My Wife in The Web Game is a Popular Idol - 37

My Wife in The Web Game is a Popular Idol

Netoge no Yome ga Ninki Idol datta ~Cool-kei no kanojo wa genjitsu demo yome no tsumori de iru~


This chapter is dedicated to RK870XK (Saweria)

37 - Questioning

"So this is...... a gentleman's room. *sniff* *sniff*." (Ayane)
"Can you stop sniffing? It's embarrassing." (Kazuto)

I invite Kiyokawa into my room, which is of average size.
Slightly nervous, Kiyokawa steps into the room and looks around, which is a bit cluttered with my game and LN collections.
My house is a very ordinary house. An average two-story house. To a rich young lady like Kiyokawa, it must look poor.
I think so, but when Kiyokawa sees my house, she says with admiration, "It's a magnificent house, yes".
It isn't sarcasm or flattery, but an honest tone of voice.
Although Kiyokawa is a neat and tidy young lady, she may also have general sensibilities.

"Ayakoji-senpai. Where would you like me to sit?" (Ayane)
"Anywhere is fine, like on the computer chair there or the bed." (Kazuto)
"Bed!? What the h*ck are you thinking!? You are after my body after all!" (Ayane)
"No, I'm not! you're really a closet as I thought!" (Kazuto)
"No, I'm not a closet! I'm a neat and tidy young lady!" (Ayane)
"Then don't say anything weird! Come on, sit down in the chair." (Kazuto)

Kiyokawa whose face is reddened, sits on the chair while muttering "......I'm not a closet." in a small voice.
I also sit down on the bed and face Kiyokawa.

"So...... why were you stalking me?" (Kazuto)
"What do you do when you see a rare animal, Senior Ayanokouji?" (Ayane)
"Well...... I'll observe it closely or take a picture of it, probably?" (Kazuto)
"That's. That's it..... I saw a rare animal, so I went to observe it." (Ayane)
"I'll report to Rinka right now――――" (Kazuto)
"I'm sorry, it's to get to know Senior Ayanokouji." (Ayane)

The moment I send a glance at my smartphone, Kiyokawa spills the reason without hesitation.
Looks like she doesn't want Rinka to know about it.

"To get to know me?" (Kazuto)
"Yes. I wanted to know more about the gentleman who is dating Senior Rinka and Senior Nana." (Ayane)
"Wait a minute! I'm not dating Kurumizaka-san!" (Kazuto)
"Is it true? But Senior Nana has an extraordinary trust in Senior Ayanokouji." (Ayane)
"That is......" (Kazuto)
"Senior Nana is indeed a friendly person to everyone. But she would never show such a defenselessness towards a gentleman." (Ayane)
"That's because of it you know. Because I'm going out with Rinka, right? I'm sure you've heard a lot of stories about me from Rinka." (Kazuto)

Probably, she was being told about me in a goodly exaggerated way.
If you think about it, Kurumizaka-san might be a victim of hers as well.

"......I understand. For the time being I'll be convinced about your relationship with Senior Nana." (Ayane)
"Just for the time being, huh......?"
"Yes, for the time being. I never know when Senior Ayanokouji's poisonous fangs will assault Senior Nana." (Ayane)
"No! What kind of man do you think I am!" (Kazuto)
"A womanizer." (Ayane)
"......" (Kazuto)

She just simply replies with one word.
I'm hoping she's joking, but she has a very serious face.

"Senior Ayanokouji, you're a type of popular guy, aren't you? From your face and the atmosphere, you seem to be a "plainly popular" type." (Ayane)
"What do you mean by "plainly popular"? Let alone the plain part, I'm not even popular in the slightest." (Kazuto)

I glare back at her lightly, and Kiyokawa's eyes widen as if she hasn't expected it.

"That's surprising. If that is the case, then either Senior Ayanokouji's behavior in the classroom is quite strange, or his words and actions are too modest." (Ayane)
"It's probably the latter. And flamboyant words and actions will certainly not make you popular." (Kazuto)

Unfortunately, I've come to realize that.
That I'm not on the popular side.

