My Wife in The Web Game is a Popular Idol - 57

My Wife in The Web Game is a Popular Idol

Netoge no Yome ga Ninki Idol datta ~Cool-kei no kanojo wa genjitsu demo yome no tsumori de iru~


57 - Chapter 4


"OOOH! It's StaMiiiiiiii!"

A tremendous cheer roars to the heavens.
As soon as the five members of StarMines appear, the audience explodes with excitement.
It's as if their previous shouts "MONEY! MONEY!" were nothing but a lie.

"Whoooooaaa! Nana-chan! I'm...... Tachibana is hereeeeee~!" (Tachibana)
"Ayane-sannn~! Give me those scornful eyes you sometimes showed, pleeeeease!" (Saito)

The two shout their desires at the school's idols.
But theirs are drowned out by the surrounding excited shouts.
The excitement of the audience is truly at its peak.
The center of such a very popular Star☆Mines is Kurumizaka Nana, an energetic and rushing idol.
She is a beautiful girl with shoulder-length short hair that accentuates her brightness and cuteness, accompanied by an innocent smile.
She is wearing a halter-neck bikini with a string tied behind her neck.
Her larger-than-average breasts are fixed tightly together, and her bare stomach has beautiful vertical defined curves.

With a bright smile on her face, Kurumizaka-san waves her hands to the audience and cheers them on.
But I know.
That a girl named Kurumizaka Nana has a strange-naming sense for her web-game characters and her cat, and she's also actually like BL-ish kinds of stuff......!

Then my eyes move to the beautiful girl on the far right with a half-up hairstyle.
That girl with an elegant smile is Kiyokawa Ayane.
She is wearing a one-piece swimsuit that is modestly revealing, giving the impression of neatness.
But in fact, she has a bob perm and is a normal girl who aspires to be a novelist, not a neat and tidy young lady.
She is called a young lady, but that is an image marketing strategy.
In reality, she is poor.
She also has the smallest breasts among the members.
I just noticed that when I compared them.

"Oooh! Rinkaaa~! You've got a cool look in your eyes today!"

Some guy shouted in excitement.
Rinka...... Mizuki Rinka.
She's next to the center, Kurumizaka-san.
Her long, well-groomed hair is blowing in the breeze, and she's staring straight ahead, not caring about the loud cheers.
A truly dignified attitude she has.
Her face shows no sign of nervousness, not even a smile.
But it's not a bad, unfriendly attitude either.
Cool is the best word to describe her.

The swimsuit Rinka is wearing is an off-the-shoulder bikini with a blue and white pattern.
Her bare white shoulders and stomach are dazzling.......
And what's more, it's her legs.
I thought so in the swimming class, but the wonderful fleshy thighs and calves, illuminated white in the sunlight, are very attractive.
Or rather, everything about Rinka is attractive!
I mean, it's just great to have someone you love right there!!

"Th-that Ayanokouji-kun is...... shouting......!" (Saito)
"It might rain fish today." (Tachibana)

Saito and Tachibana, floating on floats, looked up at me in astonishment.
It seems that I'm also affected by the excitement of the concert.

And so the live performance begins.
A refreshing tune, just like a brand-new song for the summer, is flowing through the air.
If they have shouted "MONEY" or something like that, I'll have given all my money to Rinka.
The crowd, which had been so lively, listen to Star☆Mines' song with exclamations of admiration.
Everyone is mesmerized by their presence as they dance and sing happily on stage.
And when I'm giving a passionate look to Rinka――――.

"..." (Kazuto)

Our eyes meet, and for a moment Rinka's face is stained with astonishment.
It was only a brief moment, so the audience did not notice.

However, Rinka's viewpoint is fixed.
For some reason, she keeps looking at me.
Our eyes remain fixed on each other.
It may be my imagination, but it seems as if the men around me are getting excited.

"............" (Kazuto)

Rinka and I look at each other as she is performing on stage.
I can't take my eyes off her.
It's as if Rinka is singing just for me.
The cheers of the crowd around us faded from my ears, and it became just me and Rinka.
Our consciousnesses are indeed connected by a line.

"WHOOOOOOAAAAAA! Star☆Mineeeesss!"

The audience's loud, crackling voices bring my consciousness back to the surface of reality.
Before I know it, the concert is over.
The five girls leave the stage to a tremendous encore.

"What do you think, Ayanokouji-kun? Live consert is great, right?" (Saito)
"......Y-yeaah." (Kazuto)

Saito asks me, but I can only reply as if my soul has been drained.
......So this is Star☆Mines...... The idols.......
It's totally different and gives more impact than the music videos I saw on the Internet.
The audience is also probably a big factor in it.
Perhaps it's the atmosphere of togetherness in the venue? I don't know what to call it, but whatever it is, it's just awesome anyway.
I have a hot feeling in the pit of my stomach.
I can understand why so many people were so enthusiastic.
This is the kind of show that will make you want to return to see it again and again.

