My Wife in The Web Game is a Popular Idol - 59

My Wife in The Web Game is a Popular Idol

Netoge no Yome ga Ninki Idol datta ~Cool-kei no kanojo wa genjitsu demo yome no tsumori de iru~


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59 - Chapter 6

The sun is setting and the sky is beginning to turn a heavy blue.
Streetlights in the town begin to light up.
From the upper floors of the apartment building, it's possible to get a panoramic view of the town as it fades into the night.


In the gentle illumination of the outer corridor, I stare intently at the nameplate of "Mizuki".
I'm unable to press the intercom because of one thing.
The reason is the topic of conversation I had had with Kasumi-san in the car.
While I'm determined to reach for the intercom, I'm remembering what happened just a few minutes ago.

"The Rinka today, you can expect a lot of her~" (Kasumi)

It was while I was looking out over the cityscape from the passenger seat.
At the traffic light, Kasumi-san smiled and spoke to me.

"I've arranged a few exciting plans for Rinka to color your time together." (Kasumi)
"...... I'm nervous about that." (Kazuto)
"Don't worry, Kazuto boy. I've got a special development that all the boys will love." (Kasumi)
"Eee." (Kazuto)
"Aren't you curious?" (Kasumi)

I turned my attention from the view outside to Kasumi-san.

"That is not the case...... but I don't think it will turn out to be a good thing." (Kazuto)
"Haha, I'm not trusted, yea~ I am. It's not something outrageous. I just suggested cosplay to Rinka." (Kasumi)
"Cosplay?" (Kazuto)
"Yup. Since you two are going to be alone together~ Isn't that a way to have fun?" (Kasumi)
"Y-you're right......." (Kazuto)

Cosplay. So far, I had seen Rinka in idol costumes, school uniforms, loungewear, and swimsuits.
......Did idol costumes also fall into the cosplay category? 

"I think the one I recommended the most was the nak*d apron." (Kasumi)
"Bwah! W-wh-wha-what the h*ll are you recommending?" (Kazuto)
"Ee, boys like that kind of thing, don't they? I learned it from a senior in my life......." (Kasumi)
"I don't deny it, but I don't affirm it either. I mean, who is this senior of your in life......" (Kazuto)
"It's Satoko-san." (Kasumi)
"There you go again, Satoko-san! Seriously, who the h*ll are you!" (Kazuto)

I never thought I'd hear that name out of Kasumi-san's lips as well.......!
She was bringing bad influences on the Mizuki sisters!

"I also recommended a variety of other things like china-dress, school swimsuits, and military-type clothes. I'm really looking forward to seeing what kind of clothes Rinka will choose." (Kasumi)
"That's a lot of variation, yes~ How many clothes do you have......" (Kazuto)

What on earth could drive Kasumi-san to such an extent?
Then the traffic light turned green.
With a sigh of relief, I was rocked by the car as it started moving again.

" makes me nervous in so many ways." (Kazuto)

What if it really is a nak*d apron?
......I'll probably, have a swoon.
It is indeed too stimulating.
But it might be possible if it's Rinka.
Something about her made me think so.
And moreover, it's under Kasumi-san's suggestion.

"Let's do.........." (Kazuto)

Making up my mind, I push the intercom with determination.
Immediately I hear Rinka's voice on the speaker so I answer.
Soon after, I hear a clanging sound coming from the door.
.......Rinka is about to appear.
What kind of outfit is she going to be wearing?
Anticipation, anxiety, curiosity, and all kinds of emotions are surging in my chest.
Then, the door slowly opens.

"Welcome Kazuto-kun............, or should I call "My master"?" (Rinka)
"――――" (Kazuto)

Rinka is wearing a maid's uniform.
It's one of those frilly, moe-conscious ones you see at maid cafes.
She's wearing a white katyusha and black knee socks that covered her fascinating legs.
What peeks out from between her skirt and knee-socks are her moderately plump white thighs.
The absolute area....... (PTW/N: *nod* *nod* big sis is very cultured indeed)

"How do I look like, in this outfit. My sister told me to wear this." (Rinka)
"......" (Kazuto)
"I've never worn a maid's uniform before. So, I don't know if I look good in it." (Rinka)

Rinka says it as she pinches the upper part of her skirt with a little confidence.
She looks a little anxious.
She seems to be unsure if it really suited her.

"Kazuto-kun......?" (Rinka)

Dayum...... what a feast for the eyes.......
Gosh, what the H*LL is Kasumi-san thinking, thank you very much!!!

As you can imagine, I was a bit taken back by the idea of her wearing a nak*d apron.
But...... if it's a maid outfit, it presents the pure cuteness and charm that titillates a man's heart so exquisitely!
Yes, like hitting a thrown baseball with the core of the bat and scoring a spectacular home run!

"Um, Kazuto-kun? You've been quiet for a while...... I guess I didn't look good in a maid's uniform after all?" (Rinka)
"No, that's not true at all! It looks spectacular on you! And because you usually act so cool, it creates a tremendous gap, and it's super adorable!" (Kazuto)
"Eee, th-thank you......?" (Rinka)

Driven by passionate excitement, I grab both of Rinka's hands with all the momentum I can muster.
I'm deeply and emotionally grateful.

"You are usually adorable, but there is a different kind of adorableness when you are in the maid uniform. In short, it's the best." (Kazuto)
"I-I see. I'm glad Kazuto-kun is pleased." (Rinka)

Rinka's face breaks into a smile of relief, although it's half-relieved.
...... Eh, could it be that what I had done is kinda dangerous?
I must cool down a little.
The excitement is too much.
In response to me, Rinka shyly opens her mouth while fidgeting with both her index fingers.

"Tonight, my master is Kazuto-kun....... So if there is anything you wish me to do, ......please tell me anything." (Rinka)
"A-anything...... you say?" (Kazuto)

I swallow my spit hard.

"...... yes, anything. Please don't hesitate, to order me to do whatever you wish......." (Rinka)

I have no idea what she is imagining.
But Rinka's cheeks are stained red as she turns her head down in embarrassment.
I am certain that I have the same look on my face.
I can tell even without looking in the mirror. It is not hard to imagine after all.

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[End of Chapter]

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