My Wife in The Web Game is a Popular Idol - 14

My Wife in The Web Game is a Popular Idol

Netoge no Yome ga Ninki Idol datta ~Cool-kei no kanojo wa genjitsu demo yome no tsumori de iru~


14 - "The episode of Mizuki family's turmoil"

It would be good if we could have ended the conversation in a good mood.

"Hey, Kazuto-kun. Are you listening to what I'm saying?" (Rinka)
"Yeah, I'm listening. I was just a little reminiscing." (Kazuto)

As I was forced to sit on the floor in Rinka's room, I finished my reverie and came back to reality.

A week has already elapsed since the day I confided my true feelings to her.
In other words, two weeks have already passed since I found out that Rin's real identity was Mizuki Rinka.

And today, Sunday. In the daytime.
An incident(?) happened again.

"Certainly, I did say that I would wait until Kazuto-kun could sort out his feelings. But I didn't say that I would overlook a cheating, did I?" (Rinka)
"...... Didn't you say that you would forgive a little cheating?" (Kazuto)
"Of course you'd be upset if you found out your partner was cheating on you, am I wrong? What? did you purposely cheat on me because you thought it would be forgiven, huh?" (Rinka)
"I didn't, I didn't! It was a misunderstanding! I'm sorry for saying unnecessary things!" (Kazuto)

I quickly bow my head and apologize to her, as she looks at me with ruthless eyes reminiscent of an assassin.
Aah, really, how did this happen?

Two days ago, Rinka told me, "It's next Sunday, my family won't be home until the evening. Why don't you come over to my house around noon? I want to talk to you about something important. Ah, If you refuse......... let's better not to talk about it anymore." I was invited (or rather, threatened) to come to Rinka's home, my legs were trembling greatly.

Relying on the address I was given, I arrived at a standard apartment building.
I walked into the building, somewhat wary of my surroundings, and stood in front of the room where the Mizuki family lived.
I pressed the doorbell and was greeted by Rinka, who dressed simply in a white T-shirt and shorts.

It was an attractive outfit that gave off a refreshing vibe but also showed off her slender figure.
Her long, slender, beautiful legs were so........beautiful.

I still can't sort out my emotions and my worries are increasing, but is it okay if I go up to Rinka's room?
But I'd like to see the room of the popular idol I admired.
With a bit of hesitation, I stepped my foot into her beautiful room that was enveloped in wonderful girlish scents...... (PTW/N: how wonderful is it? I'd like to smell too... ( ͡° ͜Κ– ͡°)  .)

"Let's thoroughly clean up Kazuto-kun's female relationships today, shall we." (Rinka)
"......" (Kazuto)

This is it, after all.
The illusions and ideals shattered fleetingly.
No, I like Rinka! I think it would be a good solution if I could say it......but,
I don't think I'm at that stage yet, or at least it's what I think.
I felt like I was in a dilemma.
Perhaps it was because of my realistic concerns, that caused I couldn't tell her or myself that I liked Rinka.

"Kazuto-kun, you need to be aware that you're popular. Once you do, you'll be able to deal with girls." (Rinka)
"I'm aware of it, that I've never been popular. and I've even never been approached by a girl." (Kazuto)
"Don't tell me you've forgotten about the incident with Himekawa-san." (Rinka)
"Ah......" (Kazuto)

Ah, the finger fortune-telling thing, huh?
When I found out the meaning of fortune-telling, I was so surprised that I lost my waist.
I was surprised to find out that a girl in my class had taken a liking to me, even though I was just a nerd gamer.......

Well, since that day, Himekawa-san hadn't taken any action against me.
It was very likely that she was made to do a punishment game by her friends.
I'm not a popular type to begin with, you know.
It seems that I'm popular to Rinka, but it's the online game that triggered it.
......How can this me is a popular person in real life, man?

"Umm, then. If you're serious decide to clean up my game friend lists. I'll, end up becoming a loner....." (Kazuto)
"But you have me, don't you?" (Rinka)
"Rinka can only log in for a few hours on weekends, right? So, during weekdays, I usually play with them." (Kazuto)
"I see.... So you're telling me to quit being an idol?" (Rinka)
"I'm not saying that! I understand that you were working hard as an idol and I support you! I'm a big fan of Mizuki Rinka, and I'm not interested in any other idols besides Rinka." (Kazuto)
"I-is that, so...... Thank you." (Rinka)

Rinka, with a light blush running down her cheeks, thanking me.
I'm not lying about my words.
In fact, when I watched Star☆Mines' music videos, I only pay attention to Rinka.
This was even before I knew who "Rin" actually was.

