Fixed Damage Chapter 84

Fixed Damage
Koibito o Netorare, Yuusha Party Kara Tsuihou Sa Retakedo, EX Skill [Kotei Dameeji] ni Mezamete Muteki no Sonzai ni. Saa, Fukushuu o Hajimeyou.

Arc 7 - Darkness and Hero Knight


9 - Exploring the Ruins #3

I look at the two monuments again.

──A sphere with black chains wrapped all over its surface.

──A triangular pyramid with wings sprouting from all over its surface.

One of them looked familiar.

Yes, it resembled the existence that controls [Darkness]──the [Abyss]──that I had encountered when I entered the [Qliphoth] before.

However, unlike the [Abyss] which was as large as a city, the monument in front of us was at most five meters high.

The other monument had a shape I don't recognize, but the fact that it is placed in a pair with the [Abyss] suggests that it may be.......

The [Nirvana], an existence that controls [Light].

It was probably the replica of the monument that Margo told me about.

"O human, what is your desire?"

"What do you wish to obtain?"

Voices echoed from the monument.

Just hearing those heavy voices, the pores of my body opened up and sweat gushed out.

The tremendous pressure, even for a replica, seemed to be on par with the real thing.

"This is the temple of [Trial]."

"When you have successfully overcome the trial, you will have what you desire."

"The Temple of [Trial]......?"

As the name suggested, if I complete the trial, they will give me what I want.

What I want──that's, more power.

I was curious about the trial itself, but they mentioned something else that caught my attention.

The [Chain of Darkness] I received two years ago──.

It was a spell from the temple of [Trial].

"I ask you once more."

"O human, what is your desire."


I said to the two monuments.

"Why do you seek power?"

"For revenge."

I replied simply.

Yes, there was no other reason.

For the upcoming decisive battle with Yuno.

I needed to gain more power than I had now so that I could definitely win.

I didn't want my revenge to end in failure──I didn't want it to end in a miserable defeat.

"Then allow me to see. See your soul."

"Then allow me to see your soul. See your essence."


With a growling sound, the two monuments flickered.


At the same time, a chill ran through my body.

It was a very unpleasant sensation.

An uncomfortable feeling arose, as if something was stirring deep in the chest.


I even felt nauseous, and I crouched in place.


Shea and Yulin shouted simultaneously and crouched on either side of me.

"Are you okay?"

"Are you feeling okay......?"

"A little......."

I gave a small nod to the girls as they leaned in from either side of me.

A dull headache recurred intermittently.

Sweat gushed out and I felt my body temperature drop.

What the hell, is this......!

"I have probed thy roots."

"You don't seem very robust. I can't believe you can't withstand burdens of this level."

The replicas of [Nirvana] and [Abyss] said plainly.

"Oh...... your body is must exercise it a little more."

I glared at them, huffing and puffing.

"Probe complete."

It announced, showing no sign of emotion at all.

"I see. Is that the source for the strength of your [Darkness]?"

"Overflowing anger, hatred, despair, and sorrow......, and yet it seems to have room to grow."


"Very interesting."

The two monuments vibrated lightly.

As if they were laughing.

"Let's get down to business."

"You say you seek more power."

"And there is only one way to achieve it.

"Now I'm going to put you through a trial."

" say?"

I stood up weakly, supported by Shea and Yulin.

"When you overcome it──you will have a foothold in the power of the perfect [Darkness]."

"Then let us begin."

"Accelerate the [Darkness]. Deepen the [Darkness]

"To its final stage."


The two monuments rattled again.


"Destroy them."

They announced.

At the same time, countless silhouettes appeared, melting out of space.

"They are──"


Countless roars echoed through the air.

It was an army of unusual creatures.

Humanoid ones.

Animaloid ones.

Geometrical designs.

Amorphous creatures.


Monsters in various forms approached us from all directions.

Immediately after, black scales spread around me.

This is [Darkness]'s EX Skill [Fixed Damage].

It was an invincible power that instantly inflicts 9999 damage to all monsters within its area of effect.

At the same time, they all turned into particles of light and vanished.


However, a new wave appeared from the vanished end.

One after another, they swarmed in.

"Shea, Yulin. If any of them have more than 10000 HP, they might reach us. Be prepared."

"Yes, Chrome-sama!"

Shea drew her red shining sword, and Yulin covered her whole body with an aura of magical power.

The monsters came rushing in, one after another, vanishing and disappearing.

They sprung up endlessly.

If you can't overcome the ordeal, you will die──they said.


I began to take one step.

"Shea, Yulin. I'm going to charge forward. Stay close to me."

"Yes, Chrome-sama."

"I'll keep close to your side."

Shea and Yulin snuggled up on either side of me, as they had done throughout the ruins.

"Now, come on down to us. If you make it to the bottom──you pass."

"If not, you will die. And you two [Subordinate]s there as well."

The two monuments told us.

"No one is going to die."

I start to take one step.

Me, Shea, and Yulin.

We're going to get out of here alive.

And I'm going to get my power.

To accomplish my journey of vengeance.

And to move on to the tomorrow that lies ahead──

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[End of Chapter]

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