My Wife in The Web Game is a Popular Idol - 17

My Wife in The Web Game is a Popular Idol

Netoge no Yome ga Ninki Idol datta ~Cool-kei no kanojo wa genjitsu demo yome no tsumori de iru~


17 - S-sis!?

"Next is――――let's say hello to our mother." (Kasumi)

Kasumi-san says with an air of calmness
What the h*ll did this person say.
When I get to that point, there's no turning back.

"Sis. I think it's too early to say hello to mother." (Rinka)
"What? You guys are supposed to be husband and wife, right? Then why not?" (Kasumi)
"That is......" (Rinka)

Rinka glances at me with a sideways glance.
I know what she is hesitating about.
Rinka, who is waiting for my answer, is behaving like she is my wife, but she doesn't want this to develop into something that important.

"Both of you like each other, don't you?" (Kasumi)
"......" (Rinka)
"Hmm, what's wrong?" (Kasumi)

When she sees us shutting our mouths, Kasumi-san tilts her head.

"Actually, that is...... Kazuto-kun isn't yet aware that he's my husband. Now I'm waiting for him to sort out his emotions." (Rinka)
"A-ah..... I see. In other words, Ayanokouji Kazuto-kun is halfway there." (Kasumi)

The way she says it, makes Rinka look like a weird person.
......But I can't deny it.

"But don't worry. It's just because Kazuto-kun just doesn't realize it yet, that he loves me." (Rinka)
"......... My little sister is getting gloomier without me knowing it." (Kasumi)

Kasumi-san looks at me as if she's asking for help.
There's nothing I can do about it, you know.
If I think back, it's been like this since the first day.

"L-let's see. Let me get this straight again. Rinka is thinking you two as a married couple, right?"
"Eermm..." (Rinka)
"Then what about you, Ayanokouji-kun?" (Kasumi)
"......She's a gaming friend..... And a classmate who I've recently started interacting with in real life." (Kazuto)
"Do you like Rinka?" (Kasumi)
"Talking about 'like'...... I can't say for sure if it's a romantic feeling. But, I've always admired Mizuki-san as an idol for a long time." (Kazuto)
"Ah, this is becoming a very troublesome situation, isn't it? And the one who complicates the situation the most is Rinka." (Kasumi)
"That, what do you mean by that?" (Rinka)
"It doesn't mean anything. It just means what it means." (Kasumi)
"Just because Kazuto-kun is unsure, it doesn't change the fact that we're married." (Rinka)
"......Eh, is this the so-called Yandere? Or is it a Stalker?" (Kasumi)
"Please don't say anything rude. I'm going to get angry regardless you're my big sister." (Rinka)

Rinka says with a hint of anger in her words.

"I'm starting to see the relationship between you guys. At first I thought you were both in love and acting like a married couple, but....... Isn't this just Rinka following Ayanokouji-kun around?" (Kasumi)

That statement sounds correct, but also incorrect.
I'm kind of accepting of it for some reason.......
I don't admit us as a couple, though.

"I'm not. It's natural for a couple to be together, right?" (Rinka)
"......Rinka............" (Kasumi)

Kasumi-san finally holds her head.
Or maybe "lost for words" will be more suitable.
Then she raises her head and looks at me.

"Ayanokouji-kun......" (Kasumi)
"Yes." (Kazuto)
"Our Rinka...... Please take care of her." (Kasumi)
"......Pardon!?" (Kazuto)
"I mean, You're the one and only one, who can accept this kid's deep love." (Kasumi)
"W-what are you talking about!?" (Kazuto)

"Look, Rinka is super cute, isn't she? I think she's one of the best looking women in the country, aside from her family. In addition to that, she is smart, a good singer, a good cook, and a cool idol who is called a superbly beautiful girl....... Yes, she's perfect, right?" (Kasumi)
"You're talking like you're pushing a bad debt." (Kazuto)
"Aaaah! Enough! Rinka who was never interested in men, even I once had thought "Huh? Is this kid a l*sbian?" or so! Brought a guy home, you know!? This is the last chance!" (Kasumi)
"Eeh......" (Kazuto)

Kasumi-san spits out a desperate rant and pushes me.
What the h*ll is this......

"I don't know what Ayanokouji-kun is worried about, but there is also a love that begins after dating. As the first step of all, why not try crossing the line with Rinka?" (Kasumi) (PTW/N: My my... ( ͡° ͜Κ– ͡°) )
"I see, there is such a way of thinking――――No way I will do! It's a fait accompli, isn't it!" (Kazuto)
"That's fine! Or, are you dissatisfied with Rinka!?" (Kasumi)
"It's not that I'm dissatisfied or anything......" (Kazuto)
"I'm glad you're thinking seriously about Rinka, but isn't it possible to act with momentum like a young man?" (Kasumi)
"Kasumi-san......" (Kazuto)

I'm surprised when she says that.
I've been thinking about it too much, and I've been getting hung up on it.

"Just simply leave it to the overflowing libido, right." (Kasumi) (PTW/N: what the... πŸ˜…)
"......" (Kazuto)

She's the worst.
This person, she's said something indecent from the very beginning, she may be a pretty dangerous person.

"That's why I'm going to contact my mother~. Well, why don't you have dinner with us." (Kasumi)

As she says it, Kasumi-san takes out her smartphone and starts calling.
From the sound of the conversation I hear, the other person seems to be her mother.
She's moving things along at an incredible pace, Kasumi-san is.
I thought she was a carefree woman by appearance, but she has exceeded my imagination by a long shot.

"I'm sorry, Kazuto-kun. Before I know it, this has happened." (Rinka)
"D-don't mind it......" (Kazuto)

Rinka, who is sitting next to me, apologizes sincerely.
It's not her fault, probably.
I have no choice but to prepare myself for the worst.

Aah, I want to play online games......
Is that wishing of mine just now a manifestation of my escapism, I wonder.

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[End of Chapter]

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