My Wife in The Web Game is a Popular Idol - 39

My Wife in The Web Game is a Popular Idol

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39 - Scene of riot

I leave a scared Nonoa in Kasumi's care and head for the front door.

Three popular idols are taking off their shoes at the entrance. Rinka, Kurumizaka-san, and then, Kiyokawa.

They are wearing short-sleeved shirts and shorts, suitable for summer, and their movements show a hint of fatigue. They must be tired after their lessons.

By the way, Rinka hadn't told me that Kurumizaka-san and Kiyokawa were coming.
I wonder if something has happened?
I approach the girls and say, "Good work".

"Ah, wait, Kazuto-kun!" (Rinka)
"Eh?" (Kazuto)

I'm stopped by Rinka with uncanny power, and I couldn't help but stop.
The other two also have their faces tighten up at my approach....... What?

"Wh-what is wrong, Rinka?" (Kazuto)
"That is...... I'd like you not to get too close to me because...... I've been sweating a lot." (Rinka)
"It's okay. I don't care about that." (Kazuto)
"But I do care about that, Kazuto-kun." (Rinka)
"That's right, Kazu-kun! You should be a little more considerate, you know!?" (Nana)
"As expected of Senior Ayanokouji, you dared to pretend to be insensitive and came all the way to smell our sweat. You really were Mr. Pervert." (Ayane)

I'm berated like a worthless.
The accusing glances from the girls make me retreat and keep my distance.

"U-umm...... if you really want to smell my sweat, I'll put up with it." (Rinka)
"No, thanks. I'll just accept your feelings." (Kazuto)

A blushing Rinka gives me a really interesting offer, but I reluctantly decline after receiving stares from the other two.

"Do you have a sweat fetish, Kazu-kun?" (Nana)
"I don't particularly have." (Kazuto)
"Was that really true? Senior Ayanokouji had been sniffing around since a while ago. You were Mr. Pervert, after all." (Ayane)
"That's a false accusation! I'm just breathing normally!" (Kazuto)
"In other words, you were breathing hard because you were excited." (Ayane)
"Your words have been full of malice since just now, Kiyokawa-san! Please give me a break!" (Kazuto)

I know it, Kiyokawa is coming to crush me. I'm sure of it.

"Anyway, we're going to take a shower." (Rinka)
"Have a good time. I'll be waiting in the living room." (Kazuto)

I see off the three idols on their way to the bathroom.
I'll ask why Kurumizaka-san and Kiyokawa are here later.

"Do you want come in too, Kazuto-kun?" (Kasumi)

Kasumi-san comes from the living room and lightly poked me on the arm and said something like that.

"...... What if I really come in?" (Kazuto)
"I'm sure you'll be beaten to a pulp and have your manhood symbol chopped off." (Kasumi)
"――――" (Kazuto)

I feel a chill run down my spine. I unconsciously thrust my thighs inward.

"Well......, I'm going home to my friend's house, so take care of the rest, kay." (Kasumi)
"Going home? This is your house, isn't it?" (Kazuto)
"Well, yeah. This house is the first base and my friend's house is the second base." (Kasumi)

Kasumi says with a light laugh.
I heard from Rinka that Kasumi-san rarely comes home.
It might be a coincidence that she was at home today.

"That's why, you have to get along well with Ayane-chan. It's an obstacle that you must overcome if you want to go out with Rinka." (Kasumi)
"Somehow, I feel like you're just like a sister-in-law." (Kazuto)
"Ahaha. Well, if it gets hard, just let me know, and as your big sis, I'll pamper you a lot." (Kasumi)

She smiles a little mischievously, but I have a feeling that she'll probably really spoil me if I tell her.
But she's also gentle and reassuring.
I watch her walk out of the house with her bag and go back to the living room, listening to the girls' voices coming from the bathroom.

"...... Nonoa-chan?" (Kazuto)

In the corner of the room, a little girl is shrinking like a frightened squirrel.
She is quivering and looks as if she is frightened of her natural enemy.

"What's wrong, Nonoa-chan?" (Kazuto)

I sit down beside Nonoa-chan and asked her gently.
Then Nonoa-chan mumbles fleetingly, "Kazuto-bro......," and looks up at me with her big, moist eyes.

