My Wife in The Web Game is a Popular Idol - 40

My Wife in The Web Game is a Popular Idol

Netoge no Yome ga Ninki Idol datta ~Cool-kei no kanojo wa genjitsu demo yome no tsumori de iru~


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40 - Star☆Mines' costumes

We have all moved into Rinka's cleanroom.
I'm forced to sit on the floor, thinking that something similar has happened to me before.
Currently, I'm suspected of having an affair with Nonoa-chan.
I don't have any guilt. But, I'm desperately trying to explain the situation to Rinka.
In any case, Nonoa-chan just asked me to play marriage and propose to her.

"...... So that's what happened." (Rinka)
"Are you convinced?" (Kazuto)
"Eerm." (Rinka)
"...... Are you angry?" (Kazuto)
"No. I'm not so small-minded as to get upset over child's play." (Rinka)

Rinka lets out a breath of relief. The matter seems to be settled now.

"As expected of Senior Rinka. You were broad-minded, yes." (Ayane)
"Of course. I'm Kazuto-kun's wife. If I get angry over every little thing, I'm going to disgrace my husband's name." (Rinka)

Rinka says in an unwavering tone.
When Kiyokawa hears it, she smiles, but I don't know what she's thinking inside.

"I mean, if Kiyokawa-san hadn't made a fuss, there wouldn't have been any problems." (Kazuto)
''I apologize. I was surprised to see Senior Ayanokouji making a passionate proposal to Nonoa-chan." (Ayane)
"Well, I don't understand why you would be very surprised......." (Kazuto)

When I get out of the bath and go to the living room, I find that a high school boy is seriously proposing to a first grader.
It is certainly anyone will be surprised.
However, the reality is that it was just child's play. So, I didn't want her to make a fuss.

"Come here, Nonoa-chan. I'll play with you a lot." (Ayane)
"No! I want Kazuto-bro!" (Nonoa)
"Gaahh!" (Ayane)

Kiyokawa is shocked to the point of she leaks a "Gaahh" after being full force rejected by Nonoa-chan.
It looks like she doesn't even know she's hated.
Although, Kiyokawa herself seems to like children.......

"It's strange...... why she would choose Senior Ayanokouji over me." (Ayane)
"It's because she thinks perverted and dirty thoughts on a daily basis. Children are sensitive to dirty minds." (Kazuto)
"I'm not a closet, okay! As the name of Kiyokawa suggests, my mind is as clean as a pure river!" (Ayane) (PTW/N: 清川 [kiyokawa]; 清 [kiyo, sei, saya, etc.] means pure, purify, cleanse, exorcise; 川 [kawa, gawa] means river, stream.)
"I doubt it. She looks like she's pure, but there may possibly be hidden er*tic books laying underneath." (Kazuto)
"If that's the case, the one who threw the er*tic books is Senior Ayanokouji. It was Senior Erokouji." (Ayane)
"Sorry to disappoint you, but I don't own a single er*tic book." (Kazuto)
"Then it's e-books. I'm sure you have tons of er*tic images on your smartphone." (Ayane)
"Aren't you talking about yourself? Lady Closet." (Kazuto)
"I'm not a closet! I'll pinch your arm if you don't stop it!" (Ayane)

*Spark* *spark*! 
The two of us collide head-on, sending sparks flying.

"Huh? Kazu-kun and Ayane-chan have gotten along very well somehow, haven't they?" (Nana)
"Which part of we have gotten along? It's more like we in a relation of cats and dogs." (Kazuto)
"True. Even if it was Senior Nana, there were things I disliked to be told, did you know?" (Ayane)

Kiyokawa and I immediately deny it, but Kurumizaka-san does not retract her words.

"Even though you guys say that. You gust are perfectly synced. And also, you're not hesitant to say it to each other...... I know it, you guys are really getting along well, yes?" (Nana)
"We aren't." (Kazuto)
"We were not." (Ayane)

Then, at exactly the same time Kurumizaka-san mutters, "I knew it, you guys perfectly sync.......", we simultaneously deny it.
What Rinka is thinking as she watches us, but she let out a small grunt of "Muu~" and sits down next to me on the floor, squeezing my shoulders tightly.

"Umm...... Rinka? What's wrong?" (Kazuto)
"It's nothing." (Rinka)
"No, but..." (Kazuto)
"It's nothing." (Rinka)
"Ah...... okay." (Kazuto)

Maybe she is getting pis*ed off, but all Rinka said is that it's nothing.
She also hugs my arms tightly and holds me close to her as if to claim me as her property. (PTW/N: GODDAAAMMMMMNNN, THE HONEY IS WAY TOO VISCOUS!!! OVERSWEEETTT!!!)

"Rin-chan. Are you trying to compete with Ayane-chan, by any chance?" (Nana)
"I don't know what you're talking about. It's normal for a wife to snuggle up to her husband, isn't it?" (Rinka)
"It is, but it's too sudden......." (Nana)

Kurumizaka-san is right. There is too much incoherence in Rinka's actions.
If that's the case, was Rinka...... jealous of the exchange between me and Kiyokawa?
If so, it's terribly not good.
She's way too cute.
To put it another way, it's fiercely cute that she's trying so hard not to let people know that she's jealous.

"Senior Nana. It's time to get down to business......." (Ayane)
"Ah, you're right. The reason Ayane-chan and I are here is that we have a favor to ask Kazu-kun." (Nana)
"A favor?" (Kazuto)
"Yes. We've got Rin-chan's permission, so don't worry." (Nana)

I wonder what the request is. I don't have a good feeling about this.

