Fixed Damage Chapter 12 - NTR-ed by LonT #2

Arc 2 - Darkness and the Saintess
2 - Movement of [Darkness]

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Shea and I continued our journey.

──The murder case of Duke Riot, a nobleman of the Shady Kingdom, shook greatly the whole country.
Currently, the whole country was searching for the culprits.

However, the culprits were unknown at present.
Neither I nor Shea wore the hood deeply and I hid my faces under a mask, so nobody could see our face.

However, it was dangerous to stay in the Shady Kingdom forever.

We entered the neighboring country, the kingdom of Ralpha, and now we were on the highway.

As the name suggested, it was a kingdom where the healing goddess Ralpha had a thriving religion.
Ralpha temples were scattered throughout the country, and Irina was one of the highest priests after the Supreme Priest in the country.
The story that she would become the supreme priest soon, The commemorative ceremony and parade would soon take place there.

My aim was, there.
I'll enter the parade course in the royal capital, and took revenge on Irina.

However, I had a fairly weak leg, so this was a slow-paced journey.
We sometimes use a horse-drawn carriage, but the road was a little uneasy.

There was also a way to earn money as an adventurer temporarily──.
But, because there was a Riot's case, I didn't want to be very open to the public 

A trip that used both a walk and a carriage was already five days.
Only three to four days remain until we reach the royal capital, huh.
The ceremony would be a week away, so there was still enough time.

"Saintess Irina-sama is──I've seen her from a distance, but she was a very beautiful and kind person."

Shea spoke with an enchanted expression.
Her crimson hair that she made two-side up fluttered in the wind.
This area seemed windy.

"......Well, the exterior is good, indeed."

I distortedly twisted my mouth.

"I'm sorry."

Shea looked surprised.

"I'm not blaming you. Rather than that, I want to ask one thing, is it ok?"

I asked Shea.

"Fulfil your revenge, how is the feeling?"

It was a question that came up in my mind unexpectedly.
Why I asked such a thing, even I didn't know at all. 

To came to the country where Irina was, I wonder was my feeling overwrought.
Or, by knowing her answer, can I see the way to go? I wonder.

"……I am"

Shea breathed slightly and shook her head from side to side.

"I haven't set my feelings right now."

She tighten her mouth tightly.
Her flower-like lip paled, and she was trembling.

"There is a feeling that the grip of the chest has fallen. But will I be able to move forward to the future? Or is hatred, sadness, or suffering smoldering all the time? Right now is ... not yet."
"Is that so"

I breathed a little.

~ "(This is a Translation Content of" ~

There were still five more opponents to avenge.
When I had done it all, what kind of feeling do I have──.

At night, we stayed in the forest a bit off the road.
We could use the town's inn, but there was no enough saving, so it can't be helped.

Normally, staying in such a place must be on guard against bandits and monsters.
But I had no worries because I had EX Skill [Fixed Damage].

This skill was, at first deals "9999 damage" at the moment when the target enters within 10 meters of me.
After that, it will continue to deal "9999 damage" every 3 seconds.

In short, an enemy who was within 10 meters of me would die immediately at that point.
Of course, if they had more than 10,000 HP, that was probably only possible for the Demon King and the close class of it.

I reminded her that she should not be more than 10 meters away from me.

"Spending night only two people with a man, well, be patient."
"Because I followed without permission. Chrome-sama doesn't need to worry about me."

She said, and glanced at me.

"That..... maybe, do you want my body?"

I was surprised by unexpected words.

"... What do you think to say it suddenly"
"Isn't that the intention of two people spending the night together?"
"As I said before, it was just a saving."
"Because all men were beasts, I learned it from my sister."

She said that when we first met, indeed.

"Maybe you're still wary of me?"

I inadvertently looked at Shea.

"I'm sorry."

She smiled with a mischievous expression.

"Is my joke too much."
"No, If it's just a joke, it's alright."

I shrugged my shoulders.

Surely, this is the original Shea.
When I first met her, she must had been pushing her limits to revenge on Riot.
Is she gradually returning to her ground state by fulfilling it?

"It might be nice to be able to speak lightly."
"Fufu, Thank you very much."

She smiled again.

Well, she was still young, and I hope she could regain her calmness little by little.
I didn't seem to be able to regain those feelings anymore.

No, maybe──will that day come to me someday?

I didn't know anything yet.

"Let's going to sleep immediately."
"Yes, Chrome-sama."

We line up sleeping bags, and then lied down.
The tiredness of walking a whole day invited a comfortable sleep.

I fell asleep before I noticed, and then──.

["Can you ... Chrome, can you........."]

This voice, was.


Wondering suspiciously, I woke up.

I wasn't in the forest.
I was, on a small hill.

Countless tombstones stood all around.
Until to the horizon, endlessly.

"What the hell, is this ...!?"

I looked around in stunned.

Uuuuuuuuuugghoaaaaaa~, It's huuuuuuuurrrttt~.......!
Will never forgive, never forgiveeeeeeeee......!

Out of nowhere, pain and grudges were heard.

Not just one or two.
Hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands, or more.

A space full of negative thoughts.

["Can you hear, Chrome......"]

This time I could hear the voice clearly.
It was a familiar voice somewhere.

When I think, something had shaken in front of me, then a figure emerged.

The slender silhouette in jet-black, and I didn't know what that face looks like.
Is it a woman's figure?
Long dark hair that reached the feet fluttered in the wind.

["Yet, It seems like you're getting closer to here...... it will take a little more time......"]

A mysterious woman (?) said.

I heard a sound.
I saw a long chain wrapped around the right hand.

["But, it will be coming soon ... we'll meet soon...... Chrome......"]
"Who are exactly, you ..."

The name she spoke was unable to be heard to me.

["Then, next time......"]

With a laugh, the jet-black silhouette disappeared.

What the hell was that?

While suspicious, I noticed suddenly.
If I thought I had heard it before, it was the one I knew very well.

For some reason, my head dazed and I noticed it late.

I knew that voice very well.
It was a voice I had heard over and over for last two years.

Yes, the woman's voice──was audible like when I using the EX Skill [Fixed Damage].

[Darkness]'s voice.


I slowly raised my upper body.

Was it just a dream?
Next of me, Shea was resting.

[End of Chapter]


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