Fixed Damage Chapter 11 - NTR-ed by LonT #1

Fixed Damage
Arc 2 - Darkness and the Saintess

1 - Saintess Irina

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(This time it is Irina's viewpoint. Chrome's will return from next time.)


"──Then, thank you very much. Supreme Priest-sama."

In a dim dark bedroom, Irina Valim smiled at an elderly man.

She was tired of being asked for her body immediately after returning to the Kingdom of Ralpha, but for now she can't help offend him.
Irina's future career was essentially determined by his will.

"Fufufu, leave it to me. I enjoyed such a wonderful body. I cannot help to not fulfill your wishes."
"Thank you very much."

Irina bowed and kissed the elder priest reverently.
Kissing someone who didn't have a piece of affection was a familiar thing.
Slowly released her lips, and Irina quickly wore her saintess robe.


At that time, the door of that bedroom was violently opened.


A man broke in while shouting.

A knight in glittering armor.
He was a young man in his mid-twenties with a beautiful face.

The name was Barnez.
He was one of the Holy Knights that guarding Irina.

"It's a lie, right...... you sleep with such an old man......!?"

Barnez moaned, alternating looked at between her and the Supreme Priest.

Irina was already wearing her saintess robe, but the high priest had still exposed his massive fat naked.
At first glance, it was clear what was going on here.

"What the hell are you! That's rude!"

The high priest exclaimed.
But Barnez didn't flinch, staring at Irina and the Supreme Priest.

"Why, Irina! Didn't we love each other!"
"What is it, that you've said?"

Irina frowned.

(By all, why he is coming at such a timing)

There was no doubt that he might be the high-tier holy knight, But she didn't expect him to break into the supreme priest's private bedroom.
She thought he was a more sensible man──.

Getting jealous, it was such a thing that men do.
She sighed inside.

"Hey, Irina. What the hell exactly is this?"

Staring at her and Barnez alternately as the priest was puzzled.

"Please help me, Supreme Priest. He has been approaching me for a long time."

Irina instantly created a scenario in her head and spoke in a weak voice.
While expressing the expression of "A woman who is troubled by being accused",

"But, I've rejected him, and he being crazy──."
"I see. So it is one-sided love huh."

The Supreme Priest snorted.

~ "(This is a Transtalion Content of" ~

"Go away, brat. Irina is my woman."
"What, what you said...?!?"
"As you can see, we have already in a relationship between man and woman. We've deeply connected, both physically and mentally. There's no room for such a brat."
"Irina, are you just playing with me!? That day, Is the word of love you've whispered in bed that day all lies?!"

Barnez shouted appallingly.

Irina looked at him coldly.
Why is men so simple and pathetic at all?
We had slept once or twice, and you were exclaiming to be a lover of this Saintess Irina.

"Oh... Supreme Priest-sama, please protect me."

Irina, with a sad expression, she rushed to the Supreme Priest's hug.

"Even such a lie ... As if trying to impress this me like a slut!"

She showed tears of acting.

"Which one shall I believe? It's ridiculous."

The Supreme priest was completely fooled and then cast a spell.


A spell that interfered with the mind and causes pain.

"Ga ... ha ...!?"

Barnez, who got hit directly, collapsed on the spot.

"Haa~, haa~, haa~ ..."

While shedding sweat, that Holy Knight glanced at him.
The priest looked back at him,

"I'll say only once. Get out."
"Sh, shit ...!"

Barnez vomiting resentment, ran away.


"Then, please excuse me."

Irina closed the door and left the room.

Despite the unexpected incident of Barnez's intrusion, she got it right.
The witness of the Supreme Priest was also good.
It was a reasonable result.

Soon, Irina would be nominated as the next Supreme Priest.
This was the first time for a woman to be one.

She defeated the Demon King as a member of the Hero party, and her neat and beautiful appearance was very popular.
The cult would not leave her like that.

But the last push was necessary.
So Irina offered her body to that man ──the present supreme priest.

Although she was betraying her lover, Yuno, but she didn't mind.
Women's weapons were a principle of active use.

She approached Yuno in the first place because she had abandoned her former lover, Chrome.
That because, he couldn't lead herself to the heights she wanted.

(I... I'll go up further, up to the peak of the world's power)


"Irina-sama, the results of the investigation have arrived."

One girl came to Irina.

A young promising priestess with strong religion and magic.
She was said to be a high priest in the future, and was a close associate of Irina.

"Please take it to me"

She gave the report reverently.

"Thank you. I'm always grateful for your work."

Irina looked at her with a flowery smile.

"Tha, that is a wasteful word for a mere me, saintess-sama."

That girl blushed.
What had written there was──.

Appearance of the suspects: A duo of a man and a woman wearing a hood. Details are unknown.
Attack method: Details are unknown.
Magic attribute: Details are unknown.
Victims: Duke Riot and dozens of the guards.

...was something like that.

"Most are unknown."

Irina frowned.
Suddenly, several images emerged in her mind.

"This is──"

An ability to foresee events, such as the past and the future──only high-level priests had this ability to sense it.

However, the emergence was accidental.
So she couldn't control it herself.

The scene that emerged in the [Oracle].

"It's terrible……"

It was a shivering storm of murder.

Hooded and cloaked duo were going straight on the highway.
They seemed like a young man and a girl.

She felt an awful atmosphere from the young man.
An evil atmosphere.

It was like a demon's, no more evil than that.
And anything that came close to him will bleed out and disappear.
At that time, the wind turned his hood for a moment and she looked at the young man's face.

"No way....."

She gasped

He resembled a man that she knew.
However, his hair was silver and his eyes were different.

Muddy pupils that full of grudge and hated everything in the world.
She was once in love for the first time since her birth, with that Chrome, he had straight and refreshing eyes, totally different from this man.

"In the first place, he should have died..."

Is it sentimental because he was my first lover?

No, no.
I am not moved by that.

However,──the bad feeling did not disappear.

[End of Chapter]

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