After Star☆Mines' concert was over, we move to the rest area.
I'd have loved to see other idols perform, but I'm ridiculously tired.
Maybe I was hit by the heat of my first live performance.

"Haha, my hands are kind of shaking." (Kazuto)

I sit on my chair, put my hand on the table and let out a giggle.
I still can't get over the excitement.
I have a vague sense that popular idols are great, but now I realize once again how great they are.
It's really too late to say this, but...... I'm dating that Mizuki Rinka, right?
I'm kind of in disbelief.

"Hnn? A very cute little girl is, running this way?" (Tachibana)

Tachibana points in the direction of the pool.
I turn my head, too, following the direction he's pointing.
......I see a very cute little girl running towards me with cute steps.
She has tiny twin-tail hair and a skirted school swimsuit.......
On the way, she somehow screams happily, "Kazuto-bro!"
...... No, isn't it, Nonoa-chan! 
How did she get here?

"Ehehehe, I didn't know Kazuto-bro was here too." (Nonoa)

I hurriedly catch her as she comes over to me and hugs me with a big smile on her face.

"U-hey, Ayanokouji! What's with that adorable SS-class little girl? I'll drown you at the bottom of the pool if I have to!" (Tachibana)
"This kid is Rinka's younger sister............. Nonoa-chan, where are your father and mother?"
"They are not here. But you know, I'm with Kasumi-sis!" (Nonoa)

Saying that, Nonoa-chan points in the direction of the pool.
Kasumi-san has just arrived at ours.

"Haa~, I'm tire(d)....... Nonoa, I told you not to run because it's dangerous." (Kasumi)
"......I'm sorry, it just......." (Nonoa)

As Kasumi breathes somewhat heavily, Nonoa-chan bows her head apologetically.
Tachibana, seeing the two of them, shakes my shoulder.

"He-hey, Ayanokouji! This extremely pretty boing boing lady is...... Can she be......?" (Tachibana)
"Aah, yeah........ She's Rinka's older sister." (Kazuto)

Tachibana becomes intensely agitated when he sees Kasumi-san.
Well, that's not unreasonable.
For a minute I can't look directly at Kasumi-san either.

She has a refreshing hairstyle that is arranged below her shoulders, and she's wearing a blue floral frilled bikini that reveals her pure white skin without a single speck of stain.
She has an ideal body with volume in the bust area and a thin waist.
Her moderately fleshy thighs and rounded buttocks are beautifully curved and have an attractive sexiness.
If someone tells me she's a gravure idol, I'll have believed that person without a doubt.

Now Tachibana is leaning forward while saying "Oof"...... Maan, he's the worst.
Well, I don't really care.
Saito, on the other hand, kneels down in front of Nonoa-chan and says, "Holy Angel......!". He's worshipping her.
Is there no one decent among my friends?

In the meantime, to advance the situation, I decide to talk to Kasumi-san.

"Did Kasumi-san and Nonoa-chan come to support Rinka?" (Kazuto)
"Hmm? That's right! After all, my sister is about to be singing and dancing in a swimsuit~......So I have to capture that very scene perfectly with my very bare eyes~......!" (Kasumi)
"You sound just like a perverted old man." (Kazuto)
"Here, here, you're being rude to such a beautiful lady, aren't you, my cute little brother?" (Kasumi)

Kasumi-san winks at me as she jokingly warns me.
......I dare not retort that she calls me "little brother".
I think I'll lose if I do it.

"Ey ey, Kazuto-bro. Let's play together~." (Nonoa)

Nonoa-chan grabs my right hand and pulls it tight.
I don't mind playing with her, but I have two male friends over here.
I wonder what to do, and turn my attention to Kasumi-san.

"Aah, that's fine. How about we all play together anyway!" (Kasumi)
"Y-you sure don't mind, Chick Sis? My name is Tachibana!" (Tachibana)
"Heee, hello, Fatcho-kun." (Kasumi)
"F-fatcho――――!" (Tachibana)

Seems she's a little offended when he called her "Chick".
Kasumi-san looks at Tachibana and throws in a lovely yet appropriate expression.
In addition, Nonoa-chan pointed her finger toward Tachibana's chest and――――

"Ah! His bΘΘbs are bigger than Ayane-sis'!" (Nonoa)

............Maan, innocence is, d*mn terrifying.

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[End of Chapter]

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