ducked her attacks.
It wasn't a click-and-choose target, so it might be hard for the novice Kurumizaka-san.

"......Nana is more than I imagined....... No, let's not say any more." (Rin)

I knew what Rin was thinking..
Kurumizaka-san probably was a person who had no sense of game.
Well, I'm sure she's just purely a lack of gaming experience.

While Kurumizaka-san was struggling with the weakest monster, Rin and I continued to hunt the monsters around us.
It was not satisfying at all, but just being able to listen to the sound of Kurumizaka-san's happy voice was enough for us.

"Y'two are in perfect synch, ain't ya?" (Sturmangriff)

Suddenly, Kurumizaka-san said such a thing.

"What do you mean?" (Rin)
"You two were giving each other instructions by just calling name, right?" (Sturmangriff)
"Well yeah... The monsters around here are weak, so there's no need for complicated coordination....." (Rin)
"Rin and I have been together for a long time. So we can understand what the other person wants without thinking about it." (Kazu)
"That's right. It's what we call 'heart-to-heart communication'." (Rin)

Rin said a little proud.
Kurumizaka-san was impressed and said, "Hee~, it's amazing, yes".
And so we hunted for a few dozen minutes, while conversing randomly.

"Sorry. I've got something to do. I'll leave for a bit, kay." (Sturmangriff)

After stopping her hunting, Kurumizaka-san left, even though she still logged in.
Since she was also still online in the voice channel, I was sure she was planning to come back soon.
As I was thinking this, I heard a notification from the smartphone on my desk.
I checked it.
There was a message from Kurumizaka-san.

[The place has been warmed up with a good feeling! Now that it's just both of you, it's your chance!] (Nana)

Needless to say what the chance is.
Probably it was about the name-calling.
She requested me to call Mizuki-san "Rinka".
I replied to Kurumizaka-san.

[It's too sudden. I'm not ready for this.] (Kazuto)
[It's okay! You could call her "Rin" normally, right?] (Nana)

Now that she'd pointed it out, I realized.
Certainly, I used to call Mizuki-san "Rin".

[All you've to do is add the "Ka"! It's easy peasy, right!] (Nana)

Like h*ll, it's easy peasy.
The more I became aware of it, the more nervous I became to even call Rin.

"What's wrong, Kazu? Suddenly became silent." (Rin)
"A-ah, umm... Rin, ka... Kakapos are flying." (Kazu)
"Kakapo? Where are they? Are there Kakapos in the Black Plains?" (Rin)
(PTW/N: better you'd skipped this~.... It's originally "Kamome" or Seagull. I hesitate to pick "Kakatoo/Cockatoo" or "Kakapo".... but in the end, I chose "Kakapo"; I tried to do a little joke here, Kakapo is actually [from what I read] a 'flightless' parrot. Awoka---sorry, LoL)

[......] (Nana)

A silent taunt is sent from Kurumizaka-san.
I can't say anything back.


I didn't know what is this.
I've always had this strange feeling.
This vague feeling had swirled in my chest.

Probably I would be able to get along with Mizuki-san without Kurumizaka-san's encouragement.....
In addition, Mizuki-san liked me so much that she wanted to be my wife in real life as well.......

"Yeah. That's right." (Kazu)
"Kazu? What really happened?" (Rin)

I ignored Mizuki-san's suspicious and set my thoughts.
All the events that had happened in the past week and the memories with Mizuki-san flow through my mind.
It'd been a really intense week.
It'd been so hectic, and my daily life had easily been drastically changed.......
And Mizuki-san was always in the center of it.

If she was really thinking of me, I should be able to give her my true feelings fairly and honestly.
That was what it meant to be equal.
A heart-to-heart relationship where there were no impurities, it was the kind of relationship that Rin, Mizuki Rinka wanted.......
I readied myself, and then I slowly opened my mouth.

"Rin... No, Mizuki-san. Can you listen to me for a second?" (Kazu)
"... What it is, yes?" (Rin)

She seemed to have sensed something from the serious tone of my voice.
I could feel the tension in Mizuki's voice.

"...Actually, I only thought of Mizuki-san as a good friend on the internet." (Kazu)
"――――" (Rin)

I could hear her breath catching through my headphones.
Then I could hear my smartphone rang.
It was from Mr. Kurumizaka.
She is still listening to the conversation, huh?
I could guess what she was about to talk.
But there was no need to respond to her.
I turned off my smartphone and continued talking.