"That's impossible. You're the gentleman who boned Senior Rinka, so you're definitely popular." (Ayane)
"What do you mean by "boned"......?" (Kazuto)
"Do you know that Senior Rinka hates men?" (Ayane)
"Well, I've heard rumors about that." (Kazuto)
"Senior Rinka is really beautiful, right? She's fed up with being pestered by all kinds of men." (Ayane)
"I-I see." (Kazuto)

A certain scene comes to mind.

"That Senior Rinka has fallen head over heels with Senior Ayanokouji............. No, how should I describe it, it's not even close. She's so in love with him that she's willing to give everything she has to him." (Ayane)
"I don't know if....... She's gone that far" (Kazuto)

For some reason, there's a part of me that can't deny it.
As a person who receives Rinka's affectionate expressions on a daily basis, I feel it.

"I don't know how Senior Ayanokouji seduced Senior Rinka. But the fact that he was able to seduce Senior Rinka means that he is definitely a womanizer!" (Ayane)
"There's a mistake! I've never even talked to a girl before I met Rinka, you know!" (Kazuto)
"You're lying, of course!" (Ayane)
"Sorry, I'm lying!" (Kazuto)
"I knew it!" (Ayane)
"But that's how long I've lived without having any contact with girls!" (Kazuto)

I desperately pleaded. The misconception that I am a womanizer is humiliating...... in many ways.
But Kiyokawa looks down at me with calm eyes.

"I see, so that's what is it." (Ayane)
"Wh-what is it?" (Kazuto)
"Senior Ayanokouji, you were pretending to be a naive guy to attract girls' attention, weren't you?" (Ayane)
"That's not what I meant! How should I explain this to you so that you will understand......!" (Kazuto)
"Then please tell me how you managed to make Senior Rinka fall for you." (Ayane)
"I'm not trying to make her fall or anything. We've just been playing an online game together for a long time." (Kazuto)
"You are saying the same thing as Senior Rinka. Are you saying that Senior Ayanokouji is such an attractive player in the online games?" (Ayane)
"I don't think so myself....... Well, if that makes you more convinced, then you can go with it." (Kazuto)
"Ridiculous. You must talk to my friend first before you can call yourself an attractive player." (Ayane)
"I-I don't get to what you mean!" (Kazuto)
"I also have a wonderful friend who I would like to marry with. Sorry, but there's an overwhelming difference between Senior Ayanokouji and my friends!" (Ayane)
"...... Is that so?" (Kazuto)

To Kiyokawa saying it in a needlessly arrogant manner, I replied in amazement.
I have no problem with being compared to Kiyokawa's friend, it has nothing to do with me.

"Phee~w..... Shall we end the talk about Senior Ayanokouji? This is where the main topic comes in." (Ayane)
"Eh, This wasn't the main topic. even though this's a long talk." (Kazuto)
"I've heard that your relationship with Senior Rinka has almost been exposed to other students several times." (Ayane)
"...... Well, yeah." (Kazuto)
"It's not good. If they find out about it, it can jeopardize Senior Rinka's idol activities and even Star Mines'." (Ayane)
"You're...... right." (Kazuto)
"You lack a sense of crisis, don't you? (Ayane)
"Ugh. I've just started dating, and I was a little carried away, I guess you could say that....... But I'm trying to be more careful now." (Kazuto)

I feel deflated by the accusatory way she talks to me, like a teacher. Of course Kiyokawa is right.

"So I'll be keeping an eye on the two of you from now on." (Ayane)
"............Huh!?" (Kazuto)
"In the past, I've been responsible for supporting Star Mines. I've had to remonstrate to Senior Rinka, who tends to overwork, and control Senior Nana, who tends to go ahead with her momentum....... The relationship between Senior Ayanokouji and Senior Rinka is very dangerous. So I will intervene." (Ayane)
"No, please don't do that! I'm aware that it's dangerous, but monitoring is way too much!" (Kazuto)
"No. This will affect the future of Star Mines. And it will also lead to an opportunity to expose Senior Ayanokouji's womanizing behavior." (Ayane)
"No way......! I'm going to report this to Rinka!" (Kazuto)
"It's your choice. If you do, I'll retire from idol life and live the rest of my life in loneliness." (Ayane)
"How dare! How dare you threaten me! Threatening to make me feel guilty! You're wicked, black-hearted!" (Kazuto)
"......Have you not overstated it? It's painful to hear you say that." (Ayane)

Kiyokawa says that, then she gets up from the chair and makes to leave the room.

