My Wife in The Web Game is a Popular Idol - 60

My Wife in The Web Game is a Popular Idol

Netoge no Yome ga Ninki Idol datta ~Cool-kei no kanojo wa genjitsu demo yome no tsumori de iru~


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60 - Chapter 7

"No...... Master~......!" (Rinka)
"Anything...... you said that, didn't you?" (Kazuto)

Rinka, the maid, weakly resists.
Without a care in the world, I grab both of Rinka's shoulders and gently push her down on the bed.

"Nnn, master............ Nnnn~nh!" (Rinka)

I give her a sweet bite on her left ear and she let out a sweet breath.
There's no one to stop us now.
I stare into very Rinka's wet eyes.

"Aa~......." (Rinka)

She gently averts her gaze.
Normally, she is aggressive in showing her fondness for me, but when pushed, she freezes up like a frightened fawn.
That gap in her makes my heart flutter.

"Rinka...... look at me." (Kazuto
"......." (Rinka)

I put my hand on Rinka's cheek and turn her face toward me.
In her moist black eyes, I can see my face being reflected there.

"......Kazuto-kun......." (Rinka)

A slightly trembling voice.
Is it her rejection or simply just her nervousness?
Either way, it doesn't matter.
My attention is focused on the fresh lips in front of me.
I'm bathed in Rinka's hot breath and slowly bring my own lips closer to hers――――but that's just my fantasy, and now I'm sitting quietly at the dining room table waiting for Rinka to serve me a home-cooked meal.

......Haha, I'm just a mere loser nerd gamer, so there's no way I can act like a carnivorous man, right?
Fantasizing is my limit at best, KAY.

Rinka, dressed as a maid, is standing in the kitchen.
I can see her wielding a frying pan with a skillful hand.
It seems she is cooking omelette rice.
Perhaps she is trying to create a maid cafΓ© atmosphere.
Will she write down some words for me with ketchup?
Or probably a heart symbol.......
Well, whatever it is, Rinka cooking in a maid's outfit is d*mn attractive.
I'm looking at Rinka's figure from behind with no care in the world.

"I'm very sorry to keep you waiting, Kazuto-ku――――I-I mean, Master......!" (Rinka)

As expected, Rinka can't hide her shyness. She's half embarrassed and half happy.
With a somewhat tensed face, she places a beautifully shaped oval-shaped omelette on the table.
Something is drawn on it with ketchup.
I wonder, what is it? 
I'll be happy if there's a heart symbol or something on it.
I take a peek in with this thought.
And I can't believe my eyes.

"......I-isn't this my face......!"

Yes...... it's the face of me, Ayanokouji Kazuto.
It's not the deformed one, but rather a slightly realistic drawing.
No, it looks a little beautified.
It's 20% more handsome than the original.

"Ho-how is it, Master? I've been practicing for a long time, dreaming of this day......." (Rinka)
"I'm verily impressed. This omelette looks so delicious." (Kazuto)
"......But, I want you to compliment on my drawing......." (Rinka)
"WHOAA~, you're really skillful! It really looks just like me! Thank you!" (Kazuto)

Rinka droops down sadly, so I hurriedly praise her.
The drawing is a bonus.
I mean, look at this omelette.
There are no burn marks or cracks at all, and the surface is shining like gold.
It even has a shame like an ideal rugby ball.

"Actually, I put something special in this omu-rice............fufu." (Rinka)

――――it again.

Rinka, with a persistent light in her eyes, had a strangely bewitching smile on her face.

"Like the fried rice the other day......, what's the something special in this?" (Kazuto)
"I'm sorry. I can't answer that. But, it's not something very noticeable, so you don't have to worry about it." (Rinka)

By any chance, isn't that special thing red? 
Isn't that why it doesn't noticeably mixed in with the ketchup? 
What a stupid thing to ask.......

I'm staring rigidly at the omelette with a spoon in my right hand.
Now, what should I do?
By just the appearance alone, this ome-rice looks so delicious.
As for the drawing of my face on the surface, it's also wonderful.
I have no complaint.
............Aight, I shall eat it.
I'll trust Rinka.
Rinka will never put anything suspicious in it.

"Please wait for a while, master. I'll service you an 'aahn'." (Rinka)
"That might be a bit embarrassing." (Kazuto)
"Please. I want to do anything to please My Master." (Rinka)
"If you insist, then......" (Kazuto)

For some reason, I'm being told what she wants.
But, being called master, I nod at everything, which is the nature of men.
They're really that simple after all.
I hand over Rinka a spoon.
But Rinka freezes just before she inserts the spoon into the omelet.

