Househusband-wannabe Boy and Idol Girl - 67


A Very Popular Idol Classmate Has Taken a Liking to Me, A Person Who Doesn't Want to Work for My Whole Life.

Daininki Idol na Classmate ni Natsukareta, Isshou Hatarakitakunai Ore


Act 3 - The School Festival

18-1 Come to want

I had a dream.
It must have taken place in New York, US.
Many beautiful women and handsome men were walking around, and I was in the center of them.

Ah――――this is where I am now, huh.

Though it was a dream, I easily accepted that fact.

[Hey, Mia. Are you ready to go?]
"......OK, anytime."

I threw the "script" down on the chair I was sitting on and stood up.
This was a dream. But it was a dream that was not so far away.
Dressed in a glamorous outfit, I moved to the front of the camera.

I took a breath and look at him, who is holding my bag.

He makes eye contact with me and then――――.

Leaving aside a retort of "we are not rascals", the four of us are working together to carry the ingredients to the cooking area outside the cottage.

The meats, including sausages and other such items, are not cheap, but are all well-processed products. Grilling them over a charcoal fire must be delicious.

"Rintaro, grill me a lot of meat." (Rei)

"Hold on, hold on. We haven't even started the fire yet." (Rintaro)


I suppress Rei's urging and prepare charcoals and an igniter.

The actuality is that I've never done the work of lighting a charcoal fire outside like this, so I've been secretly longing to do this.

With my heart racing, and following the fire-starting manual in the cottage, I start to light the fire. It is my first time doing this, so I struggle with it for a while. When I finally succeeded in lighting a decent charcoal fire, I feel a sense of accomplishment run through my entire body.

And there, my dream came to an end.


It was the second half of August.
My best friend, Inaba Yukio, went on an overseas trip with his parents.
Am I taking care of her? Otosaki Rei, a very popular idol that I'm taking care of, seems to be busy with recording these days and hasn't been home much. When she did come back, she looked very tired and went straight to sleep.
She is a monster of stamina, including her physical abilities, but looking at how exhausted she is She must be working very hard.

I, whose motto is "don't work," can't stand this kind of work at all.

(Because I...... have a hard time even in this situation.)

I sip the melon soda I got from the drink bar through a straw.
Then I look at the two boys sitting on the couch in front of me.

"Hey, guys, what should I do to get...... Azusa to look at me?" (Yuusuke)
"What do you mean by, 'What should I do?'...... All you should do is spectacularly hit on her." (Ryuuji)

Doumoto, what do you mean by "hit on her"? You don't mean physically, do you?

This place is the family restaurant where I met Nikaido before.
Kakihara had called me to visit this place again.
At first, I was reluctant, but my weak will was easily broken when Kakihara offered to pay for my lunch.
So I ended up being treated to a set of spaghetti and a drink bar.

"Hit on her this! Hit on her that, I even got turned down for a date, you know!?" (Yuusuke)
"Then you probably don't have enough power! You have to hit her with more power!" (Ryuuji)
"That's only going to blow up Azusa!" (Yuusuke)

Seriously, what the h*ll are you guys talking about?

I cough one cough and interrupt their conversation.
I'm here in a position to give relationship advice, so I'll do my job at least.

"Well, I guess it's hard to get someone to suddenly turn around." (Rintaro)
"Well, that may be so, but......" (Yuusuke)
"The priority is to make her aware of you as a man, right? For example, saving Nikaido-san from a predicament." (Rintaro)
".......I've done that before." (Yuusuke)

――――So you've.

This guy had saved Nikaido from being picked up many times on her way home from cram school.
Then I asked her.

So Kakihara Yuusuke is a prince to you.

And Nikaido replied,

No, I think that's different.

Sorry Kakihara, but I really don't think she has a feeling for you.
If there was a turnaround from here, I think I'll forever be telling your story in the drinking community. Well, I don't think I'll have any drinking buddies once I become a full-time househusband, though.

"Isn't there anything else? Something like a one-hit turn-table strategy?" (Ryuuji)

Stop it, Doumoto. Don't say that so clearly. By saying turn-table means he's losing now, right? Don't make Kakihara face reality anymore.

