Househusband-wannabe Boy and Idol Girl - 107 (End of Act 3)

A Very Popular Idol Classmate Has Taken a Liking to Me, A Person Who Doesn't Want to Work for My Whole Life.

Daininki Idol na Classmate ni Natsukareta, Isshou Hatarakitakunai Ore


Act 3 - The School Festival

28- Reunion

(Well, it should be fine for about two days, I think.)

I sent a message to Rei explaining that I would be away from home for a while.
Under the clear autumn sky, I leave the apartment with a feeling of melancholy.

In front of me, there's a limousine parked.
I sigh deliberately and approach the limousine.

"......I have come to pick you up, Rintaro-sama." (Sofia)

Sofia-san, who appears after opening the door, bows politely to me.
We hadn't met face to face since she had forced the letter on me.

"There's no need to come and pick me up, right? It's not that far, and I could have taken the train." (Rintaro)
"I cannot let Rintaro-sama to do such a thing." (Sofia)
"I've said it many times, but I'm just an ordinary person. I don't need more care than necessary." (Rintaro)
"......I will keep that in mind." (Sofia)

It's all just lip service anyway.
They treat me with respect while looking down on me for leaving the household.
I have no intention of following in my father's footsteps, so there's no point in treating me with respect.

"Please, get in." (Sofia)

As prompted, I get into the limousine.
Why is this car so unnecessarily luxurious? A regular car would have been more than enough for picking me up.

"Do you fully grasp the contents of the letter?" (Sofia)
"......More or less." (Rintaro)
"In that case, I will spare you the explanation. You can discuss the details directly with Mr. President." (Sofia)

I almost let out a sigh.
The president is basically my father, and to put it bluntly, he's the last person I want to meet.
Just thinking about having to meet him was greatly unsettling.

"――――Honestly, I was surprised." (Sofia)
"Huh?" (Rintaro)
"I thought that no matter what I did, you wouldn't come." (Sofia)
"......If I could avoid it, I still wouldn't want to come. But I do feel indebted for being raised to some extent, and it would be presumptuous of me to think I could live on my own without meeting...... at least once...... That's all." (Rintaro)
"......I see." (Sofia)

After that, Sofia-san and I don't have any more conversations in the car.
She's just a very rational person, and she must have judged that there was no need for excessive conversation.
I can empathize with that way of thinking, and it's much better than being forced into a conversation.

Eventually, the limousine stops, and Sofia-san and I get off, leaving the driver behind.

"It's ridiculously big...... As ever." (Rintaro)

In front of us is a towering skyscraper.
This is the headquarters of my father's company, the Shidou Group.

"Shall we get in, Rintaro-sama." (Sofia)
"......Yeah." (Rintaro)

Guided by Sofia-san, we enter the building and take the elevator.
The elevator then stops at the top floor.
At the end of a long corridor, there's an automatic door with an electronic lock.

"Please wait a moment." (Sofia)

As I wait as instructed, then Sofia-san enters what seems to be a password on the control panel in front of the door and unlocks the electronic lock.

"Please." (Sofia)

The door opened, and this time I walk ahead.

――――And, at the far end of the room.

The man sitting in the chair behind the large desk turns his gaze from the window to me.

"......It's been a while, Rintaro." ()

My father, Shidou Yuutaro, greets me with his usual unsociable expression.
~"(This is a Translation Content of pemudatunawisata[dot]my[dot]id. so, read only on there, kay~)"~

This concludes the third act.

Thank you very much for reading this story, which has been over 100 episodes long. Thanks to all of you who have sent me so many supportive comments and love for the characters, I have managed to stay motivated.

I have already decided on the shape of the ending, but I hope to expand the story leading up to it as much as possible. I am more than happy to tell the stories of each of the characters, as I have grown fond of them myself.

If many people want to, we may be able to have an "if route" after the end of the story.... I'm thinking about it, but I can't make any promises at the moment...I'm sorry.

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As for the fourth act, the prologue will be updated after June 27th.

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I hope you will continue to read "A Very Popular Idol Classmate Has Taken a Liking to Me, A Person Who Doesn't Want to Work for My Whole Life".

[End of Chapter]

(~‾▿‾)~  [ END OF ACT 3 ]  ~(‾▿‾~)

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Next act is my fave, to the point I speedran mtl it. (but, I've not read the act 5 yet)
Hmm... regarding the "if route". As a fan of this series, I personally am not so hoping for it. However, the most very ultra important is... LET SENSEI COOK!!! 🔥🔥🔥

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