My Wife in The Web Game is a Popular Idol - 23

My Wife in The Web Game is a Popular Idol

Netoge no Yome ga Ninki Idol datta ~Cool-kei no kanojo wa genjitsu demo yome no tsumori de iru~


23 - The first date of the couple in-game

The day of the date is here.
It's a beautiful day with a clear blue sky.
The meeting place is at a square in front of the station.
I'm there before Rinka, and sit on a bench waiting for the appointed time to arrive.

"...... My gosh, I definitely came too early." (Kazuto)

I check the time on my phone and it's showing 11:02.
By the way, the appointed time is 12:00.
It's an hour early. There's a reason for this.
It's Kurumizaka-san's instruction.
Considering Rinka's personality, she will come early, so I was told that I should come earlier and surprise her.

......Is she really coming early?
As I'm mindlessly watching people pass by in the square, I hear an incoming call from the smartphone in my pocket.
I confirm that it's come from Kurumizaka-san and accept the call.

"Hello, Kurumizaka-san?" (Kazuto)
"Mornin~, Kazu-kun! You're there really early, yes~, thank you!" (Nana)
"Well, I am. If this is the kind of thing that makes Rinka happy, then....... I mean, are you watching me somewhere?" (Kazuto)
"I am. Look closely at the apartment building behind you." (Nana)
"......Apartment?" (Kazuto)

As I turn around, I see a scene of buildings standing in a row.
I notice a pure white apartment building in the middle of them.
I strain my eyes to get a better look.
On the landing of the upper floor, I can see a girl dressed in black, looking at me with binoculars.

"...... is that you, Kurumizaka-san?" (Kazuto)
"Yahhoo~!" (Nana)

Kurumizaka-san, a girl in black, waving her hand with such a cheerful voice.
......It's a very suspicious appearance.
She may have thought if she's wearing a disguise so that her true identity will not be revealed, but contrarily, she appears terribly conspicuous and suspicious.

If she is going to appear in a mystery drama, she'll be so suspicious that she'll be eliminated from the list of criminal candidates.
I've always had a thought that Kurumizaka-san may be a rather unique person.

"Hey, Kurumizaka-san. Are you sure Rinka will be here an hour early?" (Kazuto)
"Yup, she'll definitely~. Because even last night on the phone, she said with great happiness, 'It's like a dream to be able to hang out with Kazuto-kun in real-life'." (Nana)
"Huuuuh......." (Kazuto)

I can kind of see her face at that moment, somehow.

"Moreover, she was smiling and worrying about not being able to sleep at all because she was looking forward to it so much." (Nana)
"Somehow it looks like an elementary school student preparing for an excursion, she is." (Kazuto)

By the way, I was a part of who thinks that school excursion is annoying.
When I was in elementary school, I wanted to play online games rather than excursions.
When I think about it, I had a glimpse of being a nerd gamer from that time.

"Rin-chan still hasn't arrived there yet?" (Nana)
"I don't know............. Ah, isn't that the one?" (Kazuto)
"Eh, which one, which one?" (Nana)

I tell Kurumizaka-san what she looks like to me who seems to be looking for her with binoculars.

"A girl wearing a cap walks from the street, you know? That's Rinka." (Kazuto)
"I need a little more specific information. There are several girls with caps and I don't know which one she is......." (Nana)
"You see, she's wearing glasses and a mask....... She's wearing a shirt and a long skirt." (Kazuto)
"............ Ah, I found her. If you carefully look at, she indeed looks like Rin-chan. If Kazu-kun hadn't told me, I wouldn't have recognized her at all......." (Nana)

She certainly doesn't look like the usual Rinka.
In a word, she's plain.
Her face is thoroughly concealed, yet her atmosphere is somehow reserved.
Probably her natural face is a little cuter, However, what I can only see is a normal girl who can be found anywhere.

But that's when you just rely on your eyes.
I can't compare it well, but something hid deep within that human atmosphere clearly belonged to Mizuki Rinka.
Even in the current situation where there is crowded with people, I can recognize her just by a quick glance.

"You're here early, yes, Kazuto-kun....... too early, I think." (Rinka)

As I sit on the bench, Rinka walks up to me and says, somewhat a bit dejectedly.

"I don't think you can say that about others. Rinka is here early too." (Kazuto)
"I was planning to come first and enjoy the time waiting for Kazuto-kun. But I never thought I was overtaken ......... After all, we sync each other." (Rinka)

Rinka's voice is a little fluttery.
It seems that Kurumizaka-san's plan is a success.
She sits down next to me and speaks quietly to me.

"Did you notice me right away?" (Rinka)
"Yeah I did. When you came out of the corner." (Kazuto)
"'...... That's amazing, Kazuto-kun. I was confident that no one would recognize me in this outfit, though." (Rinka) (PTW/N: Sasuga her dear husband...)

