(Not yet) Sasuga Mia-sama - 1

Tearmoon Empire Story (WN)
Arc 1 - The Beheaded Princess

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I found this novel from reading the manga (MD of course ... tehe ...)I was amazed and I couldn't help........ (halt!)... (restrain yourself!)..... (restrain!)..... (control yourself!)..... (keep on control!).........(restraiiiinnnnnn yooouuurrrsseeeeeeeellllfffff......!!!!)...... I couldn't help to saying "Sasuga Mia-sama!"

1 - Starting from The Guillotine

Red, a fiery red sunset burned her sight.

A Guillotine stood set up in the Imperial Capital's plaza. Its rusted, and rugged blade glistened in the sunlight.

Standing before it, Mia Luna Tearmoon, The First Princess of Tearmoon Empire, looked around in stunned.

Such piercing voices.

Screams and anger that made her want to close her ears just by listening. Many of them blamed her.

"... Why, why, to be like this"

Why should I the first princess of the prestigious Tearmoon Empire, have to face such eyes?

Was it because I laughed and saying if there was no bread you should eat meat?

Is it because she was hungry and slaughtered by a poor noble daughter?

Was it because I rejected and slapped a daughter of a poor nobleman?

Was it because I fired on the spot the chef who made the dish with yellow moon tomato, my hated vegetable?

"No, because of all that, right", And, she receiving a tsukkomi and lamenting such words in her heart, then she looked at the faces of the hatred people.

At the forefront, She saw a young man giving instructions to the soldiers.

Shion Saul Sankland.

Great power, the first prince of the Kingdom of Sankland. A dignified young man with silver hair.

And a girl standing next to him. A girl called Tearmoon's Saintess.

The daughter of a poor noble from the outskirts, who, with the help of Shion, revolutionized the suffering people.

Tiana Rudolfon.

An existence that looked down at her, the object of hatred.

However, it was already, the fire of hatred had extinguished, leaving only the ash of resignation.

"...why, to be like this"

Powerless, just, just only muttering.

Eventually, a soldier came behind and made her knelt brutely.

In front of her, she saw a rugged wooden board.

With three holes, it was an instrument to set the prisoner on the guillotine.

The tree that stood up
Just by touching, the thorns would stab,

The wood splinters were stabbing just by touching it and hurt her body.

"Why, to be like this......"

That was the third question and then a voice answered it.

"For the sake of the Empire, please die quietly. Princess"

As she glanced up, the soldier who brought herself looked down with cold eyes.

Shortly after learning the fear of bare murderous intent, the heavy iron lump fell down.

With a dull sound..., the surrounding scenery, turned around, and around.

In sort after, Her worn-out diary that was the very only allowed to be held...... Fell down to the ground, and gradually, dyed in red...

Then, Mia Luna Tearmoon died.
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She dreamed that.
"Hii, nooooooooooooooooooo~!"

Ma screamed.

It was a scream that was not worthy of an empire princess.

"Ne, ne, ne, neck, neck, my neck, is!"

Touched and confirmed that her own neck was still on. Confirmed!

――It, it's still here, alright, alright

This time, she looked down on her body fearfully.

It was a luxurious sleep gown that wrapped her body, which was supposed to be wrapped in tattered, rugged cloth.

Fluffy, frill-rich, touch-friendly.

Her skin that full of abrasions now was smooth, and then stared at her palms that smaller than she had in the dream.

――It's like a child ...

Vaguely, got out of bed and stood in front of a big mirror.

Dumbfounded, her blue eyes with rounded and opened widely, her platinum hair trimmed around the shoulders, and her healthy cheeks were slightly flushed.

What was reflected there was the appearance when she was about 11 or 12 years old.

It was when the empire was still one of the most prosperous and prestigious on the continent......

――It's strange. Certainly, I should have been twenty years old ...

At seventeen years old, she was caught on the way when escaped and imprisoned in a dungeon for three years..... and then.

The painful days floated in front of her eyes one after another.

The days of torment, the days of crying, the feel of hard stones in the dungeon, the feel of a cold and wet blanket.

That memories were confusing, but the feeling of relief was greater.

"... O, o ho ho, that's not right, is that?"

Mia laughed.

"No, no, that's not going to happen."

Laughter to laughed out her bad dream.

"What a boring dream. Just like a child, I am. For a while I was amazed."

Real children didn't think it was a childish nightmare ... but she couldn't afford to think it was strange, but just laugh. and laugh.

Then looked casually at the bedside ...


Mia tilted her head.

There was something weird there.

It was an old diary.

From the cover, there was no mistake that was her diary since her tenth age. Looked good, but it somehow looked old ...

... Or rather, it was covered with dark spots.

It was just like the diary she last saw in the dream.

She touched the diary with a shaking hand.

When she turned over the scary cover, she saw a page that was dyed red and black.

The displeasure that was written there was nothing but the one she wrote endlessly...... in her long dream.

Nothing but the wrath of prison suffering, and the fear of guillotine.


Mia screamed again, then stunned and fell on the bed, fainted.

~ "(This is a Translation Content of pemudatunawisata.my.id)" ~
[End of Chapter]

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