Househusband-wannabe Boy and Idol Girl - 52

A Very Popular Idol Classmate Has Taken a Liking to Me, A Person Who Doesn't Want to Work for My Whole Life.

Daininki Idol na Classmate ni Natsukareta, Isshou Hatarakitakunai Ore


Act 2 - Summer Break


Throw four bundles of noodles onto a pan with sesame oil and stir-fry them with bite-size pieces of vegetables and meat. Season with salt and pepper, a little garlic, and soy sauce.
Normally, I would have thought of some garnish for this dish, but since I used a lot of energy just to get here, I'll let myself slack off a little in this area.

Still――――not bad, the island kitchen.
It is very different because it is an induction stove instead of a gas stove which is used there, but once I get used to it, it is very convenient because of how easy it is to adjust.
In addition, the kitchen is much larger than the one in our new apartment. After all, being easy to move around is the best, isn't it?

"Eh, it smells so good. Is Rintaro cooking?" (Kanon)
"Yea. It will be ready soon, so take a seat at the dining table." (Rintaro)
"That's great!" (Kanon)

Kanon appears in a T-shirt and shorts and jumps down from the middle of the stairs. Although it is pretty tall, the way she does not seem to mind its height makes me realize how extraordinary her physical abilities are.

"As usual, Rintaro-kun makes it so quickly....... I can never imitate you." (Mia)
"Compared to all the housewives out there, I still have a long way to go. I am still a trainee." (Rintaro)

It may be hard to understand, but the housewives and househusbands of the world really do a wonderful job every day. I will always respect and admire them.

"Conversely, I can't do what you guys do. This is what people call it "even"." (Rintaro)
"Well, that's true." (Mia)
"Anyway, eat up. The quantity is small, but it's for you guys who have just woken up. So don't complain. In exchange,  I will serve dinner to your heart's content." (Rintaro)

I put freshly made yakisoba noodles on the table and we begin to eat.
The portion of the noodles is not much for them, and vanish from their plates in an instant.
I decided to have a BBQ for dinner and let them eat to their heart's content.

"""Thanks for the food."""
"Oui, Glad you guys enjoyed it." (Rintaro)

I stack up their plates and take them to the sink along with mine.
I start to wash up the dishes, but Rei comes next to me for some reason.

"Rintaro." (Rei)
"What is it?" (Rintaro)
"We're going to the beach after this, so I want you to get dressed and meet us outside." (Rei)
"...... Right away?" (Rintaro)

The time is 13:00. 
It's still hot outside.

"I got the swimsuit that I had been using for the shoot yesterday. It's different from the last time I took it in the bath, so you can look forward to seeing me in it." (Rei)
"......Ooh." (Rintaro)

Please do not think I'm being indifferent. There's no way I could say, "Oh! I'm looking forward to it!" here. It'd be too embarrassing.

"Oh my, in that case, I have confidence in myself too. I had a professional costume designer pick out my swimsuit for me." (Mia)
"I picked out the cutest one, too! You can expect a lot from me! Rintaro!" (Kanon)

The two of them head upstairs to change.
Rei follows them upstairs.

Left behind, I finish washing the dishes and sigh to myself.

I wonder how much I have to pay to enjoy such a nosebleed-inducing situation. Surrounded by three top idols in swimsuits――――, it is a situation that is beyond the control of an ordinary person like me.
Rather than disgust or happiness, it's a heavy load to carry.
If the fans find out, I will be beaten to a pulp for sure. I feel a chill when I think about it.

"......Well, if that's the case, I'd better enjoy the moment even more." (Rintaro)

It's just a bubble of time in my life anyway. If I am going to go to all that trouble, I might as well enjoy it.


I finished changing before the girls, put on my sandals, and headed for the beach.
Even in just a pair of shorts, it is still hot.
As I feel my skin burning, I cast my eyes toward the ocean.