"I want you to continue and enjoy being an idol, and I want you to let my friends off the hook." (Kazuto)
"I don't wanna." (Rinka)
"What a quick answer! Why not, at least a friend?" (Kazuto)

"I've heard it before, men who put women off their guard like this have mistresses all over the place." (Rinka)
"Who told you that?........ The sources of it, is absolutely twisted." (Kazuto)
"It's Satoko-san, Satoko-san the 'Batsu 8'." (Rinka)
"Really, who the h*ll is that person! Moreover, Batsu 8, what the.........." (Kazuto) (PTW/N: I have no idea about "Batsu 8" [バツ8]; batsu hachi???; Things i know: "batsu"+game = "penalty game", and Batsu = ❌.
It's stuck in my mind for days, I tried to browse using its kana, but the result wasn't satisfying, tried again and found some articles about "batsu-ichi". It turned out that "batsu" is a slang and has a meaning about divorcement. Batsu: divorced; ichi: one/once. So~ the "Batsu-hachi", Surely you know the meaning of it, right?πŸ˜…)

Gosh, what a wealth of life experience she has.

"I'm home! Rinka-sis, are you home~?"

Suddenly I heard a cute girl's voice from outside the room.

"Oh no, Nonoa is back.....! She said she was going to play with her friends until the evening." (Rinka)

Rinka's face quickly turned pale.
An unexpected thing happened, her family came home.

"Your younger sister?" (Kazuto)
"Yes. I have an older sister who is a college student and a younger sister who is in the first grade――. No, this is not the time to discuss such things! Hurry up hiding!" (Rinka)
"I don't know if it's your parents, but if it's your younger sister, it's okay if she finds out, isn't it?" (Kazuto)
"I don't want to take unnecessary risks! Besides, Nonoa is so innocent that her mouth is light...... Kazuto-kun, hurry up and hide." (Rinka)
"W-where I've to?" (Kazuto)

I look around quickly.
But there is no place to hide in a tidy room.
Under the desk, the bed, inside the closet, or bookshelf...
If I have to choose, I'd go for the closet.
It has a door so I can hide in it, but......

"Hiding on my bed!" (Rinka)
"What, It's not the right place to hide, is it? The closet is more――――" (Kazuto)
"It's okay, just hurry up!" (Rinka)

I don't know if it's due to Rinka is in a panic, but her judgment is impaired, or if she has a reason for wanting to avoid the closet.......
I was pushed onto the bed.
Furthermore, she covers me with a quilt.
...... Somehow, it smells really nice.
Don't think of me as a pervert, okay.
This is a girl's bed, and moreover, she's a popular idol
It would be terrible to tell me not to be aware of it.
As I was making excuses in my mind, I heard the door is opened with a bang.

"Ah, Rinka-sis! Are you at home today?" (Nonoa)
"Yes, I am. Anyway, Nonoa, what's wrong? You're going to play with your friends until the evening, aren't you?" (Rinka)
"That's right, but Aki-chan had to leave right away for an errand! So, Rinka-sis, please play with me." (Nonoa)
"S-so that's it...... I'm a little busy right now, so go to the living room, okay." (Rinka)
"Kaayyy~." (Nonoa)

I can't see them because I'm hiding on the bed, but it looks like she was able to keep her little sister away.
Alright, save for now...

"Ah, by the way, I saw a pair of shoes in the doorway, is Rinka-sis' friend coming to visit?" (Nonoa)
"――――" (Rinka)

Oh bad! That was a blind spot.
What a complete blunder.

"U-umm...... It's none of Nonoa's business. You don't have to worry about the shoes―――" (Rinka)
"Ah! Someone is sleeping on my sister's bed!" (Nonoa)
"Tsk, Nonoa, wait!" (Rinka)
"I want to play hide and seek too!" (Nonoa)

Rinka calls her impatiently.
And then the sound of footsteps approaching.
The next moment, the quilt is pulled off with a bang.

"Ah." (Nonoa)
"Ah." (Kazuto)

My eyes meet perfectly with the person who pulled off the quilt.
It's a little girl.
I can see my face reflected in her big and round eyes.
She, Rinka's little sister is terrifyingly cute.
The image of her appearance is that of a young Rinka, who has abandoned her cool elements and specialized in innocent cuteness.
Her hairstyle is pigtails (short twin-tail), and she uses her youthfulness to her advantage to create a sense of cuteness.

"..." (Nonoa)
"..." (Kazuto)

Nonoa-chan stares at my face and is stunned.
She probably didn't expect a man to be there.
I guess I have to introduce myself for now.

"Are you Nonoa-chan? Nice to meet you, I'm Ayanokouji Kazuto." (Kazuto)

Yeah, greetings are very important.
It's even more important when you're meeting someone for the first time.

"My." (Nonoa)
"My?" (Kazuto)
"My sister has brought home a MAAAAAAAANNNNN!" (Nonoa)

A sweet and lovely shout echoed loudly in the room.

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[End of Chapter]

バツむチ (×οΌ‘
Batsu-ichi, roughly translated, “strike one” (x1) refers to a person who has been divorced, or the act of having divorced. In Japan, the official family register has a blank for writing in one’s spouse, and a spouse who has been divorced and removed from the register is indicated by an x (batsu) striking out the name, which lead to those who have been divorced being called batsuichi.
Incidentally, now that family registers are administrated by computer, the spouse is no longer struck out with an x, but is instead indicated by “divorced” or “removed.” Someone who has been divorced twice would be called batsu-ni (x2), or batsu-san (x3) for three times, etc. (Source:

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