Househusband-wannabe Boy and Idol Girl - 17

A Very Popular Idol Classmate Has Taken a Liking to Me, A Person Who Doesn't Want to Work for Whole Life.

Daininki Idol na Classmate ni Natsukareta, Isshou Hatarakitakunai Ore


Double release: 2/2

Act 1 - The Hungry Idol Part


"But you know, if we're living in the same place anyway, why do we have to eat separately? That doesn't necessarily mean that Rintaro made the food." (Kanon)
"...... Indeed." (Rei)

Rei nodded at Kanon's words.
What she said was certainly not wrong.
Even though we live on the same floor, it would be a bit tasteless to come home together, go to separate houses, and eat alone.
If they were a stranger, I wouldn't mind, but the three of them are good friends even in private.

"It's not too hard to prepare for two more. However, since I am being paid to cook for Rei, it would be unfair to her if I unconditionally prepared for you." (Rintaro)
"Well, that's true......." (Rei)

The only hassle that comes with preparing more food is the number of dishes to wash.
In fact, I'm thankful that I don't have to worry about cooking too much.
However, Rei is paying me a total of about 150,000 yen for my work, including rent, utilities, and materials.
I don't want to provide services to others without the same amount of compensation.
Of course, if it's just an occasional treat like today, I have no objection whatsoever――――.

"I think Rintaro has a good point, but what do you think Mia?" (Kanon)
"......Yes. I also think Rintaro-kun's opinion is correct. I also have a proposal: If I or Kanon want to eat Rintaro-kun's food, why don't we buy the ingredients and bring them to him?" (Mia)
"This is a Translation Content of pemudatunawisata[dot]my[dot]id. so, read only on there, kay~"

I think that proposal is not so bad――――.

I give Rei a sideways glance.

"Yup, that sounds good. I'm fine as long as I can eat Rintaro's food." (Rei)
"Then how about you, Rintaro-kun?" (Mia)

I nodded in response, without much thought.

"If Rei is okay, then it won't be much of a hassle for me, so no problem. You can buy whatever you want." (Rintaro)
"That's very generous of you two. Thank you. Then, I'll ask you to do this regularly." (Mia)

For whatever it's worth, I don't think either Mia or Kanon would barge in on me every day.
I don't know if it's an occupational hazard or not, but they have a good sense of moderation and courtesy.
Also, it's interesting to note that the most observant of them all is actually the youngest, Kanon.
This may be because she has a lot of siblings, judging from the way she talks.

"Even so, It's only a month until the concert. It's gone by so fast." 
"One month from now means...... the beginning of July." (Rintaro)
"I hope it won't get too hot. I don't want my makeup to run with my sweat." (Kanon)
"Was the previous concert at the beginning of the year?" (Rintaro)
"Yeah, you know a lot about it. ...... You didn't seem interested at all when we first met." (Kanon)
"After you guys have shown me that lesson up close, I can't help but be interested. I realized once again that it was a really good experience for me." (Rintaro)

MilleSta holds about three big concerts in a year.
The concerts are held mainly in the summer, fall, and winter,――――and they perform new songs for each season.
The venue is always packed. If you don't make it in the first round of the ticket sale, you have no choice but to buy a resale ticket, which is sold at a high price. Recently, however, measures have been taken to prevent this, and a second sale is held as soon as malicious resale is confirmed.

"Rintaro, will you come to our next concert?" (Rei)
"I'd love to, but I'm not sure I can get a ticket." (Rintaro)
"Don't worry. I've got tickets for the concerned parties." (Rei)
"Ee......, Is it okay, giving me that?" (Rintaro)
"Rintaro is already a person concerned. If I say so, there will be no problem." (Rei)

Speaking of it, it's indeed that I'm already a person concerned.

"We have a limited number of personal invitations, but as we've only been around for two years, we don't have enough connections in the entertainment industry. So, we always end up having a few leftovers." (Mia)
"Then why don't you invite your parents or your friends from school?" (Rintaro)
"Of course, I'll invite my parents when they're not busy, but if I invite someone from the school, it'll look like I'm favoring that person. That's how it's perceived." (Mia)
"Ah......, I think I know what you mean." (Rintaro)
"This is a Translation Content of pemudatunawisata[dot]my[dot]id. so, read only on there, kay~"

I don't think they have enough room to invite all their friends from school.
It made sense to me that it would be better not to invite anyone than to invite a specific person and have people around feel antagonistic and jealous.

"I'm in much the same situation as Mia. I do have a few acquaintances who are young actors who have approached me with ulterior motives, but I don't want to invite them and have them misunderstand me." (Kanon)
"...... Hee." (Rintaro)
"Wh, what's with that your reaction!?" (Kanon)
"No, I was just surprised that there actually is a guy who'd approach you, huh." (Rintaro)
"That's rude⁉ I'm this cute, there's no way a guy won't come approach to me, okay!?" (Kanon)

Then Kanon stood in front of me.
It's true that in terms of cuteness alone, I think she's the best of the MilleSta.
Both Rei and Mia are more of the beautiful type than the cute type, if I have to classify them.
However, all that cuteness was ruined by the fact that her face was so desperate.

"Kanon is cute when she's quiet." (Rei)
"Huh!? What do you mean, Rei? I'm still cute when I talk!" (Kanon)
"...... Ye~p." (Rei)
"Don't "Ye~p" me! If I can't get your approval, what am I supposed to believe?" (Kanon)
"This is a Translation Content of pemudatunawisata[dot]my[dot]id. so, read only on there, kay~"

*Gawrrr*. The sound effect suits her well.
It was really worth messing with.

"......Ah, by the way, there's a movie I want to see with the four of us." (Rei)

Rei suddenly said that, and took out a DVD from her bag.
Apparently, she took the trouble to rent a DVD in this day and age.

"......"The Grudge's Sadako-san"? Rei, what's this?" (Mia)
"A horror movie." (Rei)
"That's not what I mean, I know what it is......." (Mia)

I know what you mean, Mia.

I can't really find the right words to describe this————indescribable B-movie feeling.
Kanon, Mia, and I sensed this strange atmosphere and looked at each other.

"I've been curious about this movie since I saw its name on a video distribution site a while ago. I'm not much of a horror fan, so I'd like to watch it together if possible." (Rei)
"W-well...... it might be fun to watch it with friends...... while enjoying meals, right?" (Kanon)

Kanon agreed with Rei, choosing her words quite carefully.
Watching anime and movies with friends indeed has a different feel than watching alone.
It's not like I'm going to turn down something that Rei took the trouble to rent because "it doesn't look interesting".

"Rintaro-kun, have you prepare yourself!?" (Mia)
"...... I'll go make something to eat." (Rintaro)
"No, you can't. Rei will be scared if you leave her alone." (Mia)
"This is a Translation Content of pemudatunawisata[dot]my[dot]id. so, read only on there, kay~"

Mia grabbed my arm with a smile.
Thus, my escape route was blocked――――.

I gave up and turned towards Rei.

"All right, the four of us will watch." (Rintaro)
"Thanks, guys. Then――――." (Rei)

Rei put the DVD in the game console that was set up under the TV in my house.
Although it's a game console, it also plays a wide range of DVDs, and it begins to show a two-hour video on the TV screen, which will probably be a battle against sleepiness.

~"(This is a Translation Content of pemudatunawisata[dot]my[dot]id. so, read only on there, kay~)"~

[End of Chapter]

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