Fixed Damage Chapter 85

Fixed Damage
Koibito o Netorare, Yuusha Party Kara Tsuihou Sa Retakedo, EX Skill [Kotei Dameeji] ni Mezamete Muteki no Sonzai ni. Saa, Fukushuu o Hajimeyou.

Arc 7 - Darkness and Hero Knight


10 - Pitch [Darkness] #1


My heart was pounding hard.

Once again, the same chills I had felt earlier ran through me.

A dull headache, vomiting, weakness, and discomfort.......

Perhaps this was not an "attack" from them or the monster hordes.

The evidence of this was that the [Fixed Damage] skill didn't respond.

If this was an attack, my skills, whether intangible or tangible, would have reacted, activated, and inflicted 9999 damage.

That meant that what was happening to my body was just a "phenomenon".

"Uuu......g, ghhh......!"

The chills intensified.

The pores of my entire body opened up and cold sweat gushed out.

It was not easy for me, a frail man under the influence of the forbidden spell [Chain of Darkness].


Shea hugged me from the right side.

She was looking at me with concern.

Yulin, was doing the same, on my left side.

"I'm okay. Let's keep going......."

I nodded to them both.

All the monsters had been obliterated so far by my skills.

All that was left was to endure this sensation and make it to them.

The pain was agonizing, but not unbearable.

No, compared to what Yuno and the others did to me, there was no such thing as unbearable pain in this world.

There was not.

That was why I kept going.

I took one step and then another.

I have about 20 meters to go.

I continued on my way, obliterating one monster after another.

I didn't care about the chills that ran through my body or the pounding of my heart.

I just keep going.

My consciousness suddenly became distant, as if my body was undergoing some kind of change.

It seems my capillaries had been ruptured, and blood gushed out from everywhere in my body.


I felt faint.

I put all my strength into my weak legs and held on.


Shea and Yulin supported me from both sides.

Their warmth and heat infused my body with strength.

It was reassuring to know that there were people who were there for you.

Happiness and comfort.

I stepped out again.

Red streaks of blood formed along my steps.

I didn't care what happened to my body.

As long as I could obtain the power to surely kill Yuno, I didn't care what I had to change into, or what fate awaited me.

I'd just keep going.

To settle with the remaining three──Yuno, Fara, and Margo.

"Through your power, your thoughts will be conveyed."

"It is the avidya of darkness."

"Hopelessness and hatred that can never be cured."

"Love, friendship, trust──[Darkness] caused by the betrayal of these.

"The purity of his feelings is the reason why the [Darkness] is so deep."

The replicas of [Nirvana] and [Abyss] informed.

You both must have been analyzing my heart intently.

But it didn't matter.

You both can look at my heart as much as you want.

[Master's despair and hatred values are increasing...... and have reached the third regulation.]

[Ritual progress has reached 95%.]

[Master's [Darkness] output has increased by 999%.]

Suddenly, a voice echoed from somewhere.

At the same time, the chills and chest pangs that had been coursing through my body disappeared as if they had never existed.

When I fought Valery before, my [Darkness] power got stronger.

Now, could it be that──it had grown one more level stronger?

"I confirm your qualification."

"You are worthy of the power.

"Therefore, I will teach you."

"Therefore, I will grant it to you."

The two monuments rumbled.

"There are two main methods for dealing with [Chaos]. One is hitting the same [Chaos] and canceling each other out."

"I should learn to handle the power of [Chaos] myself?

"Affirmative. But you can't do that."

"Because you have suffered the curse of the Chain of Darkness. Thus, you are deeply connected to the Abyss at the soul level."

"Because you are connected to the root of [Darkness], the [Abyss], the power of light cannot dwell in you. Therefore, it is impossible for you to handle [Chaos], the art of fusing [Light] and [Darkness]."

The replicas informed me.

"So there is no way for me to counter [Chaos]?"

If Yuno were to acquire the power of [Chaos] like Mikha, whom I had fought before──

The next time I confronted him, I might not be able to deal with him.

"There is another way."


"Depths [Darkness]──control over the deeper realms of [Darkness]."

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[End of Chapter]

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