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Contain some illustrations

Src: http://blog.livedoor.jp/geek/archives/51622166.html

Some illustrations of Vol 1

Cover and textless cover

Otosaki Rei of Mille-Feuille Stars
Textless cover (clean w/o credit; -illst: @sakurapion) & Color Illustration (Overlap)

Rintaro gave Rei a piggyback

An illustration of the other two members of Mille-Feuille Stars
Mia and Kanon of Mille-Feuille Stars
Mia(Left; Cool-beauty) and Kanon(Right; Twin-tails)

WN Title: 
[Daininki Idol na Classmate ni Natsukareta, Isshou Hatarakitakunai Ore]
"A Very Popular Idol Classmate Has Taken a Liking to Me, A Person Who Doesn’t Want to Work for Whole Life" 

LN Title: 「一生働きたくない俺が、クラスメイトの大人気アイドルに懐かれたら1 腹ぺこ美少女との半同棲生活が始まりました」
[Isshou Hatarakitakunai Ore ga, Classmate no Dainiki Idol ni Natsukaretara #1 Harapeko Bishoujo to no Han Dousei Seikatsu ga Hajimarimashita]
"I Don't Want to Work for The Rest of My Life, But My Classmates' Popular Idol Get Familiar with Me #1 Semi-cohabitation With a Beautiful, Hungry Girl Has Begun"
LN: Link


Vol 2 illusts: 
Vol 3 illusts: https://imgur.com/a/OtBaAfl
Vol 4 illusts: https://imgur.com/a/Bq92lMO

Characters so far:

Shidou Rintaro (志藤凛太郎; 志 [Kokorozashi: will, intention, motive]; 藤 [Fuji: Wisteria floribunda]; 凛 [Rin: frigid, bracing, dignified]; 太郎 [Tarou: (mainstream) male given name, usually as "suffix" (e.g: Kotaro, Shotaro, Momotaro)]; {太 [futo: grand, magnificent, excellent]}.)
A boy who's longing to be a househusband.


Otosaki Rei (乙咲玲; 乙 [Otsu: strange, quaint, stylish, chic, queer, witty, spicy, romantic]; 咲 [saki: related to flower and bloom]; 玲 [Rei: sound of jewels].)
A transcend beauty who is a member of a popular idol group "Mille-Feuille Stars", she has blonde hair. she knew Rintaro from her childhood time, and still remembers him.

Yuzuki Himiko (優月一三子; 優 [Yuu: gentle, elegant, skilled, excellent; Yasa: gentle, affectionate]; 月 [Tsuki: moon]; 一三 [1 and 3??] ; 子 [ko: child].)
A manga artist/mangaka, She is Rintaro's cousin. She hired Rintaro as a part-timer (assistant) in her place.
First appearance: Chapter 2

Mille-Feuille Stars


Kanon (Hidori Kanon) (日鳥夏音; 日 [Hi: day, sun, sunshine]; 鳥 [Tori: bird]; 夏 [Natsu: summer]; 音 [Oto, Ne, On: sound, noise, music, voice]. Kanji 夏音 (Natsume) is written with furigana かのん (Kanon).)
Her trademark is her red twin-tails.
She has an appearance that looks a little younger than the other MilleSta members.
She acts in an unreserved manner toward Rintaro.
First appearance: Chapter 9


Mia (Ugawa Mia) (宇川美亜; 宇 [U, Noki: ???]; 川 [Kawa, Gawa: stream, river]; 美 [Bi, Mi: beauty, beautiful]; 亜 [A: suffix -ous -ite, kanji "A" in A-Si-A].)
She has an appearance of a cool beauty, a prince-like girl.
From the illust, she has short hair, but its color is unknown for now.
First appearance: Chapter 9

Inaba Yukio (稲葉雪緒)
Rintaro's close and best friend
First appearance: Chapter 1

Nikaido Azusa (二階堂梓)
First appearance: Chapter 12

Kakihara Yuusuke (柿原祐介)
Having a crush on Azusa
First appearance: Chapter 12

Doumoto Ryuuji (堂本竜二)
First appearance: Chapter 12

Nogi Honoka (野木ほのか)
First appearance: Chapter 12

For the rest, maybe I'll update later.

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