"Hey, Yuusuke-kun. You're not going to give up at all, are you?" (Rintaro)
"...... Yeah, I'm not going to give up. Unless Azusa gets a boyfriend or I am completely rejected." (Yuusuke)
"Maybe it's bad to say, but Yuusuke-kun, you're quite popular and I think you can always have a good relationship with a girl anytime you want to. But even so?" (Rintaro)
"Yeah, I can only think of Azusa." (Yuusuke)
"...... I understand. If you say that much." (Rintaro)

I'll be honest. I am genuinely starting to support Kakihara.
At first, I was melancholy that I got involved in something troublesome――――well, I am still melancholy, but I can sympathize with and like Kakihara's single-mindedness.

Now Nikaido has no romantic feelings for him. It'll only be a nuisance if the obstacles are removed badly.
Even so, I wish Kakihara's feelings will come true if at all possible.

I want to do something about it as long as I don't have to sacrifice myself.
The answer I came up with is to take advantage of an event.

"Yuusuke-kun, the school festival." (Rintaro)
"What?" (Yuusuke)
"Confession at the festival. Do you know it? There's an urban legend in our high school." (Rintaro)
"I'm pretty sure it is...... that if you confess your feelings on the stage that is set up for the closing party, you'll always succeed." (Yuusuke)
"Yes, that's it." (Rintaro)

At our school festival, there is an event called the Closing Party, in which students who have worked hard reward themselves.
Even the teachers, who are usually strict, loosen their watchful eyes on this occasion and allow a certain amount of misbehavior to go unchecked.

At the closing party, there is a stage called the Free Stage.

On that stage, there is a 15-minute exclusive time for every participant, which is used, for example, by students who are not in the light music club to play in a band, by dancers who dance for fun, or by dancers who form a comic duo to show their comic talents.
There is an urban legend that says that the feelings of those who confess their love there will always be fulfilled.

To be precise, it is not so vague as to be an urban legend.
This is because no matter in which generation, couples have always been formed.
With the help of this event, which can now be called a jinx, it may become a little easier to succeed in a confession that would normally fail.

――――Well, as a matter of fact.

There is no doubt that by making a big public confession, you are creating an atmosphere that makes it difficult for the other person to refuse.
It is said that there are couples who accepted the confession on the spot but broke up within a week.
I can only say that it is a very cowardly move, but I don't think Nikaido would let the atmosphere of the place get the better of her.

She is strong.

She has the power to say that what is impossible is impossible, and the result is that she turns down Kakihara's date invitation.
In other words, there is a high probability that he would not be able to go out with her even if he went that far.――――If he is rejected on such a public stage, it will fulfill Kakihara's condition of being completely rejected.
And that would end all my trouble at once.

"Hey, hold on. It's okay to use the free stage, but isn't that for those who have something to show? I don't think it's acceptable to use it for a confession." (Ryuuji)

Oh, you have a surprisingly sharp point, Doumoto.

"If this idea goes through, you'll need to think of something to put on the show. How about you guys doing a two-person comedy act?" (Rintaro)
"Then confessing after the comedy act, how does that sound......?" (Yuusuke)
"...... That sounds good." (Ryuuji)

Yup, that's not a comedy act anymore.
So what is it then? Something that can be performed by a maximum of two people, something that creates an atmosphere of confession.

If it's just one person, then doing a solo performance will do.

Oh, this is a good idea.

"How about a solo performance――――" (Rintaro)
"That's it! Let's form a band!" (Ryuuji)


"I play drums as a hobby! Yuusuke has a guitar too, right?" (Ryuuji)
"What? O-oh yeah......, the one you and I went to buy before." (Yuusuke)
"That's it! I've only played with it a few times and then stopped, but now is the time to use it again!" (Ryuuji)

I see, a band, huh.
If so, depending on the song, you can bring the atmosphere to that of a confession.
But a band with just a guitar and drums....... seems to be quite difficult.

"Rintaro is the bassist! That makes it a three-piece band!" (Ryuuji)

How can that be?

"No, you see...... I can't play bass at all, you know?" (Rintaro)
"Don't worry! We still have more than a month to go, we will somehow manage to play at least one song!" (Ryuuji)

That's the logic of someone who can play.
I'm a complete amateur, and I have to start from scratch, staring at sheet music and letting my fingers memorize it.
I understand how difficult it is.
No matter how much I practice, the level of difficulty itself won't seem to decrease.

"Rintaro......! Please! Please, form a band with us!" (Yuusuke)
"......" (Rintaro)

No, It's impossible. Think with common sense.

But there is a law of 'he who smelt it dealt it'. It'll be irresponsible, even among kids, to let them get to this point and then just abandon them.

Fortunately――――I have time.

I still have two weeks of summer break left, so if I stay home and keep practicing, I might be able to make it.

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[End of Chapter]


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