Househusband-wannabe Boy and Idol Girl - 88

A Very Popular Idol Classmate Has Taken a Liking to Me, A Person Who Doesn't Want to Work for My Whole Life.

Daininki Idol na Classmate ni Natsukareta, Isshou Hatarakitakunai Ore


Act 3 - The School Festival


"Rei, memorize the lyrics. You're okay with it, right?" (Kanon)

"Yeah, okay." (Rei)

The conversation proceeded smoothly, and I'm grateful for the opportunity.

I couldn't have a satisfying rehearsal at the studio today, and I had been wanting more time to practice with others.

Even if the other person wasn't Kakihara or Doumoto, the experience of playing music together with someone else would be beneficial.

"But still... There aren't many people like Rintaro who come to the office with us, right?" (Mia)

"I'm still worried about whether I stand out too much." (Rintaro)

"Haha, if we were seen walking alone together, it might be different, but if it's with the three of us walking together, we probably just look like people from the entertainment industry. You just need to be confident." (Mia)

Confident, huh?

Does she really think I, who isn't even a celebrity, can confidently walk alongside these girls?

Let me say it upfront, it's impossible, not even a bit.

Perhaps she understands my personality well, Mia stifles a chuckle, covering her mouth.

"......Hey, don't you think Mia and Rintaro are getting too close? Their way of addressing each other is somehow different." (Kanon)

"They are, I'd like them to keep a bit more distance." (Rei)

Kanon and Rei are muttering something as they look at us.

When they mention the distance, I glance at Mia, and it does seem like there was less space between us than usual――――or does not.

It's probably just my imagination. It must be just a minor difference.

"Come on, our distance has always been like this. Right, Rintaro-kun?" (Mia)

Saying that, Mia wraps her arm around mine.

When she does that, a soft sensation is transmitted to my upper arm, and my mind is thrown into disarray.

Dang, why do women smell so good? Even though I have no intention in this, please stop making me feel dizzy.

"Mia, get away from Rintaro." (Rei)

"Huh? Why? Isn't this just a little bit of skinship?" (Mia)

Why are there sparks flying between Rei and Mia?

Anyway, I don't want unnecessary fights, so I try to pull Mia away with my free hand――――

"Get away from him." (Rei)

――――That very arm I try to pull Mia away is now entangled by Rei.

The soft sensation that almost drove me insane with just being transmitted to one arm now doubles.

I seriously can't handle this sensation. Seriously, I can't handle this.

It is said it's better to say important things twice.

"Your philtrum is getting longer, you know." (Kanon) (PTW/N: 鼻の下が伸びる (hana no shita ga nobiru), [Idiom], lit.: the area below one’s nose gets longer, meaning: to make a goofy face when seggsually attracted, to have a l*wd look on one's face, to ogle.)

"It's not. Don't make light of my record of feigning innocence." (Rintaro)

"If you say that, it means you're actually happy, right? After all, philtrum can't physically get longer, can it?" (Kanon)

That's definitely true.

Thanks to Kanon's comment, seems like I've dug my own grave.

By the way, I'm just holding back with all my might, but I do have the sexual desires of a high school boy.

I'm trying my best to endure and not cross that line.

I beg you, please stop doing things that easily push me to cross that line.

"Sigh... hey, didn't I tell both of you multiple times not to touch a guy so easily? Just get away from him already." (Kanon)

At this point, Kanon looks like a goddess of salvation to me.

"If Mia does, I'll do too." (Rei)

"I'll do too if Rei does." (Mia)

Rei and Mia glare at each other without giving in.

Perhaps getting annoyed by their stubborn attitudes, Kanon gives them a fierce look and chops them both in their heads.

"Cut it out! It's fine to fool around in private, but I won't allow any indecent behavior!" (Kanon)

""Ouch......"" (Rei, Mia)

As Rei and Mia hold the spots where they were chopped, my arms are finally freed.

I lift my head to thank Kanon, but she unexpectedly flicks my forehead as if she has aimed for it.