"Rinka? What's wrong?" (Kazuto)
"I-I can't......." (Rinka)
"What?" (Kazuto)
"The Kazuto-kun ome-rice is so cute...... I can't afford to break it up!" (Rinka)
"Then why did you draw it? It doesn't benefit anyone, does it?" (Kazuto)

I can't fill my stomach, the ome-rice won't get eaten, and Rinka will weep.......
The h*ll is this, is this a chaos?

After this farce, I finished eating my ome-rice with relish.
During the meal, Rinka wiped the ketchup from the edge of my mouth with her finger and licked it off, nearly stopping my heart.
I will never forget the innocent smile Rinka gave me as she licked it off.

"Kazuto-ku――――Master. Let's play an after-meal game with me." (Rinka)
"A game?" (Kazuto)
"Yes. You play rock-paper-scissors with me, and if Master wins, I'll present you a prize." (Rinka)
"Prize, huh........ Okay, let's do." (Kazuto)

This groove is kind of like a maid cafe.
Well, I've never been there, though.
I've only seen it on TV.

"Get ready." (Rinka)

With a call of "rock, paper, scissors", I put out my hand.
Rinka plays "rock" and I play "paper".
I easily won.

As I'm looking forward to seeing what the prize I'll get, Rinka put her hand on her knee sock and begins to slip it off.

"That's My Master for you. Please, you may take my freshly undressed knee-sock." (Rinka)
"A strip rock-paper-scissors! What in the world are you thinking, Rinka!"
"What do you mean? I gave you the prize as promised." (Rinka)
"Seriously......." (Kazuto)
"Shall we continue?" (Rinka)
"How many more times do we have to do this?" (Kazuto)
"M-maybe until the maid uniform is...... completely stripped off from me." (Rinka)

An embarrassed Rinka gently hugs herself.
The gesture is one thing, but her raw right leg, which has lost its knee-sock, is somewhat erotic.

"Th-this is not good, Rinka. Let's play a more wholesome game. This kind of game...... is going to get us into all sorts of trouble." (Kazuto)

At the worst, it's going to go straight to the 18+ course.
I mean, it's not the way high school couples play.

"No way...... I heard that boys like black underwear, so I did my best to wear them......." (Rinka)
"A-are they black......" (Kazuto)

There are black underwear beneath that maid's uniform......! 

"Master......, do you wish to continue the game?" (Rinka)
"Uugghhhhhh...... no! I don't......!" (Kazuto)

I reject it with the thought of not only grinding myself down, but even my soul.
After all, this kind of game was no good.
It's not wholesome.
I want something more normal!

"Who told you about the underwear――――I don't even have to ask. It's Satoko-san, right?" (Kazuto)
"No, it's Nonoa." (Rinka)
"Aah, it's Nonoa-chan, huh............ come agaiiiiiinnnnnnnnn!?" (Kazuto)
"I'm kidding." (Rinka)
"I know! I know, right!? Seriously, you scared me there!" (Kazuto)

Normally, I won't believe it for a second, but it's Nonoa-chan we're talking about, there is even a slight chance.
That's how crazy the Mizuki family is.

"Hey, Master...... is there anything you wish me to do for you?" (Rinka)

Rinka gives me an expectant look.
She looks like she wants an order.

"......nothing, in particular." (Kazuto)
"Is it really? Anything is fine, you know." (Rinka)

Anything is fine.
When a girl says such words to me, I can't help but get pinkish ideas.
Perhaps Rinka is aware of this as well.
Kasumi-san has likely put in some kind of word of recommendation for her.

"Master......" (Rinka)
"L-let's see...... then." (Kazuto)
"Then?" (Rinka)
"Do you have cat ear katyusha?" (Kazuto)
"......Eh?" (Rinka)

The next thing I know, I'm mouthing those words.
Perhaps it's because I'm remembering the maid cafes I had seen on TV.
I remembered in a corner of my mind that there was also an introduction of cat-eared maids.

"I-I think there are some...... in my sister's room. And a collar too......." (Rinka)
"Th-then, please......" (Kazuto)
"U-understood." (Rinka)

As expected, Rinka's dismayed, but she quickly switches gears and heads for Kasumi-san's room.

"Me...... what the h*ll are you ordering to......" (Kazuto)

Now I realize.
I can't believe I ordered that cool idol to be a cat-eared maid.
I have definitely taken a step down the path of becoming down atrocious.

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[End of Chapter]

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