My Wife in The Web Game is a Popular Idol - 71

My Wife in The Web Game is a Popular Idol

Netoge no Yome ga Ninki Idol datta ~Cool-kei no kanojo wa genjitsu demo yome no tsumori de iru~


71 - Chapter 18

"Oh my! You look great, Senior Kazuto!" (Ayane)
"Yup, you look very cute in my opinion too, Kazu-kun!" (Nana)

The two popular idols say this with big smiles on their faces, but I almost sigh as I look at my reflection in the dresser mirror. No matter how many times I see myself dressed as a woman, I can never get used to it. I understand that some people like this kind of thing, but it's just too early for me.

"Whoaa! It's Kazuto-sis! Yay~!" (Nonoa)

With a smile of 100% purity, Nonoa-chan bursts into Rinka's room where we are. She happily clings to my right leg and says smilingly, "So cute~!". I am, but I don't want her to say that right now.

"Come on, Kazu-kun! It's almost time for the fireworks display! Are you ready for it?" (Nana)
"............I'm pretty nervous. You're sure no one will find out, right?" (Kazuto)
"No one will. You look just like a girl, no matter how I look at. ......If there is any discrepancy, it'd be that you're slightly taller than the others. However, since Senior Kazuto, who is a nerd gamer and doesn't exercise much, has little muscle mass and is skinny, he will be thought of as a slightly taller, slender girl." (Ayane)
"Yup, yup! Besides, since you're wearing a yukata, your physique can be disguised ......Yup! You'll be fine!" (Nana)

I twitch the edges of my mouth as they both give me thumbs up.
It's not okay at all. I have been embarrassed to look at myself in the mirror with makeup on, and now I am being made to wear a yukata. Furthermore, I even have a wig on my head that goes down to my shoulders. ...... I am a girl, no matter how I look at it. I am sure it will be a black history that I will never forget until I die.

"Oh my, Kazuto-kun......, you've become so cute. No, should I call you Kazuto-chan, I wonder." (Rinka)

I hear a happy voice and turn around to see Rinka standing at the entrance of the room, dressed in a yukata. She looks at me from top to bottom and smiles softly, not like her usual cool self. On the other hand, I feel my heart jump for a moment. Rinka in that yukata is......! Damn very cute.

"Mmm, Kazu-kun? Are you swooning over Rin-chan? Mfufu." (Nana)
"............!" (Kazuto)

I can't respond anything to Kurumizaka-san, who is smiling mischievously. Because that's exactly what it is.......!

"I and Senior Kurumizaka can't be with you because of our business, but...... we wish you a safe and successful date." (Ayane)

Kurumizaka-san and Kiyokawa came here just to make me dress as a woman. After completing their role, they throw a few light words at us and leave Rinka's house. It's just me, Rinka, Kasumi-san, and Nonoa-chan, who are heading to the fireworks display. And after a while, Kasumi-san also comes into this room.

"Then, let's get going. I have a car ready." (Kasumi)
"I understand. Then, Kazuto-kun――or should I call you Kazuto-chan in this case......? We are both women who married each other...... So I wonder if that's correct." (Rinka)
"You don't have to worry about it! You can just call me Kazuto-kun as usual......!" (Kazuto)

"Hmm, hee~h. Kazuto boy, you look good in a yukata too...... Oops, my bad, you're not a boy." (Kasumi)
"Even Kasumi-san, Please don't be evil. I'm seriously embarrassed here." (Kazuto)
"Kazuto-kun, unlike my sister, I'm being serious." (Rinka)
"I'm in trouble even more.......!" (Kazuto)
"Yay~! Kazuto-sis, give me a hug." (Nonoa)
"............" (Kazuto)

Enough already, you three Mizuki sisters......!

By dressing up as a woman, I can walk together with an idol without any problem....... It's absurd, but I've accepted the idea, and I actually walked around the other day to see if it worked. Therefore, I can go to the fireworks display with Rinka without any problem......

Even so, I can't wipe away the uneasy feeling that is slowly invading my mind. I can't help but feel like I'm missing a more fundamental point. To be more specific, I can't say what it is........