Rinka looks down at her outfit.
In fact, even her best friend, Kurumizaka-san, hadn't been able to see through her disguise.
It is the same for the people around her.
There is no one to make a fuss about "It's Mizuki Rinka!" and passing her without even has a glance.

Is it that the people are too dull to notice a change in clothing and atmosphere, or is it that Rinka is incredible at changing the atmosphere......?
I don't really know either.
As I'm conversing with Rinka in a natural flow, I unexpectedly hear a sound from my smartphone.
I excuse myself to Rinka and check it.
It's a message from Kurumizaka-san.
The content is short, [Compliment her on her outfit].

...... Is it okay to compliment a disguise?
I can understand if it's a compliment to a fancy outfit, but.......
I really don't know how to compliment it in the first place.
Please give me more detailed guidance on that, Guru Kurumizaka.

"What's wrong, Kazuto-kun?" (Rinka)

Rinka asks me, curiously tilting her head.
Most of her face is hidden by her glasses and mask, but her gestures and voice are so cute.
She has a different kind of charm than usual.
I think I'll just go ahead and say what I'm thinking.

"Today's Rinka has a different atmosphere than usual, doesn't she?" (Kazuto)
"Yep I do. Personally, I wanted to meet Kazuto-kun in more fashionable clothes, but ... As I thought, this's weird, isn't this?" (Rinka)
"No, not at all. You have a different charm from your usual cool atmosphere. It's very cute." (Kazuto)
"......." (Rinka)

I try to speak my mind frankly and honestly.
Then Rinka turns her head away from me and looks down.
Her cheeks are red.

"Rinka?" (Kazuto)
"N-no, ............. There's something different about you today as well, Kazuto-kun." (Rinka)
"Is that so?" (Kazuto)
"Eerm, he looks calm. I believe it's better to say he's becoming more confident." (Rinka)

I won't deny that.
Since I decided to face my feelings and Rinka a few days ago, my heart has been strangely filled with contentment.
At the very least, I've been recognized by Rinka in a game where heart-to-heart communication is very important to her.
So, don't be afraid to let out your honest feelings, me.
It took me almost a month to finally reach this point.

While I'm smiling at Rinka, who is strangely nervous and fidgety, I receive another message from Kurumizaka-san.

The content of the message is――――[Kiss her].
That's impossible!
I mean, more like, it's all about the steps and all that stuff, then above all, the atmosphere! it is a very important point to pay attention to!
Kissing her the moment you meet her on the first date is just too bad, you know.
What on earth are you referring to when you send me such advice, Kurumizaka-san?

"Hey, Kazuto-kun. It's time to go to......." (Rinka)
"Ah, sure you're right. Let's get going." (Kazuto)

We get up from the bench together.
Suddenly, Rinka pulls my sleeve.

"Mm, what's wrong?" (Kazuto)
"That is...... we're a married couple who got married in the game, aren't we?" (Rinka)
"Yes, sure we are." (Kazuto)

Except in real life, though (planned to be a lover).

"Holding hands, I wonder if it's good enough." (Rinka)
"......" (Kazuto)
"No, if Kazuto-kun doesn't want to, that's fine――――." (Rinka)
"I'm fine." (Kazuto)

I don't wait for Rinka to say any further, then I immediately hold her hand. (PTW/N: L-L-LE-LEWDNESS OVERLOAD!!!)
This is the first time I've touched Rinka's hand in all the years we've been interacting.

"――――Ka-Kazuto-kun!?" (Rinka)

Rinka's eyes widen and her face turns red in surprise.
She is no longer even a glimpse of a cool person.
Her reaction is cute and innocent, even a little juvenile.
The very before my eyes is not a cool idol, rather, the real Mizuki Rinka.

"Mm, what is wrong? Is it not good to hold hands?" (Kazuto)
"N-no, I don't say it's not good...... Kazuto-kun, what happened to you, actually?....... Normally, you'll refuse by saying, 'In real life, we're not a couple, let alone dating'......" (Rinka)

That absolutely sounds like a line I'll say.

"Are you by any chance a fake Kazuto-kun? No, this atmosphere,...... sniff sniff, and this smell also belong to the real Kazuto-kun." (Rinka)

Rinka brings her nose closer and sniffs me just like a dog.
You're able to identify people by their smell, huh......!

"Let's hang out for a while, and then have lunch together." (Kazuto)
"Y-yes......." (Rinka)

She seems to be really taken aback and nods at me with a slightly downcast look in her eyes.
Even though she's acting like she's my wife in real life, but she seems to be embarrassed when I approach her.

I've always been swayed by Rinka, but since it's our first date, I think I'll take the initiative today.

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[End of Chapter]


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