"Ouch!" (Rintaro)

"You too, you could have forcibly pulled them away if you wanted to. It's a punishment for being spoony." (Kanon)

"Y-you...!" (Rintaro)

"What, do you have a complaint?" (Kanon)

"...No." (Rintaro)

You're just like a mother――――

As I'm about to say that, I remember my position.

I can't find the words and I unintentionally avert my gaze from Kanon's questioning stare.

"You're such a weirdo, Rintaro. Come on, you guys need to get your act together!" (Kanon)

"Kanon's chop still works as usual......" (Mia)

Judging from Mia's words, it seems that they've received her iron-fisted punishment several times.

Seeing them instantly become obedient, they must've been through situations like this a few times before.

They both indeed have a tendency to go wild, and Kanon must have gone through a lot of hard times.

"......Well, let's cut the playtime off. Should we gather at the office tomorrow?" (Mia)

"Sounds good. Rintaro, you remember the place, right?" (Kanon)

I nod.

I won't easily forget what happened a few months ago.

"Then we'll go ahead and pick you up at the lobby later. Make sure to bring your instrument, okay?" (Kanon)

"Got it... hmm?" (Rintaro)

Just when I think the conversation is settled, suddenly a rumbling sound comes from somewhere.

Attracted by the sound, the gaze of me, Mia, and Kanon are drawn towards it.

"――――I'm hungry." (Rei)

Well, I had a feeling that this lass was the culprit.

While we were talking about this and that, it's already about time for dinner.

It's about time for me to fulfill my original role too.

"I'll prepare the dinner. Both of you wanna join too?" (Rintaro)

"Is it alright?" (Kanon)

"It's strange to tell you girls to leave when you're here. And there are enough ingredients, so you can join us without hesitation." (Rintaro)

"Really? Then I'll take you up on that offer." (Kanon)

I grab an apron and head to the kitchen.

"Ah, by the way, do you girls have any specific food you want to eat?" (Rintaro)

"I'm fine with whatever Rei wants." (Kanon)

"Me too. The one who is the hungriest is probably her." (Mia)

These girls really get along well after all.

The tension from earlier seemed like it could escalate, but it was just playful banter.


"Well then, I'll prepare according to what Rei wants, but what do you want to eat?" (Rintaro)

"I want omelette rice." (Rei)

"Ah, that's easy since it doesn't need much preparation." (Rintaro)

I have chicken thighs ready, and there are still some onions left.

If I mix in carrots and green peppers, we can at least get some vegetables in it.

"Ah, right. Rintaro, can you make a runny omelette rice?" (Rei)

"A runny one?" (Rintaro)

"Yeah, the one that's half-cooked." (Rei)

I'm called from the living room, and when I turn back, Rei walks towards me and shows me her phone screen.

What is displayed is not a traditional omelette rice that wraps chicken rice, but a type of omelette rice where the egg is lightly cooked on top of the rice and then cut open.

"Do you want to eat this?" (Rintaro)

"Oh, sorry. It's not like that. But if you can make it, I wanted to try it." (Rei)

"It's not impossible, but it's not doable today. Making demi-glace sauce takes quite some time after all." (Rintaro)

"I understand. I'll ask you next time." (Rei)

"Sure." (Rintaro)

After that exchange, I returned to cooking.

(The demi-glace sauce... the demi-glace sauce, huh?)

It's a versatile sauce that can also be used for hamburg steak, so I do want to get better at making it.

The problem is, the more serious I want to make it, the more I have to buy "red wine".

I have reservations about buying it as a minor, and even if I can buy it, it'll lower the credibility of that store.

I've heard that alcoholic beverages for cooking like cooking wine are expensive――――Hmm.

"Don't you envy that exchange?" (Kanon)

"Yeah. I'm honestly envious." (Mia)

While Rei and I are having our conversation, the other two seem to be talking about something, but I have no way of knowing as I retreat into the depths of the kitchen.

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[End of Chapter]


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