The place where we can watch the fireworks is on the riverside. We parked the car in a nearby parking lot and the four of us start walking toward the riverside. There are few people passing by on the road, probably because there is a little more time before the fireworks start. Occasionally, someone glances at Rinka, but she doesn't show any exaggerated reaction. If anyone is having a problem, it's me. Maybe it's because I'm walking next to Rinka that people are looking at me too. ...... I may have been overly worried about it, but it still bothered me.

"Kazuto-kun, are you all right? You've been acting suspicious since a while ago." (Rinka)
"............So-sorry. I'm just having a bad sweat......!" (Kazuto)
"Please hold on." (Rinka)

Rinka takes out a handkerchief and gently wipes the sweat from my forehead. The tension of being dressed as a woman and the pressure of knowing that Rinka's carrier as an idol would end if people find out about this made my heart race. Every beat of my heart reverberates inside my body.

"If you act normally, they won't find out. People don't care about other people as much as you think, you know." (Rinka)
"If you're a pretty girl like Rinka, people will care about you....... Naturally, even to me standing next to her." (Kazuto)
"It will be fine. The current Kazuto is a perfect girl.  If you still don't feel calm, then......"

My right hand is wrapped in soft warmth. Rinka, whose cheeks are lightly flushed, is holding my hand. I am thrilled again in a different way and my mind goes blank.

"I can't believe that I can walk around openly holding hands with Kazuto-kun like this in real life, let alone in a web game....... Thank you for dressing up as a woman, Kazuto-kun." (Rinka)

Seeing Rinka smiling shyly makes me think, "Well, I guess it was worth it for me to cross-dress".
Walking with Rinka and gazing at Kasumi-san and Nonoa-chan walking ahead, we soon arrive at the riverside. There're many people on leisure sheets waiting eagerly for the fireworks to be displayed.

There were more people than I thought there would be. But it looks like we won't have any trouble finding a spot. Where do you want to go?
"Aw man~, there are more people than I thought there would be. But it looks like we will have little trouble finding a spot. Where do you want to have it?" (Kasumi)
"You're right...... I wonder how about the spot over there?" (Rinka)

Kasumi-san and Rinka are discussing the location. I become bored and somehow observe the people around us and gradually notice a growing sense of discomfort. The number of people who are paying attention to Rinka and the others is increasing. Or rather, there are people who blatantly take out their phones and point them at Rinka This is not good. And then it happened.

"Umm, you are Mizuki Rinka, aren't you? I happen to see you at the fireworks display, and you look cute in a yukata."
"Y-yes...... thanks." (Rinka)

A person spoke to her, and Rinka responded with a natural smile, just as she'll to a fan. People nearby also witness this and start to come toward Rinka, saying, "Can I talk to you?". I, who is standing next to her, also get involved. Kasumi-san and Nonoa-chan are lucky enough to get out of the crowd.

"What is it? Are there any celebrities here? What kind of gathering is it?"
"Mizuki Rinka? of the Star☆Mines? No way!"

The commotion is spreading. I wonder if they are trying to pass the time until the fireworks start. Just like the mob monsters, they flock to Rinka.

"Um, are you an idol too?"
"Uee?" (Kazuto)
"Are you a friend of Mizuki Rinka? You're cute too."

I'm suddenly spoken to. This pattern again!
For some reason, I'm mistaken for an idol too, something that doesn't make me happy at all. As I stare sideways at Rinka, who is signing autographs, I am asked for my autograph as well. No, I can't write autographs.
I reflexively take the offered magic marker and look down at the white bag in front of me. The woman who is the owner of the bag is looking at me with sparkling eyes filled with anticipation............. Is this serious?

"Can I have your autograph, please!"
"............" (Kazuto)

I am so desperate. Trying to make a stylish character, I write "Kazuko" in a messy way instead. It probably can't be read as "Kazuko," but it sort of looks like it. The woman bows her head and says, "Thank you very much!" and after I hand her back the magic marker, she walks back into the crowd. Maybe it is because I once agreed to sign autographs, but even Rinka is being asked for more fanservice one after the other. ――――This is not good. We will no longer be able to enjoy the fireworks display.