"You know, Ayane-sis is here." (Nonoa)
"I know. You don't like Kiyokawa-san by any chance?" (Kazuto)
"Yes." (Nonoa)

She nods lightly. Seriously?
Looks like Kiyokawa is disliked by Nonoa-chan.

"Why?" (Kazuto)
"Because Ayane-sis gets angry whenever she sees me. She says I shouldn't follow strangers and that I should be more cautious...... She says that Nonoa-chan will get kidnapped because she's cute, which scares me." (Nonoa)
"......." (Kazuto)

Well, maybe it's true.
On the assumption that I'm not a lolicon, I have to say that Nonoa-chan is really cute.
It's no wonder Kiyokawa is worried about her.

"She also nagged me, 'Have you done your homework?' And she's so annoying, telling me, 'You must study now'." (Nonoa)

......Which mouth is saying that, Kiyokawa?
You even said that studying is unnecessary.

"I don't like Ayane-sis because she's like a teacher." (Nonoa)

Nonoa-chan puffs up her cheeks appealing her displeasure. It's too cute.

"I see. That's tough." (Kazuto)

I pat Nonoa-chan on the head gently to get her back into a good mood.
She seems to have calmed down after being patted for a while, and she smiles at me with an innocent, angelic smile.

"Hey, Kazuto-bro. Play with me!" (Nonoa)
"Alright, What do you want to play?" (Kazuto)
"Play marriage!" (Nonoa)
"Buhh! A-are you serious?" (Kazuto)
"Yup! I saw it on TV yesterday." (Nonoa)
"I-I see." (Kazuto)

Apparently, her childish curiosity has been stimulated.
Her eyes are sparkling and she's waiting for my answer.
As I ponder what to do, Nonoa-chan's face clouds over in shock.

"............ Is it not okay?" (Nonoa)
"It's okay. Let's do." (Kazuto)

She looks up at me anxiously, then I give an answer immediately without hesitation.
Well, it's child's play, so I guess there's no problem.

"Umm, then, propose to me!" (Nonoa)
"Propose, huh....... I like you, Nonoa-chan. Please marry me." (Kazuto)
"Not good! Say it with more feeling and seriousness!" (Nonoa)

You're an angel with a lot of unexpected orders.
I can't help it, then. I'll show her how serious the nerd gamer me is!

"...... Nonoa. I love you. Please marry me." (Kazuto)
"Waa――――" (Nonoa)

After receiving my direct proposal (handsome voice), Nonoa-chan's face instantly turns bright red and her eyes are incessant blinking.
I've learned from my experience of confessing my feelings to Rinka.
That simple words are the best way to convey your feelings to someone.

"S-senior...... Ayanokouji?" (Ayane)

At the entrance of the living room. Kiyokawa, who has just finished taking a bath, is standing there in a daze.
She's staring at me and Nonoa-chan, her mouth agape.

"Kiyokawa-san? Are you imitating a goldfish?" (Kazuto)

What's going on all of a sudden? And then I notice a minor discomfort. It's Kiyokawa's hair.
Maybe it's just my imagination, but it has the exact same texture as before the bath.
Did she really take a bath?
But since her cheeks are lightly red and steamy, so I'm sure she had taken a bath.
As I'm thinking about this, Kiyokawa points her finger at me vigorously.

"Lolicon! You're a lolicon! Was Ayanokoji-senpai's real target Nonoa-chan?" (Ayane)
"H-huh!?" (Kazuto)
"I knew you were a womanizer, but to think that you would even put your hands on a little girl...... you were outrageous!" (Ayane)
This is a misunderstanding! This is a marriage game! We're just playing!" (Kazuto)
"Play! You had finally shown your true colors, yes! You were seducing women for fun!" (Ayane)
"No!" (Kazuto)
"...... Kazuto-kun. What does this mean?" (Rinka)

The one who appears from behind Kiyokawa is the one we all know, Rinka-sama. Her body is still steamy fresh after the bath. Her hair is lustrous and silky, and her reddened cheeks are either from her bath or her anger at me.......

"Did you put your hands on my sister?" (Rinka)

The cold stare from Rinka's sharp eyes pierces me.

"N-no. Please listen to me." (Kazuto)
"Depending on what you say, I may have to go back to my parents' house." (Rinka)
"......" (Kazuto)

But here is, Rinka's parents' house.

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[End of Chapter]

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