"......How long has it been?" (Rintaro)

It's been ten years since I've seen the ocean outside of a video or image――――, and if I'm not mistaken, even longer. To begin with, when I don't even remember when the last time I saw it was, so I guess it is understandable that it was a long time ago.
Yes, seeing it again makes me feel excited, despite my age.
The water itself is relatively clean and the waves are quiet. It will be a perfect situation for swimming.

Anyway, here I am, waiting for them, and I'm already beginning to regret that I should have stayed inside the house a little longer.
I can't stop sweating.
I think things are going to be bad, so I open the cooler box I've prepared inside the cottage. I had been careful when I was in the pool with Kakihara and the others, but in water, it was hard to notice that I was losing fluids. That is why it is necessary to have water in a place where I can drink at any time. It's very bad to get sick in such an unpopular place.

"......Hmm." (Rintaro)

As I wait while drinking water, I hear footsteps coming from the direction of the cottage.
When I turn around, I find the "three goddesses" standing there.

"Rintaro-kun, sorry to keep you waiting." (Mia)

Mia, wearing a black swimsuit, waves her hand at me.
The left and right sides of the upper part to support her breasts were connected by laces of the same color that were arranged like shoelaces, and the lower part is also connected to the left and right sides of the waist by the same laces.
I presume this is what is called a "lace-up bikini".
Naturally, there was no cloth under the area connected by the strings, exposing a bright skin color. This gave the impression of a large coverage area, yet it did not lack any sex appeal. Mia's proportions were the key to her ability to wear such a black swimsuit that gave such a strong impression.
In terms of size alone, hers is only slightly inferior to Rei's, but Mia's bosom has a firm assertion. The strings of laces pulling together as if just bridging the cleavage were, if one had to choose a word, it'd be "erotic".

"Fufufu......! You can admire to your heart's content! At my swimsuit!" (Kanon)

Kanon, with her hands on her hips and her chest out, is wearing a swimsuit that also brings out the best of her attractiveness.
It is a swimsuit that has no shoulder straps, just like an off-the-shoulder swimsuit, and unlike a swimsuit that supports the breasts from the bottom, it supports the breasts from the sides, bringing them to the center.
I think it is called a "bandeau bikini". To be honest, my knowledge is a little fuzzy at this point. (PTW/N: dun worry dude... mine even zero.)
The legs are slender and toned, and the swimsuit naturally attracts the eyes. The cheerful, flighty image that characterizes Kanon and the girlishness that would normally be difficult to harmonize are perfectly blended.

"Rintaro...... how's mine?" (Rei)

And the last one――――.
Rei is wearing a white swimsuit, the exact opposite of the black one from the previous one. There's fine light blue embroidery spread throughout such a cloth, which functioned as a vivid accent.
The shape of the swimsuit is the standard bikini that most commonly comes to mind. The triangular fabric supports her ample breasts and accentuates her beautiful cleavage.
In terms of coverage area, Rei is the best by a slight margin from Kanon. Therefore, her white skin is exposed sufficiently. The whiteness of her skin reminds me of the elves in the fantasy world.

Well, I've never seen the real thing. I'm just talking about an analogy.

"Hey girls...... do you want me to spend my fortune for the rest of my life?" (Rintaro)
"Mmm? Is that a compliment?" (Mia)
"In my opinion. I'm thinking, How much virtue do I have to accumulate to be able to come to the beach with three beautiful girls like you....... Well, they look great on you girls." (Rintaro)
"Oh...... M, mm. If you say something so straightforward,...... that's, umm." (Mia)

Is Mia the type of overcapacity when she is praised so suddenly and much?
Contrasting her is the red twin-tailed girl with a grin on her face.

"Oh my! Oh my, my, my! Do you perhaps just fall head over my heels for real today!? Could it be that you have a fetish for swimsuits? Then you can admire me more closely. You can, okay?" (Kanon)
"You sound like an old hag......." (Rintaro)
"HUUUUUHHHHH!? I'm perfectly a vivacious HS girl, okaaayyyyy!?" (Kanon)

The way she said she's "vivacious" is also old-fashioned.
Then I see both Rei and Mia nodding, they both seem to have the same opinion as me.

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[End of Chapter]

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