"Rinka! Let's go!" (Kazuto)
"Eh――――" (Rinka)

I grab Rinka's left hand and try to force my way through the crowd to escape. Unexpectedly, we easily get through the crowd and succeed in escaping. However, we can't stay here.

"Let's run!" (Kazuto)
"Your loved one takes you by the hand and takes you away. ............ It's a very touching scene." (Rinka)
"Aren't you too happy-go-lucky! Let's get out of here!" (Kazuto)

With Rinka's cheeks flush red with embarrassment, we run away from the riverside.

After running for a while avoiding popular places, we arrived at a small park surrounded by thickets of trees. There's no one there but us. This place seems to be a good place for us to relax. With heavy breathing,  I lead Rinka by the hand to a bench at the corner.

"Haa, haa~............, that's no good! That was so crowded like crazy!" (Kazuto)
"It's strange........ I've never had so many people talk to me before." (Rinka)

"I can't believe I'm surrounded by people," Rinka mutters, tilting her head curiously. Does she have little awareness of her status as a popular idol?

"I wonder if it's because I've been getting more work lately that more and more people are getting to know me." (Rinka)
"............I think you have been known to many people for quite some time." (Kazuto)
"It's only among those who have their eyes on idols. I'm glad to see that...... the wider public is recognizing us these days." (Rinka)

Rinka exhales with satisfaction, but this time she's in a tough situation. We've come a long way from the riverside. The goal of enjoying the fireworks display had failed.

"I know it sounds strange, but it was exciting and fun just to be able to walk outside with Kazuto-kun dressed as a woman. And the fleeing drama we just had is also very unexpected and thrilling. ......I am very satisfied with all." (Rinka)
"Rinka......." (Kazuto)

She is not lying when she says that. Rinka, smiling naturally, has gratitude in her eyes as she gazes at me. That's why it's so frustrating. I wanted to please her more.......

Suddenly, I hear my phone ringing and take it out to answer it. It is from Kasumi-san. On the phone, she's wondering if we are safe and where we have gone, and when I confirmed that we are safe, she let out a breath of relief. We end the call by saying that we'll watch the fireworks separately for the time being. With the location information on my phone, I know where I am and the location of the parking lot where Kasumi-san's car is parked, so I won't get lost.

"Geez." (Rinka)
"............Hmm? Rinka?" (Kazuto)

For some reason, Rinka is staring at me with sullen narrow eyes.

"What's wrong?" (Kazuto)
"I'm alone with you, and yet, you're talking on the phone with another woman." (Rinka)
"No, no, no! It's Kasumi-san with whom I'm talking!" (Kazuto)
"I knew it, it's another woman." (Rinka)
"It's your own sister, okay? It's not nice to call her another woman!" (Kazuto)
"............I understand that it's unavoidable due to the circumstances. But for now, I want you to focus on me alone." (Rinka)
"Rinka――――" (Kazuto)

Rinka, with her eyes downcast, expresses her desires in a forlorn manner, making me feel very touched. A little selfishness from a cool idol, I guess.
At that moment, I hear an explosion. It sounds a little muffled, probably due to the distance from us. I look up and see a round firework bursting into the sky like a flower in the distance, over the thickets.

"We can see it...... even from here. It's beautiful............." (Rinka)

Rinko watches the fireworks one after another intently. I'm agonizing over whether I should be looking at Rinka's graceful figure or the fireworks, and finally made the decision to look at Rinka. Perhaps I want to see Rinka enjoying the fireworks, not the fireworks.

"This is just a small park that no one seems to give much thought to, but I think it may be a very nice hidden spot." (Rinka)
"Yeah, I guess so......." (Kazuto)
"It's like a dream. Until now, I could only see fireworks with Kazuto-kun in the game. But now...... we are watching them together in real life. Really, I'm so happy. Thank you, Kazuto-kun." (Rinka)

I'm speechless at Rinka smiling at me. So I reply in my mind. "I'm the one who should be thanking you."
But well, ...... as a result, there is no longer any point for me to cross-dress!
So, I decided to just watch the fireworks with Rinka without uttering it.
That's how I felt.

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[End of Chapter]

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