Househusband-wannabe Boy and Idol Girl - 40

A Very Popular Idol Classmate Has Taken a Liking to Me, A Person Who Doesn't Want to Work for Whole Life.

Daininki Idol na Classmate ni Natsukareta, Isshou Hatarakitakunai Ore


Act 2 - Summer Break


"W-why...... Rintaro and Azusa are together......!?" (Yuusuke)

I'm overclocking my brain in front of a visibly flustered Kakihara.
The situation can be described as a "fighting scene" situation. The best way to handle the situation is to choose the right words and the right way to say them.

"Ermm, Yuusuke-kun――――." (Rintaro)
"I was asking for love consultation. I have something I really want to consult Shidou-kun." (Azusa)

I almost spewed it out.
It's bad――――but in this situation, maybe it's a good job.
Love consultation. Yes, let's get on with this.

"Right. I told you both the other day that I have a girlfriend, didn't I? That's why Nikaido-san, who mistakenly thought I was experienced in love, wanted to consult me." (Rintaro)
"I-is that so? I thought the two of you were getting close without my knowledge! Hahaha!" (Yuusuke)

Hey Kakihara, your laugh is fading. Don't force yourself to laugh.
Anyway, with this reaction, there is an atmosphere of not being fully trusted. Shall I push it one more step?

"I'm sorry, but I can't tell the two of you what we were discussing. Especially you,  Yuusuke-kun!" (Rintaro)
"M-me⁉" (Yuusuke)

Guess it, Kakihara Yuusuke. And misunderstand it.
The fact that I can't tell especially you mean that what we were discussing is about you.
The fact that you were mentioned in the love consultation means that Nikaido is aware of you in some small way.
It's all just a misunderstanding! Please!

"A-ah! So that's what this is about! Then it can't be helped. Yeah. I won't ask any further." (Yuusuke)


Kakihara looks convinced about something, crosses his arms, and nods his head up and down repeatedly.
It went too smoothly and unexpectedly, and the corners of my mouth almost hang open. I try not to let that happen as I approach my seat.

"......? I'm not――" (Azusa)
"Oopsie! Nikaido-san's is ginger ale, right? Here you go!" (Rintaro)
"Eh? Th-thank you." (Azusa)

Before she says anything else, I put the ginger ale in front of her.
I am worried about the future, but if I can get through today, I should be able to avoid seeing these guys for a while. This summer should bring progress in Kakihara's love life in one way or another. If the situation changes, I will no longer have to worry about Kakihara.
Until that happens, you must endure, Shidou Rintaro.

"Hey, whatever sounds good....... I'm starving, so why don't we get something to eat first?" (Ryuuji)
"You're right. Since we're here, do you mind if we sit down together?" (Yuusuke)

Both Nikaido and I shake our heads at Kakihara's idea.
The meal itself is already over, but it feels bad to leave now.
Besides, I'll have to stay here so that Nikaido won't say anything unnecessary.

"That helps. Since this is lunchtime so many people are coming in." (Yuusuke)

Kakihara and Doumoto take their seats.
Kakihara, perhaps as a gesture of gratitude, sends me a surreptitious wink. Seriously, I don't want it, so don't do it.

A short while later, the menu they ordered is brought to the table.
Only in front of Doumoto there is a mountain of food, is he seriously planning to eat all of these? If so, he's not inferior to Rei――――No, I should be surprised that she can head-to-head with this big and athletic guy. Yep, I should.

"I'm a little surprised. Before I know it, Shidou and Yuusuke were calling each other by their given names." (Ryuuji)
"It was during the tripartite meeting that we started calling each other by name. We were in the same boat having the bipartite meeting, so we had time to talk while we were waiting." (Yuusuke)

I nod at Kakihara's explanation.
The fact that he was able to close the distance in such a short period of time, I have to say that he is indeed the pinnacle in the caste of our grade.

"Aah, I see. Then let me call you Rintaro too! Since I'm here!" (Ryuuji)
"Eh? Ah, okay. I don't mind." (Rintaro)

I don't get to his sense, but I allow it anyway.
Even if we call each other by name, I don't think it necessarily leads to a good friendship. So I think he can at least call me what he wants.

"In that case, I can call you Rintaro-kun, too!?" (Azusa)
"I'm sorry, but I'd appreciate it if you refrain from calling me that way, since it makes her a little cranky when girls do." (Rintaro)
"Ah...... I see." (Azusa)

Nikaido seems to see what I mean when she sees my desperate eyes.
From her point of view, I would look like a guy who just wants to look good in front of them. In fact, I have to keep her mouth shut about what I have just said, so there should be nothing suspicious about this.

Phew, thank goodness. I almost had Kakihara staring at me like a devil.
I wonder why Nikaido calls Kakihara by his surname, even though they've known each other longer than I have?

"......Then, I'd better go home now." (Rintaro)

I check the time on my phone and tell them.
I plan to cook an after-work dinner for Rei this evening. I still have some food, but there are a few things I want to buy to avoid having to go out multiple times.
Frankly, I still have time to spare, but it's a good excuse to get rid of the guilt of leaving first. Besides, the three of them would have more to talk about if I wasn't around, which I'm not usually with them.

"Shidou-kun, thank you for today." (Azusa)
"No problem. If you need anything else, just let me know." (Rintaro)

I leave Nikaido with these words as a courtesy and put the 2,000 yen on the table.
Kakihara and Doumoto came over to complicate things, but I consider my statement to her that I would buy her a drink to be a live one. The order for the two of us is not even close to 2,000 yen, but I'll consider the remainder as an apology to Kakihara.

"Please pay for me and Nikaido-san with this. You can keep the change." (Rintaro)
"Eh, Is it okay?" (Azusa)
"It's okay. That's what we were originally going to do. Besides, I wanted to say keep the change at least once." (Rintaro)

I walk out of the restaurant, making some kind of banter.
The moment I'm alone, I feel a sudden surge of exhaustion.
The risk of Nikaido leaking information about my relationship with Rei to the public is now infinitesimally small. I'm sure she was convinced by our distant relative relationship, and although it's not fair, she won't do anything to make me dislike her for the time being.

"HAAAAAH......" (Rintaro)

Letting out a sigh, I get on the train and move to the nearest station where my home is located.
One of the good things about moving here is that there is a large supermarket between the station and my apartment. In addition, it is open 24 hours a day. With such convenience,  can't move from here anymore.

I stock up on onions, pork ribs, and udon noodles, which I often use, also some seasonings along with them.
Rei is a ketchup lover and consumes a lot of ketchup. Therefore, I buy two more and finish shopping for the day.
While shaking the plastic bag, I walk back to the front of the apartment.

"Hmm......?" (Rintaro)

As I'm about to unlock the door to my house, my phone in my pocket suddenly beeps a notification.
I check it and find a LINE message in the name of Kakihara Yuusuke.

[Wanna go to the pool with us this Wednesday?]

――――Heck, what's really going on?

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[End of Chapter]

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