Fixed Damage Chapter 77

Fixed Damage
Koibito o Netorare, Yuusha Party Kara Tsuihou Sa Retakedo, EX Skill [Kotei Dameeji] ni Mezamete Muteki no Sonzai ni. Saa, Fukushuu o Hajimeyou.

Arc 7 - Darkness and Hero Knight


2 - The Demon King's Ring

The ring that appeared was floating in the air.

[It is called the [Ring of Substitution].]

Explain the Demon King.

[As the name suggests, if the wearer is mortally wounded, the ring will substitute the wearer, and will take the damage for once.]
"The Ring of Substitution......."

In other words, it can nullify death for once.

[But it is not effective against natural death. So be careful.]

The depths of the demon king's eye socket glowed again as he said that.

[And I have one more thing to give you.]
[This's a pure gift. What I am about to give you is also a request.]

A black radiance burst before my eyes.

A key appeared, blood-red in color.

[There is camouflage magic in the ruins of Remuscelia to prevent intruders from entering. With this key, you can break through the camouflage and enter.]
"The ruins have......?"

I raised my eyebrows at the Demon King's explanation.

[You were going to explore the ruins of Remuscelia to find a way to hone your powers, weren't you?]

Indeed, I was.

The reason I originally came to the Principality of Lyju was to acquire the means to counter the combination of [Light] and [Darkness]──[Chaos]──that I had seen during the battle versus Mikha.
If Mikha could use that technique, then Yuno might be able to use it too.

No matter how overwhelmingly I had won the previous battle, I could not let my guard down.
He was, after all, the chosen hero──and the hero who defeated the Demon King.

It was possible that he would awaken to his mighty power for some reason.

It would be to my advantage if I could obtain the means to enter those ruins──.

"What are you after? by saying "a request". I don't think you would give me the key out of the kindness of your heart."
[Kindness, huh? No, I have taken an interest in you. I thought humans were equally objects of disgust and hatred, but you have an interesting personality.]

The demon king laughed.
......I'm not delighted at all that he took an interest in me.

[I don't ask you to believe in me from beginning to end. But I need your presence. My subordinates could not even activate the first altar. In order to bring the altar to its final activation──and to use its power to resurrect me. It is most reasonable to join hands with you, who are possessed with the mighty [Darkness].]
"You won't do anything to trap me, will you?"

I glared at the black skull.

"At least until you get what you want."
[Yes. I will use you. Therefore, you use me. That's the deal.]

And the Demon King,

[So it's a win-win situation.]
"So, what is your request?"
[I want you to get me something from the ruins.]

Said the Demon King.

[If you could activate the altar to the final stage with your [Darkness], there is nothing better than that. But in reality, we have only activated the first stage. There is something in the ruins that is necessary to go to the next stage. I want you to bring it to me.]
"From the ruins...... huh?"
[It is impossible for me, who does not have a physical body. There are many traps and powerful monsters lurking in the ruins, but with your power, it will be possible.]

The Demon King continued his explanation.

[And if you go to the ruins, you will obtain the power you seek. The means to counter the [Light]──There had been battles between [Light] and [Darkness] in Remuscelia. There were records of these methods in the ruins I want you to visit now.]

Methods to counter [Light]──.
I want to learn them in preparation for the battle with Yuno.

However, how much of the Demon King's words should I believe?
Where it is, and what is his intention......

"──I understand. I'll go there."

I replied after a moment of silent contemplation.


I quietly told the surprised Shea and Yulin.

"I'm going to do what I have to do to get revenge on Yuno. It may seem like a roundabout way──but I will surely defeat him and take exact revenge──for that purpose."

However, I couldn't let the Demon King resurrect as a result.
I will need to play my cards right──.

"Then I will have the key."

I reached for the red key floating in the hollow.


As soon as I touched the key, I felt a tingling sensation.

Suddenly, my vision switched.

Fragmented images came to mind one after another.

The floating continent of Remuscelia I saw earlier.
A large number of people were praying in what looked like a temple.
Several men and women gathered in a dark room.

They were enveloped in darkness, their appearance transformed──.
One of them transformed into a figure that looked exactly like the Demon King Virgalodomus.

"That is......!"

My startled vision returned to its original state.

Just now, was it a dream, or an illusion?
Or was it......?

[What's wrong, Crome Walker?]

The Demon King inquired inquisitively.

Apparently, what I saw earlier was not his doing.

The image that came through the key──
I don't know what it was, but I clutched the key to the ruins anyway.

Let's get going.

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[End of Chapter]

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