My Wife in The Web Game is a Popular Idol - 35

My Wife in The Web Game is a Popular Idol

Netoge no Yome ga Ninki Idol datta ~Cool-kei no kanojo wa genjitsu demo yome no tsumori de iru~


35 - Masked☆Aaya

[Well, I'd better log out. Good night, Kazu.] (Rin)
[Yeah, good night.] (Kazu)

The blonde elf disappears from the screen.
"Rin-san has logged out" is displayed in the chatbox.
It's almost 22:00., the time of Rin's to log out.

"Now......, what am I going to do?" (Kazuto)

Normally I would stay online until 23:00.
But today I'm tired.
I holed up in a locker with Rinka during the lunch break and even became acquainted with Kiyokawa.......
So, I'm emotionally exhausted.
The only saving grace was that Kiyokawa was supportive of the relationship between me and Rinka.
Normally, it would have been denied.
Rinko, a popular idol, is backstreet dating a man...... is a newsworthy topic.
If I'm not careful, the name of Star☆Mines will be damaged.
Despite this, Kurumizaka-san is supporting us with all her might, and even Kiyokawa, whom I met today, was skeptical at first, but in the end, she was convinced.
I don't mean to sound bad, but I can only describe her as a soft-hearted person.
If that's the case, the right thing to do would be to get even angrier.

"... I have nothing to do other than online games." (Kazuto)

As I'm wondering if I should log out or go mining, the chatbox shows a notification of, "Masked☆Aaya-san has logged in".
Her age is unknown (like Rin, she doesn't give out any information about her real-life, but she often talks about her real-life occurrences).
She has a strong personality and her hobby is writing novels.
We've been friends since I was in middle school, and we're very close.
At one point, Rinka suspected her of being a hode old man and almost unfriended her.
......She is definitely a good person. She gave me advice on many things.
When I asked her about marrying in the game, she kindly gave me advice.

[It's been a while. If you're free, can you help me with my dailies?] (Masked☆Aaya)

She has just asked me.
What she means by dailies are the daily quests that are given out every other day. If you complete them, you get a good reward. Some of the daily quests include defeating field bosses, so she probably wants me to help her with that.

[All right. I'll help you for 100 million yen.] (Kazu)
[You're as unique as ever. By the way, where's Rin?] (Masked☆Aaya)
[Rin has logged out. Don't worry about it.] (Kazu)
[Ooo~kay.] (Masked☆Aaya)

Whenever I'm playing with Rin, Aaya-san stops interacting with me. It seems she's paying attention to it.
In fact, she doesn't want to have any contact with other players besides me.
It's obvious that trying to play together with the three of us wouldn't go well, so I didn't force her to join us.
While Rin was away, I would play with Aaya-san and my other friends.
Or I'd just go mining by myself.
Or rather, I spent more time mining alone (crying).

[I'm going to the field boss.] (Masked☆Aaya)
[I understand. Leave it to me.] (Kazu)

Masked☆Aaya-san's occupation is a witch. She is a typical wizard who wears a pointy hat and a shabby robe. It's an excellent occupation to be able to use powerful attack and recovery magic, but there are gaps when chanting magic.
In other words, the person in charge of the vanguard has to protect Masked☆Aaya-san.
Yes, it's my role as a Warrior.
As someone who had been playing online games since I was in elementary school, I will definitely protect Masked☆Aaya-san!

[What the h*ll it meant, Aaya-san?] (Kazu)
[W-what is it?] (Masked☆Aaya)
[It was about the boss fight we just had! You were just watching from behind!] (Kazu)

I was seriously surprised. I'd desperately attacked the target, but the boss's HP didn't go down at all.
When I turned around to see what was going on, Aaya-san was sitting in the corner of the arena. She's got to be kidding me.

[I was cheering for you, okay? "Hurray~ hurray~ Kazu~", like that.] (Masked☆Aaya)
[Did that cheer help me in any way? It didn't even give me a buff in the slightest!] (Kazu)
[But you won. It's no problem, then.] (Masked☆Aaya)
[I defeated it single-handedly! I fought with the intention of dying, you know!] (Kazu)
[Sorry. I suddenly got a phone call...... It was about work, so I couldn't ignore it.] (Masked☆Aaya)
[It can't be helped then! I'll forgive you, this time!] (Kazu)

I don't have the right to say irresponsible things like, "You should prioritize gaming over your work".
......But still, I'm not convinced!

[I'm busy with real life right now....... And there was a serious incident that occurred today.] (Masked☆Aaya)
[Hee~ What kind?] (Kazu)

She probably wants me to listen. Thinking so, I ask her.
I'm used to hearing people complain about their real lives several times before.
In the meantime, any information that could identify the individual was withheld.
The relationship between Aaya-san and I is that of a good friend who discusses and complains to each other about real life and online game.

