Househusband-wannabe Boy and Idol Girl - 49

A Very Popular Idol Classmate Has Taken a Liking to Me, A Person Who Doesn't Want to Work for Whole Life.

Daininki Idol na Classmate ni Natsukareta, Isshou Hatarakitakunai Ore


Act 2 - Summer Break


"KYAAAAAA!" (Azusa)

As if interrupting our conversation, we hear other joyful voices.
Nikaido and Kakihara, who have slid down closely together on the float, jump into the pool.

I am inwardly relieved to see them happily making their way to the poolside.

Let's leave them alone today.

I have already fulfilled my obligation to cooperate with him.
Even now, I think their relationship is already good enough. At the very least, I don't want to get involved in someone else's love life.

"I'm sorry you guys had to wait. I think I made Rintaro, in particular, wait quite long......." (Yuusuke)
"It's okay, don't worry about it. It was fun to watch you all jump in." (Rintaro)
"Is it? Then the next, let's go to the one that Rintaro can enjoy." (Yuusuke)

What a conscientious guy. He's such a good guy that I hate him.
Well, it is true that I thought it looked like fun when people were sliding. Since we had come all this way, let's enjoy it and go home anyway.

"Then let's go to the low one over there!" (Ryuuji)
"Sounds great! We can all slide at that one!"

The waterslide that Doumoto pointed to is the type where the slide itself is wide and everyone can slide together by holding on to a large floatation ring. Certainly, everyone can have fun on that one.

"Shidou-kun, do you think you can handle that one?" (Azusa)
"Yes, it's fine. Yes, that height is no problem. Thank you for your concern." (Rintaro)
"Mmm. It's only natural." (Azusa)

The other three nod in agreement with Nikaido's words.

They are really good-natured people. I can honestly agree that they are high in the class caste.
I wonder if there will come a time when I can talk honestly with them.
I shake my head and let the thought of myself thinking like that fade away.
No matter how I think about it, I don't think the real me and their personalities match.
I'm a little surprised at myself for beginning to feel sad about it.


After playing on the water slides, we come to a terrace-like plaza lined with food stalls.
We sit down at a table where another family had just been sitting.

"Damn...... that's a painful expense."

With pained expressions on their faces, Doumoto and Kakihara put the yakisoba noodles from the food stall in front of us. It's the punishment for losing to Nogi earlier.
On top of the tray is a bowl of yakisoba noodles with traditional sauce.
We had been moving around in the water and got unexpectedly hungry, then I hear a rumbling sound of a stomach that I don't know who it belongs to.

"Ah...... sorry." (Azusa)
"Eeh! Azurin is too cute already! Look, boys! There"s a cute girl hungry, so let's eat it now!" (Honoka)
"Ho-Honoka! It's embarrassing!" (Azusa)

Unexpectedly, it was Nikaido's.
As if to follow her up, Kakihara raises his voice.

"Let's eat then! Here, Bon appétit!" (Yuusuke)

We put our hands together like we did at a cooking class the other day, and each of us begins to take a mouthful of freshly made yakisoba noodles.

――――It's delicious.

If I were to describe it in terms of taste alone, it really is just ordinary yakisoba noodles with sauce. However, the combination of an empty stomach and this open-air situation makes it unusually tasty.
It's the same as the curry and BBQ cooked when camping.
After all, the environment is also important when it comes to food.

"Delicouuuuussss! What is this, so good! And this's Yuusuke and Ryuuji's treat!" (Honoka)
"Don't keep digging up the same thing over and over again! But seriously, this is really delicious!" (Ryuuji)

I can understand why Nogi and Doumoto are so excited.
And Nikaido, who is eating elegantly next to me, also has a smile on her face.

"What do we do after this? I think we've already gone through the whole place, so I think it's okay to move around on your own." (Yuusuke)
"I agree with Yuusuke! Let's move around as we like for a while. Decide on a time and meet up again later."

Everyone seems to agree with Kakihara's idea, nodding their heads in agreement even if they didn't say it out loud.
I, too, am in favor of moving around on my own. I'm glad to be able to get away from Kakihara and Nikaido without having to think about complicated reasons.

