Fixed Damage Chapter 64

Fixed Damage
Koibito o Netorare, Yuusha Party Kara Tsuihou Sa Retakedo, EX Skill [Kotei Dameeji] ni Mezamete Muteki no Sonzai ni. Saa, Fukushuu o Hajimeyou.

Arc 5 - Omen of Magic War


8 - Announcement of The Omen

After a delightful time, Fara left the bεdrοοm and entered the large bathroom.

After having fun with hεr lovεrs, she always washed her body here.

Her companion was her favorite girl slave.
She was very attentive and mainly took care of Fara's pεrsonal nεεds.

Of course, when the mοοd struck her, she would sometimes invite her in the night.


Fara flushed her hot, flaming brown nakεd bοdy with water.

The swεεt aftertaste lingerεd in hεr bοdy.
The bad mood was not completely cleared up, but she felt somewhat refreshed.

"You seem to be satisfied, Fara-sama."

The girl slave knelt beside her and washed her arms and legs reverently.

"Well well. It's not as exhilarating as fighting a powerful enemy, but those thrεε made me fεεl gοοd."

Fara smiled lustily.

"That's good to hear."

The girl slave smiled happily.
Looking at her pretty, beautiful face, she was getting hοrny again.

"You're going to havε to sεrvε me a little, too....... Comε."
"Y-yes, Fara-sama. With pleasure──"

She blushed happily when Fara invited her.

"You're really cute, you know that?"

Fara pullεd her face closer to takε hεr flowεry lips──

The next moment, the girl slave's body exploded.

"This is──"

Countless pieces of flesh and fresh blood rained down.

While being drenched with them, Fara didn't change her expression at all.
She immediately switched her consciousness to battle mode.

"Who is it!"

She shouted in a sharp voice and ran to the wall.

She took the sword that was leaning against the wall.

"Do you know that I'm Fara Zaed!"

She held up her sword, exposing her glamorous nakεd body.
She looked around warily.

[Don't be alarmed. I'm on your side.]

Along with the voice, a yellowish-white light flashed before her.
A fat man appeared out of the light.

"You are──"

Fara leaked a surprised voice.

[The name is Vayu. A follower of the Hero, Yuno.]
[Probably it would be easier to say...... the entity that gives power to the holy sword Arcweiss?"

That said, she'd heard about it from Yuno.

The holy sword had a power called [Light].
It had its own will and helped Yuno.

"So you are, that [Light]?"

With her nakεd body exposed, Fara turned her sharp gaze on the man.

[I'm just a piece of [Light], to be exact. It's more like a terminal.]

And Vayu.
He didn't seem to be distracted by her luscious nakεd body.

"So you're not an enemy for now?"

Although said that, but Fara remained alert.

"Well then...... why did you kill that girl?"
[I didn't want her to hear about the [Light] or [Darkness].]
"It's unnecessary to kill her, isn't it. She's my favorite slave."

Fara clicked her tongue at Vayu's words.

"......Well, there are plenty of substitutes, though."
[That's cold-blooded.]
"I don't want to hear it from you who shattered her."

Fara glared at Vayu.

"'And I'm not cold-hearted, I'm just rational."
[Hmm. That's an essential qualification.]
"As a swordsman, yes."
[As a user of──[Light].]

Vayu grinned.

"A user of the light......?"
[A part of Yuno's [Light] resides in you. Just like the rest of the hero party. Therefore──I can contact you, albeit in a limited way.]

Vayu explained.

[Two years ago, the ritual of "Chain of Darkness" brought down [Darkness] and [Light]──and as a result, "Darkness" and the "Light" in various parts of the world have been drawn together and are strengthening their power over each other. Eventually, they will cover the entire world.]
"What......are you talking about?"
[Protect Yuno, Fara Zaed.]

The man who called himself the terminal of [Light] announced solemnly.

[Prepare yourself for the upcoming battle. A fearsome user of [Darkness] will soon appear to take revenge on the Hero.]
"Someone who will take revenge on the Hero......?"
[If Yuno is defeated, the world will be covered in [Darkness]. The only person who can prevent that is you.]
"I...... protect Yuno......."

Fara ruminated on Vayu's words.

She walked out of the bathhouse onto the balcony.
Before she knew it, the sun had already set.

The night sky was full of stars.

In one corner, she saw an unusually red star.
A star that she couldn't see until yesterday──.

[It might be the omen of the Demon King's resurrection.]

Vayu said.

[Or the birth of a new Demon King──]
[It's about time I reach the limit I can materialize here. I have to leave soon.]

Vayu's figure started to fade away.

[Don't forget what I just said. Protect Yuno, Fara. Protect [Light].]
"Protect [Light]......."
[And in case of emergency, use [Light] that resides inside you. I'm not going to let [Darkness]──the Legion of [Abyss], have their way with this world.]

Leaving enigmatic words behind, Vayu disappeared completely.

Fara was standing quietly with her nakεd brown body exposed to the night darkness.

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[End of Chapter]

[End of Arc 5]

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