"I have feelings of admiration for Mizuki-san, but I don't know whether this is a romantic feeling or not." (Kazu)
"So... it was...." (Rin)

Mizuki replies with a shaky voice.
I felt like he was about to fall into a stupor.
But my talk didn't end here.
I haven't gotten all of my true feelings out yet.

"But I want to respond to Mizuki-san's feelings. No, I want to know more about Mizuki-san, and I want to be closer to her than I already am. I want to face Mizuki-san properly in real life as well." (Kazu)
"" (Rin)
"So, as a first step ... Can I call Mizuki-san 'Rinka'?" (Kazu)

I was able to say it smoothly despite my nervousness.
There was a brief silence.
The moment the possibility of being rejected crossed my mind, I heard Mizuki-san's voice.

"......Of course, I'm fine, but that is......" (Rin)
"What it is?" (Kazu)
"As far as I've heard, I think Kazuto-kun likes me too." (Rin)

"That... I can't deny the feelings of admiration that one have for an idol..... You don't like it either, do you Mizuki-san? I was confessed by an idol, then I said accepted." (Kazu)

"That's very unpleasant. I think it's because I'm inside a game world that there's no unnecessary information involved, I can have a pure heart-to-heart relationship. But I absolutely refuse to go out with someone who accepted me because of my position as an idol." (Rin)

The tone of Mizuki-san's voice was a little rough, and she spoke up at once.
However, her next words were in a softer tone.

"... But I'm convinced, knowing that Kazuto-kun likes me." (Rin)
"......huh?" (Kazu)
"You're still confused and can't figure out your own emotions. It's okay. I understand you better than yourself, Kazuto-kun. So you have nothing to worry about." (Rin)
"..." (Kazu)

Somehow, the direction of the conversation is turning into a strange way.

"I've heard it all before. That some men don't realize they had become husbands even after marriage." (Rin)
"That's not what I'm talking about. In my case, my closest gaming friend and the popular idol I admired were the same one person, so I'm confused in various ways..." (Kazu)

In addition to that, both also had an extraordinary fondness for me.
It would be impossible not to be confused.

"If so, I'll wait." (Rin)
"W-wait, eh?" (Kazu)
"Yes. I'll wait until Kazuto-kun sorts out his feelings and accepts his relationship with me." (Rin)
"Th-thank you......?" (Kazu)

It was probably the most reassuring words I had ever heard.
I needed time to properly face my emotions.

"I was surprised at first, though. I don't know whether Kazuto-kun likes me or not." (Rin)
"Uh, well..." (Kazu)
"But what he said after that made me understand. Kazuto-kun really likes me." (Rin)
"Umm, Mizuki-san? Isn't this conversation getting looping?" (Kazu)

It was more precise to a contradiction rather than a loop.
I insisted that I don't know if I like her, but I want to get along with her even in real life.
For that reason, I asked her to let me call her Rinka.
However, Mizuki-san interpreted this as a sign of liking, even if I meant it.

"Well......, Even if Kazuto-kun's feelings were that of a friend or respect instead of love, it wouldn't matter."
"Huh?" (Kazu)
"It's a simple matter, you know. 'I'm a wife', all I have to do is become a woman that Kazuto-kun will fall in love with." (Rin)

"Ummm, sorry, I don't know what you just said." (Kazu)
"It's not difficult. In short, since you got married before you fell in love with me, you just have to fall in love with me now." (Rin)

Ah... So that's it.
I see, i see.
I could just about understand it even though my head was in a little panic.
Mizuki-san was still "thinking of herself as a wife" even in this situation.

"I'm glad that Kazuto-kun confided his true feelings. It's true that it wasn't the answer I wanted, but...... I was able to find out what Kazuto-kun really felt without any falsehoods." (Rin)
"Mizuki-san..." (Kazu)
"My, did I hear you wrong? I thought you would call me by my name from now on." (Rin)
"......Rinka." (Kazu)
"......" (Rin)

I called out to her in a whisper.
But I didn't hear a reply.

"Hmm, Rinka? You suddenly became silent... I knew it, you didn't like it huh?" (Kazu)
"No, I'm sorry. I was so happy that I couldn't even breathe." (Rin)
"W-what the heck is that..." (Kazu)

I'd never heard of anyone who couldn't breathe because they were so happy just because someone called their name.
Does that mean she likes me very much?
......I was embarrassed just thinking about it.

"Kazuto-kun. You've been worried about me all the time, haven't you?" (Rin)
"It's not that I'm worried......." (Kazu)
"No, If you've come this far, you are." (Rin)
"......" (Kazu)

I couldn't say anything back.
Rinka clearly expressed her feelings to such a pathetic me.