"Well then, Senior Ayanokouji. I'll take my lea――――" (Ayane)
"Wait a minute!" (Kazuto)

I quickly grab Kiyokawa's slender arm.
Then Kiyokawa's cheeks flushed and his shoulders quiver slightly.

"Y-you finally showed your true nature, yes." (Ayane)
"What?" (Kazuto)
"If you can't convince me verbally, you'll do physically, right?" (Ayane)
"N-no, no, no!" (Kazuto)
"You can hear the voice of Ayanokoji-senpai's mind saying, "I'll dye this pure white young lady who knows nothing into the colors of this me".......!" (Ayane)
"Alright, I get it. You should stop reading er*tic manga. And you're not a pure white lady at all." (Kazuto)

She may be pure to an extent, though!

"Senior Ayanokouji is a womanizer! Pervert! Molester!" (Ayane)
"I didn't go that far!" (Kazuto)
"If you don't let me go, I'll hit you with a blunt object!" (Ayane)
"Why a blunt object?" (Kazuto)

I can't help it if she makes this much fuss. So I let go of Kiyokawa's arm.

"I don't know if Senior Ayanokouji is really a womanizer or not. But if he does anything to make Senior Rinka sad...... I will do everything in my might to take exact revenge on Senior Ayanokouji." (Ayane)

It's a strong statement that is filled with a firm will in it.
I can feel that Kiyokawa respects and cares a lot for Rinka.

"I understand. If I make Rinka sad, you can boil me or burn me or whatever you want to me." (Kazuto)
"......" (Ayane)

Kiyokawa's powerful gaze meets my eyes straight away.
It isn't the silly look she has had just a moment ago. The air around her is also sharp and tense.

"......The thoughts of senior Ayakoji have been conveyed to me." (Ayane)
"I see." (Kazuto)
"Don't forget what you just said, okay. Because, I'll always be monitoring you, Senior Ayanokouji......." (Ayane)

Showing a thin smile, Kiyokawa quietly walks out of the room.
That is the style of a popular idol. She left a strong lingering impression in the room and went away.

"She'll always be monitoring.......huh. I've caught the eye of a troublesome idol." (Kazuto)

Remembering those Kiyokawa's words, I can only mutter to myself.

"Senior Ayanokouji. I almost forgot of it." (Ayane)
"Uwaa! I thought you'd left!" (Kazuto)
"Let's exchange contacts. It'll be more convenient for us if we do." (Ayane)
"......" (Kazuto)

This is the moment when I unexpectedly obtain the contact of a popular idol for the third time.
I don't know why I'm not happy at all.
And Kiyokawa tells me with a gentle smile like a neat lady.

"I'm going to all-out without holding anything back from now on, so please do your best. Senior Ayanokouji." (Ayane)
"......" (Kazuto)

Thus, the worst――――new daily life is about to begin.

Did you know?
The Goruboko (ゴルボコ) worm is famous in the UK. (TLN: Me dunno, I tried to browse it, not found any. I checked on translators, only got gorboko and goldmine.... I tried variations of romaji, found "Halicephalobus mephisto"; "Death worm"; "Simulium"; and "Golubac". Dunno which one's right... 😅)
It actually has three brains.
And it seems that all of them are type B.
Did you think "Hee~"? (PTW/N: Should I just use "Your next line will be [Hee~]!".)
I was surprised too.
To be more specific, it's a lie that all individuals are type B.
It's also a lie that they have three brains.
So, what is the Goruboko worm?
I've never seen or heard of such a thing. (PTW/N: Seems like I put too much effort in this trivial thing. 😅)
~"(This is a Translation Content of pemudatunawisata[dot]my[dot]id. so, read only on there, kay~)"~

[End of Chapter]

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