[Actually, one of my seniors at work has been dating a guy without telling anyone!] (Masked☆Aaya)
[So, what's wrong with that?] (Kazu)
[I can't tell you details, but in our line of work, if you go out with a guy, you're in trouble.] (Masked☆Aaya)
[Hee~ Is she out of line?] (Kazu)
[Mm. But more like, romance is not allowed.] (Masked☆Aaya)
[Somehow, it's just like an idol.] (Kazu)
[It's not an idol. It's a different jbo.] (Masked☆Aaya)

......Is she upset? She has a typo.

[Maybe senior is, being deceived by that guy.......] (Masked☆Aaya)
[Why?] (Kazu)
[My senior's female friend praises the guy. There's a big possibility that it's a consensual two-timing. Even if it's not, the guy seemed to be experienced with women.] (Masked☆Aaya)
[I see. Is the guy good-looking?] (Kazu)
[I think he's handsome in an inconspicuous way. The type that would be popular in the shadows.] (Masked☆Aaya)
[Hee~.] (Kazu)

Sometimes, there are guys like that.
It's not flashy, but it's the type that makes a good impression on women.

[And by the way, my senior is Mizuki Rinka-san-like. Ah, do you know Star☆Mines?] (Masked☆Aaya)
[Yes, I do. I'm a fan of Mizuki Rinka.] (Kazu)
[Hmm. So Kazu likes idols too?] (Masked☆Aaya)
[I'm more of a fan of Rinka than the idol itself.] (Kazu)
[Waa, that sounds serious.] (Masked☆Aaya)
[I'm dead serious, so what?] (Kazu)

No matter what anyone says, I'm a fan of Rinka.
And, a girl who looks just like Rinka is dating a handsome stranger.......
Just thinking about it is enough made me so pis*ed off.
If that handsome guy is right in front of me, I might punch him.

[And also, my senior friend is Kurumizaka Nana-san-like.] (Masked☆Aaya)
[Seriously? That handsome bastard is surrounded by too many beautiful girls!] (Kazu)

I think, but I'm in a similar situation, though.
However, I'm not handsome. Also, I'm not two-timing. I guess that makes a big difference between us.

[During the break at work, my Rinka-san-like senior kept merely talking about him lovingly fondly, and it was really frustrating, you know.] (Masked☆Aaya)
[Okay, I'll give you a pass. Sink that handsome bastard.] (Kazu)
[What's wrong with you all of a sudden⁉︎] (Masked☆Aaya)
[The thought of Rinka and a random handsome guy making out is making me want to kill him.] (Kazu)
[I'll say it again, she's a senior who looks like Mizuki Rinka-san, do you hear me!] (Masked☆Aaya)
[But it still pi*ses me off, you know!] (Kazu)
[Geez, really, you're dead serious, aren't you!] (Masked☆Aaya)

Oh man, this is bad. I'm going to awaken a dark personality.
The hand gripping the mouse is getting stronger, and there is a mish-mash of screams coming from the mouse.

[Not only dating Rinka, but he's also dating Kurumizaka-san, huh? I have no choice but to sink him in Tokyo Bay.] (Kazu)
[The two-timing is just my own presumption. So, calm down a bit.] (Masked☆Aaya)

Sh*t, It's true, after all, good-looking guys are popular......!
But even so, a two-timing f*cking bastard isn't worth living in the same world as Rinka.

[It seems that several times other people have almost found out that my senior and the guy are dating. It's dangerous to let it go on like this. Besides, the problem is the guy's personality.] (Masked☆Aaya)
[You're right. He may even be a handsome bastard who doesn't mind two-timing.] (Kazu)
[I want to know more about the guy to protect my senior, but what should I do?] (Masked☆Aaya)
[Why don't you try hitting him with a blunt object for now?] (Kazu)
[You're too pis*ed off, Kazu.] (Masked☆Aaya)
[......Why don't you try checking the identity of the guy?] (Kazu)

I don't know Aaya-san's age or identity, but I think she can do that.

[I'll do that. I'll also check to see if he's two-timing.] (Masked☆Aaya)
[I see. Don't overdo, okay.] (Kazu)
[Thank you, Kazu. You're the only person I can talk to about this stuff in real life or online.] (Masked☆Aaya)
[That sounds quite problematic.] (Kazu)
[I can't help it. I'm a masked woman after all.] (Masked☆Aaya)
[Mmm, What do you mean by that?] (Kazu)
[Nothing. I don't think it has any deep meaning. Okay, let's do again for the next daily.] (Masked☆Aaya)
[Okay.] (Kazu)

Masked woman.......huh?
It must have some sort of meaning behind it, since she even put "mask" in her name.
......No, let's not over speculating about it.
No matter what kind of person Masked☆Aaya-san is, she's still a good friend of mine.

~"(This is a Translation Content of pemudatunawisata[dot]my[dot]id. so, read only on there, kay~)"~

[End of Chapter]

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