My Wife in The Web Game is a Popular Idol - 55

My Wife in The Web Game is a Popular Idol

Netoge no Yome ga Ninki Idol datta ~Cool-kei no kanojo wa genjitsu demo yome no tsumori de iru~


55 - Chapter 2 

"Great! I've collected a hundred tropical fruits! I can finally trade it in for a swimsuit!" (Kazuto)

I'm getting excited by items dropped from monsters.
It's the second week of summer break.
I'm working hard on the............ summer event in the Black Plains.
Just by myself――――.

"Emm, I've already exchanged for summer weapons and armor, and all I have left to exchange are the appropriate consumable items." (Kazuto)

I face the computer in my air-conditioned room.
Since the summer break started, I have been playing web games so much that I finished the summer event in a blink of an eye.
I've been in my serious mode that I even cut down my sleeping hours.

"............the heck, am I doing?" (Kazuto)

I come back to myself, staring at Kazu (Warrior) in his swimsuit.
A moderately well-trained man's upper body is dazzling.......
This is strange, because the defensive strength is higher than that of beginner's equipment armor.

"Haa...... The summer break is no different from usual." (Kazuto)

I operate the mouse while blabbing and keep swinging my sword at NPCs for no reason.
Of course, there's no response. It's just a habit.
Probably something anyone would do in a daze.

"I knew Rinka was busy because she's a popular idol...... but still, is it for reaaal." (Kazuto)

I never thought I'd have a single day to spend playing with them.
In this hot season, the consumption of physical energy appears to be so great, and they can't afford to play a web game in their spare time.
After all, popular idols are extremely busy.
I'm not that inconsiderate to comfortably say, "Let's go online" to her............
So we only chatted and talked on the phone once in a while.

"Oraaaaaaa! You normie b*stard!"

I invoke the Warrior's most powerful skill on the young beastman couple (NPC).
A golden light released by Kazu fills the screen and a powerful sword strike is unleashed on the beastman couple with a flashy effect sound.
It is one of the most powerful strikes in all classes, but of course, the beastman couple took no damage.
The f*cking abominable words "Geez, don'd~ ♡" and "Hahaha" are fluttering in the balloons displayed by the couple with happy expressions on their faces.
Please, let me attack them......! 
By the way, I'm not the only one attacking these guys.
There are other angry players who are also taking out their negative feelings of resentment and anger in the form of attacks.

"............It's just so vain, I have to stop." (Kazuto)

No matter how many times I attacked them, all they said was "Geez, don'd~ ♡" and "Hahaha".......
Without any particular purpose in mind, I idly look at the announcements from the administrator.

"Heeh...... finally there will be a fireworks display on the Black Plains, huh?"

I'm late to notice because I'm not in the habit of looking at administrators' announcements.
It seems that in a few days, fireworks will be set off in the royal capital.
The time zone is 20:00 in real-time.
I have enjoyed the Black Plains since I was a middle schooler, but I have never experienced a fireworks display.
In other words, this is an event that was introduced this year.
The announcement from the administrator reads, "Let's invite the girl you like and watch the fireworks together!".
It seems like a goading thing to me now.
Yup, it is.
It's when I close the administrator notice column, designate the destination as a mining site, and mount my horse.
I hear a beep from the phone I have left on the edge of my desk. I check the screen.
A message has arrived from Tachibana.

[Yo Ayanokoji! Let's go to the pool next week!] (Tachibana)

Oh, an invitation to the pool.
Since he went to the trouble to invite, I might as well go.
It's probably a big pool in Tokyo.

[Alright.] (Kazuto)
[I forgot to tell you. I heard there's going to be a live idol show at the pool's outdoor facility. I haven't checked the details, but I heard there are going to be a few groups.] (Tachibana)
[Heh~] (Kazuto)

I may not be too interested.
The only idol I like is Rinka.
I'm also rooting for Kurumizaka-san and Kiyokawa, who have become friends with me.

[Star☆Mines is going to be in the show too.] (Tachibana)
[What you say!? Tell me that first!] (Kazuto)

Then I definitely must go! 
But if Star☆Mines is going to be there, the crowd is going to be crazy.
......No, I don't have time to be freaked out by that.
I've never seen Star☆Mines' live concert before.
This will be a good opportunity.

[You'll come, then? I'll let Saito know~] (Tachibana)
[I understand. Thanks.] (Kazuto)

So the members going to the pool are me, Tachibana, and Saito.
Yeah, just as usual.

"......Gosh, I'm getting excited.............!" (Kazuto)

This may be the first time I've ever looked forward to the pool as much. Well, even if I go to the concert, I won't be able to talk to Rinka in person, though.......

Still, it doesn't change the fact that I'm looking forward to it as a fan.

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[End of Chapter]

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