Househusband-wannabe Boy and Idol Girl - 112

A Very Popular Idol Classmate Has Taken a Liking to Me, A Person Who Doesn't Want to Work for My Whole Life.

Daininki Idol na Classmate ni Natsukareta, Isshou Hatarakitakunai Ore


Act 4 - The Past of The Shidou Family


I pick up the ingredients Kanon had bought and the ones already at their home.

"......I see, that's a good choice." (Kanon)
"I know, right?"  (Rintaro)

What I hold in my hands is yakisoba noodles.
It can be cooked all at once and has a strong flavor that appeals to children's taste buds.
Then, serving it on a large plate means less effort for the cook as each person can take as much as they want.
It's the best choice when you don't know how much each person will eat.

"Alright, let's get cooking. Kanon, sorry to bother you, but could you start by cutting the vegetables? ......Ah, first of all, do the kids have any food preferences?" (Rintaro)
"No, they don't have any. That's the only thing they're proud of." (Kanon)
"Great. Then dice the cabbage, onion, and carrots. Carrots take longer to cook, so make sure to cut them thin." (Rintaro)
"Got it. Leave it to me." (Kanon)

Having someone help with cooking is truly a blessing.
Honestly, I prefer doing all the cooking by myself.
I take pride in my meticulousness and enjoy working efficiently, so I consider the kitchen my sanctuary.
But this is Kanon's house.
It's wise not to think that way here, In fact, I might be less efficient in an unfamiliar kitchen.
So, I don't hesitate to rely on others.
I also need to frequently ask where things are, so having more hands on deck is never bad.

(While Kanon is cutting the vegetables......)

I take the noodles, unwrap the packages slightly, and put them in the microwave.
Warming them up a bit makes them easier to separate and reduces cooking hassle.
The time of microwaving is short.
In the meantime, I turn on the stove and oil the pan.

"Wait! The vegetables aren't done yet." (Kanon)
"It's fine. Just keep going." (Rintaro)

Her haste is understandable.
Normally, the vegetables will be cooked first because they take longer. She's probably surprised I start using the stove before she's done.
But I'm not planning to cook the vegetables first.

"It's no fun doing it the usual way when there's so much expectation." (Rintaro)

I transfer the warmed noodles into the oiled frying pan.
Once the noodles are well-separated and heated through, I press them against the pan with a spatula.
The noodles produce a nice sizzling sound as they begin to be slightly browned.
Their savory aroma that wafts through the air enhances the dish.


With more noodles come more vegetables.
Kanon's skill is surprisingly impressive.
The vegetables she cut are evenly sized, and she works quickly but carefully.
Still, it'll take a bit more time for her to finish.
In the meantime, I can prepare――――.

"Kanon, can I use the sauce from the fridge?" (Rintaro)
"Huh? S-sure...... but won't you use the powdered sauce here?" (Kanon)
"No, I'm thinking of making a separate sauce." (Rintaro)
"Oh, that sounds interesting." (Kanon)

I take oyster sauce and Worcestershire sauce from the fridge.
I mix them and add a bit of soy sauce, and a homemade sauce is done.
Just then, Kanon finishes cutting the vegetables and calls out to me.

"I'm done cutting. What should I do next?" (Kanon)
"I'm going to turn off the heat on the noodles for now, so start cooking the cabbage in the other pan. We have pork, right? We'll add that last, so we'll take turns midway through and prepare it." (Rintaro)
"Got it." (Kanon)

Using another frying pan, Kanon begins cooking the vegetables.
Once they are lightly cooked, I take over and mix the vegetables with the noodles, loosening up the noodles and mixing everything evenly.

"Is this time for the meat?" (Kanon)
"Yeah, pass it over." (Rintaro)
"Yes, yes." (Kanon)

Put in the bite-sized pieces of pork belly and cook them through.
Mixing such a large amount is tough on the arms, but we are almost done.

"For the last touch, this is it......!" (Rintaro)

I pour the homemade sauce over the mostly cooked noodles.
The savory smell of the sauce frying fills the kitchen, making both Kanon and my stomachs growl.

"This smells great......!" (Kanon)
"I know, right?" (Rintaro)

Once the sauce is evenly mixed in, the dish is ready.
I plate the yakisoba on a large platter and tell Kanon to take it to the kids.

"Hey kids! The yakisoba's ready!" (Kanon)

Those cute kids.
I can hear them coming from the living room, gathering around the plate of yakisoba that Kanon is holding.

Now, I still have something to do.
I take out the eggs Kanon had bought and crack several into a bowl, beating them.

"Huh? Are you still cooking something?" (Kanon)

In response to Kanon's question, who has come to get some plates, I shake my head.

"No, I'm not. This is just a side dish for yakisoba." (Rintaro)

In a lightly oiled frying pan, I make thin omelets.
Those who are sharp might have guessed by now.
I stack the thin omelets on a plate and head to the living room.

"Rintaro, what's that?" (Fuyuki)
"You'll see it later. First, enjoy the yakisoba." (Rintaro)

I reply to the second son's, Fuyuki's inquiry, and make him sit down.
Then, along with Kanon and Kotone-san, I take a seat as well.

"""Let's dig in!"""

We all put our hands together for the pre-meal greeting and begin the meal.
The kids eagerly bring the piled-high yakisoba onto their plates and take their first bites.
Then, their faces light up instantly.

"""So yummy!""" 
"Glad you like it." (Rintaro)

Seeing the kids happily devouring the yakisoba made me smile.
Their pure and honest reactions really touched my heart.

It makes me suddenly realize.

That――――this feeling was similar to when Rei enjoyed my cooking.
Her pure delight was much like these kids'.
Well, there was a question of whether that was appropriate for a high schooler behaving so.

"This is so delicious...... Rintaro-kun, you're a great cook." (Kotone)
"I'm flattered. I live alone due to certain circumstances, so I naturally picked up the skills." (Rintaro)
"I see. That's impressive." (Kotone)

Kotone-san smiled warmly.
Despite being aware of the way I'm wording it, she truly embodies a "mother" figure.
She is no doubt an ideal mother, providing her children with unselfish love.
Sometimes kind, sometimes firm.
Looking at Kanon, this family is undoubtedly an ideal example of a loving household.

Ah――――I envy them.

I shake off such a feeling that pops into my head.
It wasn't like me at all to have such a feeling.
Maybe seeing my shitty father again for the first time in a while had messed with my head.

"Here...... Try this too! I'm confident you'll like it!" (Rintaro)

I place the thin omelets in front of everyone.
Kanon, noticing something, exclaims admiringly.

"Ah! You put this on the yakisoba." (Kanon)
"That's right. It's called omelet-yakisoba. Add some sauce and mayonnaise to your liking." (Rintaro)

I help the kids add the thin omelets onto their yakisoba and drizzle on sauce and mayonnaise.
I also do the same for my portion.
As I put it into my mouth, an indulgent and savory flavor created by the combination spreads through my mouth.

"Wow! This is delicious too!" 
"I love with mayonnaise!"
"So yummy!"

It's great to see they enjoyed it.

Our merry and lively lunch continues.
Spending time with them strangely enough helps me forget those unpleasant feelings.

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[End of Chapter]

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