(Not yet) Sasuga Mia-sama - 2

2 - The Thing That Mia Hates

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2 - The Thing That Mia Hates

After regaining consciousness, Mia was still lying in bed. Threw her limbs slowly and gently,

"I don't feel..... so good ..."

She barely couldn't eat lunch, the meals couldn't pass through the throat.

She wanted to believe that it was just a nightmare.

However, the memory that remained was real, and after seeing the blood-stained diary, she could no longer think that it was just a dream.

"Uughー ..."

Growling, and rolling, rolling over on the bed.

Worrying, worrying...... 30 minutes to worried.

"... I'm hungry."

She screamed.

It had been less than an hour after she declined to lunch.

"That's right, I've heard that sweet things are good when thinking about things."

She clapped her hands.

That is a good idea! And, her face became brighter.

After got off the bed in a hurry, Mia jumped out of her room.
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Mia and the Imperial Royal family lived in the castle called the White Moon Palace.

The corridors decorated with green gold and white moonstone, and the gorgeous decorations were the appearance of the empire at the height of prosperity before it fell.

After walking down the corridor, she came to one of the four dining halls, the White Night Dining Hall.

When she entered the large room, the man inside turned around with a suspicious face.

"This is, Your highness Princess Mia, what can I help you?"

Mia was a bit surprised when she saw the bear-like large body and the characteristic of this bearded-face.

――This man is...... I guess he was the chef who I fired.

It was on her 14th birthday that Mia fired the chef, who only served her hated vegetable.

"Is it about two years from now......"

"Um, what is it?"

"No, nothing. I'm hungry, can you prepare a snack? Moonberry pie is seems wonderful."

When heard that, the chef looked bitter.

"It's really hard to say, but we can't give you a snack without lunch."

The words seemed somewhat nostalgic, and Mia smiled unintentionally.

In retrospect, he was the only one who told Mia this way.

The chef who came after him only made what Mia said, so, in the end, she got bored. Whatever she wanted, it was boring.

"That is right. If so, the rest of the lunch it's okay, can you pull it out?"


After listening to Mia's words, the chef rounded his eyes for some reason.

"What's wrong?"
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"No, nothing. Then I'll bring it right now."

Before much time had passed, dishes were lined up in front of Mia.

Soft and savory freshly baked bread, a stew with plenty of seasonal vegetables, marinated red salmon, and assorted fruits.

"Aah, how nostalgic, this."

Mia loosened her cheeks, especially when she saw a stew full of vegetables.

The stew even contained yellow moon tomatoes, which hated by Mia.

――This sour-thing is not good.

Mia stared at the yellow moon tomato on a spoon.

――But this seems to be somehow delicious.

Suddenly, she remembered what had eaten in the dungeon.

A bread that hard enough to broke her teeth. Some molds grew on the surface, and it was very ugly and hard to eat.

The stew that sometimes came out, what it contained, was gray and cloudy, and she thought that the vegetables used were weeds.

Even if it was disgusting, in a few days her stomach became painful, and she wanted it somehow.

Although she heard that there was no food and followed with famine, Mia thought it must have been just harassment.

One day, by knowing what Mia disliked, then there were days when she only had the yellow moon tomatoes.

――That was painful......

When she forcibly pushed it into her mouth, she couldn't say anything about that grassy smell, sourness, and harshness......

She goosebumped just by remembering it.

So she turned her eyes back to the yellow moon tomatoes in front of her.

――Compared to the thing at that time …… Somehow, it’s very shiny.

Although Mia, who had an intention to leave, was a little curious and tried to put a piece of tomato in her mouth.

At the moment, her eyes were opened wide!

"Chef! This is, call the chef!"

The maids trembled at Mia's threatening attitude.

"U, umm, Your Highness Princess Mia, what will you do?"

"Never mind that, call the chef!"

"Maybe, is this not meet your satisfaction...?"

Listening to the commotion, the chef appeared. His face was nervous and seemed rather tense.

"This is...... what happened?"

Mia thrust a yellow moon tomato on the spoon to the front of the chef's nose.

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[End of Chapter]

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