"H-hey...... Azusa." (Yuusuke)
"Hmm? What?" (Azusa)


Kakihara, who had proposed the idea, called out to Nikaido.
I, Doumoto, and Nogi look at each other silently and watch where the conversation is going.

"H-how about we go ride the water slides together again? You know, the first one." (Yuusuke)

I know it, he doesn't need my help anymore.
If he can ask her on his own, there's no need for me to make arrangements.

"Ah, that's okay. I want to ride it too." (Azusa)
"I-I see. Then let's go as soon as we finish eating!" (Yuusuke)
"You're so enthusiastic...... weird Kakihara-kun." (Azusa)

Nikaido has a look of not so enthusiastic.
What do I do with these two to voluntarily leave them alone?
I turn my gaze testily to Doumoto, and he begins to smile what I interpret to be a wicked smile.

"Kekekekek...... I get it, Rintaro. You want to have a swimming speed contest after all, right!"

No, not at all.

"Can't be helped then! Next, let's battle over a drink!" (Rintaro)
"Sounds great! Then I'll participate too!" (Honoka)
"Fine! This time it's a three-way battle with Rintaro participating!" (Ryuuji)

No――――well, it's okay.

I'm bored going around by myself, so if I can move around without thinking, that's better.

After finishing our meal, we get up from our seats and begin to move into two groups.
Kakihara and Nikaido went to the waterslide, the first one they rode on. And as for us, we went to the 25-meter pool.

"All right, it's 50 meters game! The fastest one to get there and back wins!" (Ryuuji)
"Pfft, I won't lose even if it's the second time!" (Honoka)

With the two of them fired up, we enter the pool and prepare for the start.
As expected,  jumping into is forbidden because it's dangerous, so we start in the water.

"Let's do this! Get ready...... go!"

We kicked the wall of the pool in unison at Doumoto's cue.
I try to keep their positions within my sight and concentrate on my own swimming. ——I am not a good swimmer, but in reality, I just don't have the capacity to pay attention to other things.
I just keep moving my hands and crawl forward.
When I finally reach the 25-meter turnaround, I get a fleeting glimpse of their position.

Aah, this is no good.

Both of them have already completed the turnaround and are swimming in front of me.
I give it my all, but in the end, I can not catch up with them. It seems that the dull man's peerless move does not happen in real life after all.

"YASSS! Did you see that, bastards!" (Ryuuji)

It's Doumoto who let out a triumphant yell.
Nogi, who had finished first in the first race, was stomping her feet in frustration.

"Aaah jeez! If only my swimsuit hadn't almost slipped off in the mid way, I would have won for sure!" (Honoka)
"Too bad, a match is a match! Well, the last one is Rintaro!" (Ryuuji)
"Ugh, I guess I'll just have to be glad I didn't finish last." (Honoka)

The two grin at me as I walk up to the side of the pool, out of breath.
Oh dear, I'm so pissed off.

"I'll ask, a Cola." (Ryuuji)
"Me too." (Honoka)

It's the same one they bought earlier.
It's no use, losers don't even have the right to complain.

"Okay, I understand......, I'll definitely pay you back for this one day." (Rintaro)
"I'll wait, bring it on!" (Ryuuji)

I grab my wallet from one of the waterproof bags available for rent in the facility and start walking toward the stalls.
It was my chance to beat the upper-caste guys, but it didn't work out that way. So, I'm going to buy drinks quickly and quietly.

But with so many people, just going to the stands to buy drinks is a challenge.
I try not to bump into people as I walk, choosing an area with the least crowded as possible.
As I do so, I find myself near the waterslide. Although the area at the bottom of the water slide is crowded with people waiting for their turn, there are only a few people around the receiving pool.

As I am hurriedly making my way to the waterslide area, I saw two familiar faces out of the corner of my vision.

"Azusa....... I have a suggestion." (Yuusuke)

I can hear the conversation between Kakihara and Nikaido sitting by the pool, looking tired.
At that moment, I quickly hide behind a nearby rock object.
Kakihara, who has no way of knowing this, continues.

"Next time...... that...... Why don't we come back here, just the two of us?" (Yuusuke)

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[End of Chapter]

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