"It's okay, Kazuto-kun. All you have to do is look at our new costumes and tell us your thoughts." (Rinka)
"New costumes......? Could it be Star☆Mines'?" (Kazuto)
"Eee, we've just finished our new costumes for the summer concert. We've decided that we'd like to get some opinions from the public before we release them." (Rinka)
"I see." (Kazuto)

I nod my head at Rinka's flowing explanation.

"I'd like to mention that the costumes we were about to show Senior Ayanokouji haven't been announced to the public yet. So, please don't tell anyone." (Ayane)
"I-I understand." (Kazuto)

Seriously? I can't believe I'm going to get to see Star Mainz's new costumes before anyone else.

"I'm going to change now then!" (Rinka)
"Okay." (Kazuto)
"......" (Nana)
"......?" (Ayane)

The three idols' gazes converge on me.
I wonder what they are looking at me for.

"Sorry, Kazu-kun. Can you please leave the room? We're going to change here now." (Nana)
"A-ah! So that was it means, My bad!" (Kazuto)
"I don't have a problem with Kazuto-kun seeing me, but." (Rinka)
"It's not a problem for Senior Rinka, but it is for us." (Ayane)
"Ahaha...... I'm embarrassed too." (Nana)
"I'm sorry. I'm leaving right now." (Kazuto)

I leave Rinka's room. It seems that Nonoa-chan will stay in the room.
I close the door and go to the living room and sit down on the couch.

"......Seriously? New costumes?" (Kazuto)

I never think I'll get to see Star☆Mines in costume. Moreover, those are brand-new glittering costumes that haven't been announced to the public yet.
It'll be foolish not to get my hopes up.

After a while, the girls who have finished changing came to the living room.
I sit down on the couch and look at them with an air of entitlement.
The three of them are wearing separated top and bottom costumes. Those are summer costumes, so are a little more revealing. Their arms are in full view, and their stomachs are showing. The thighs stretching out from the skirt have a healthy amount of flesh.
The colors are mainly white, with Kurumizaka-san's costume being white and light red, while Rinka's white and light blue, and Kiyokawa's only white. In the case of Kiyokawa, her selling point is neatness, so all white suits her image better. Personally, I think a light pink is fine. She's a closet pervert after all. Although, she's rather open.

"...... Senior Ayanokouji. Didn't you think of something rude?" (Ayane)

She gives me a glare. She has a keen intuition.

"What do you think, Kazu-kun? Is there anything strange?" (Nana)
"Ther isn't. You look cute, Kurumizaka-san." (Kazuto)

That's my honest opinion. I can't think of anything other than cute in my vocabulary.
The new costume has a refreshing atmosphere that shows off Kurumizaka-san's cheerfulness to the fullest. and Kiyokawa's costume has a coolness suitable for summer without sacrificing her neat and tidy image. So there's nothing I'm going to complain about.

"Kazuto-kun, you're spoony." (Rinka)
"Eh?" (Kazuto)
"Kazuto-kun, you're looking at a girl other than me and you're spoony." (Rinka)

Rinka pouts lightly and she complains her dissatisfaction.

"I'm not. I just flatter her that she's cute......." (Kazuto)
"It's okay, particularly. I brought Nana and Ayane here because I was prepared for that." (Rinka)

Although she speaks very calmly, it's also sounded somewhat sulky.
This is the kind of thing that can lead to a riot.

"This is not a flattery, but you know, Rinka is the cutest." (Kazuto)

It's neither a lie nor flattery. The new outfit is more revealing, though not as revealing as the school swimsuit, but not as vulgar. Rather, it's a refreshing image. This kind of costume suits the cool type of Rinka very well.

"...... Really?" (Rinka)
"Yeah, you're by far the cutest. Honestly, you're so cute that the other two become blurry." (Kazuto)
"Kazu-kun, if you say that much, we'll lose our position." (Nana)

This's my honest opinion, even though Kurumizaka-san is giving me a glare.
Rinka is by far the cutest.
I've been always a big fan of Mizuki Rinka for a long time now, so, it's only natural that I think so.
I'm sorry to Kurumizaka-san and the others for saying it, but I'm not a fan of Star☆Mines.

"Kazuto-kun. How cute am I?" (Rinka)
"Very cute that I would like to ask you to marry me again and again." (Kazuto)
"G-geez. We've been married for years." (Rinka)

Rinka's cheeks flush with red. Well, we're officially lovers, after all.

"Hey, Kazuto-bro. How about me?" (Nonoa)

Nonoa-chan, who has changed into a polka dot dress, shows me her outfit.

"You look super cute. Like an angel." (Kazuto)
"Really? Make you want to propose to me again and again?" (Nonoa)
"Yeah! Of co――――." (Kazuto)

I feel a chilling gaze on my neck, which makes me unable to finish my lines.
I don't need to check to see who is gazing at me. It's obviously Rinka.
She tolerates child's play, but in this case, it seems to be different.

"Umm, Senior Ayanokouji. Could you please give your thoughts not only to Senior Rinka and Nonoa-chan, but also to me?" (Ayane)

A dumbfounded Kiyokawa demands in dissatisfaction.
I take a second to run my gaze from Kiyokawa's head to toes.......

"Ah, yep, doesn't it look cute?" (Kazuto)
"It's a way too mundane reaction! It's a humiliation!" (Ayane)

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[End of Chapter]

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