"You don't have to think too much about it. It's just that...... I'm falling in love with Kazuto-kun on my own." (Rin)
"――――" (Kazu)

Just falling in love with me on her own.......
Does she know how precious those words are?
It was not a matter of calculating, nor was it a matter of being attracted by looks or status.
It was just that she was in love with me in person.

"And...... I wonder if Nana is listening to this conversation, though she's pretending not to." (Rin)
"Ahahaha. Did I get caught?" (Sturmangriff)

Kurumizaka-san reappeared with an unassuming laugh.
She seemed to have surrendered from making a convincing statement.

"There was a little noise. I don't know, but I sense some kind of conspiracy." (Rin)

Sharp. She was as smart as she looked cool.
I didn't think she knew everything, but she likely knew about the connection between me and Kurumizaka-san.

"Sorry, Rin-chan. I wasn't doing this with any ill intentions." (Sturmangriff)
"It's okay. Whenever Nana did strange things, it was always for my sake." (Rin)
"Rin-chan......!" (Sturmangriff)

Kurumizaka-san raised her voice emotionally.

"But I don't like it when she plays silent and sneaky." (Rin)
"Rin-chan..." (Sturmangriff)

Kurumizaka-san's voice now became apologetic......

"But, right. If you are planning to apologize,... I wonder if you can be just a little tactful." (Rin)

Be a little tactful?
I wondered what it meant.
I didn't know, but Kurumizaka-san seemed to understand that.

"Of course! I'd be happy if both of you became much closer than you are now. So ... Kazu-kun, please take care of Rin-chan." (Sturmangriff)
"Eh, what do you mean by taking care of――――" (Kazu)

Sturmangriff has left the chat room......
Apparently, idols have a habit of hanging up without listening to the end.

"Now, Kazuto-kun. At the same time Nana deliberately left the room, you confided your true feelings to me. This didn't seem like a coincidence." (Rin)
"N-no... that's." (Kazu)
"I'll have you spit it all out. What kind of interaction did you have with Nana behind the scenes... all of it, okay?" (Rin)
"...Umm, can we talk about it in the text chat?" (Kazu)
"Why?" (Rin)

The reason was, that "Rin" was more friendly and easy to talk to.
But I couldn't say that, though.......

"I thought it would be easier to explain in writing." (Kazu)
"...Well, it can't be helped. Let's do that." (Rin)

The chat was immediately sent through the game.

[Kazu! we've come this far, so don't hide anything from me, okay!] (Rin)

Ah, yes.
This is it.
It's more comfortable this way.
All right, I'll tell her everything.
I'm sure now is the right time.

[It was the lunch break the other day, I was called by Kurumizaka-san.] (Kazu)
[Nana!? No way, you're cheating on me with my best friend.....?] (Rin)
[No! Don't tie it to cheating right away!] (Kazu)

Cheating was a.......
Rinka was thinking of herself as my wife, no matter what.
I thought it was strange, but strangely enough, I didn't hate it.
Nowadays, I even felt relieved.
Maybe it's because I told her all my feelings......?

I might not carry much value, as I was an online game nerd.
But there was one thing I was sure of.
Peoples would be able to understand each other without conflict if they stripped away the unnecessary information and told each other their true feelings.......

[So you had nothing with a girl named Kotone. Then, nothing had happened with Nana as well, right?] (Rin)
[......she was the first one to hold my hand.] (Kazu)

I retracted my previous words.
I shouldn't say anything else.

[I haven't held hands with you yet......
Nana robs Kazu's first
 °(´∩ω∩`)°. ] (Rin)

[You're overreacting! Don't worry, it was just a lighthearted attempt of her to hold a fan's hand.] (Kazu)
[I've already decided! I'll manage Kazu's relationships from now on! I'll also check your friend list and you'll have to submit your daily schedule to me!] (Rin)
[Is this a controlled society, huh! I'll choke and suffocate to death!] (Kazu)

If I have such a wife in real life, my life will probably be very difficult.
Ah, she thinks she's my wife in real life, too?
Isn't this seriously bad.
While thinking such things, I typed a reply to Rin's chat.

While we were connected via voice chat, we were still communicating with each other in the same way we used to.

Even years from now, we will be together forever, I'm sure of it――――

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[End of Chapter]

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And so on.


"Fuurawan-chaaannn!!! Ikanaide!!!!."
"Gomen ne, Bujang-kun."
"Dameee, Fuurawan-chaannnn!!!"
"Sayonara, Bujang-kun."