(Not yet) Sasuga Mia-sama - 4

Tearmoon Empire Story

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4 - Meeting again

"... that voice, who was the owner?"

After the meal, Mia moved to the salon in the hanging garden.

Hanging garden was not really floating. It was built on the roof of White Moon Palace, a little overhanging.

The garden, made up of a variety of beautiful flowers from the whole country, was a wonderful place that didn't ashamed to invite royalties from other countries.

After walking around the garden for a while and enjoying the fragrance of the beautiful flowers, the mist in Mia's head was not turned to be sunny.

There was something she had to remember, but the precious memory seemed to be beyond the veil of mist... She could not reach it no matter how far she reached out.

"... As I think, I didn't have sweets enough. Here, maid! Anyone, please bring me something sweet."

Mia clapped her hands to order the snack that she ate earlier.

She went to a table in a corner of the garden and waited for a while. She saw a young maid coming in at once.

Seeing what she was carrying, Mia's eyes widened widely.

――Oh, that's, Could it be!

It was a cake. With plenty of creams, plenty of topping of strawberries that picked in the morning. Simply, it was a shortcake ...

――Ca, ca, that's a cake, I haven't eaten it after a long time!

By the time the Empire's finances had deteriorated, not to mention being caught and put in dungeon, cakes and other foods were no longer available.

Spontaneously in exhilaration, her body was dancing.

In the very front of Mia's eyes.....

"Tha, thanks for waitin, Kyaaa~!"

Maid slipped! Of course, the cakes was….

A cake that slowly crossed in front of Mia's eyes who gaped her mouth, and the maid. There is nothing could to stop it...

Becha~ ...!

A cake that smashed on the floor and became squashed in vain. And the catastrophe still continued with the maid fell on top of it and crushes it by the end!

Mia..... she lost words.

"Hey, Anne-san, what are you doing!"

Senior maids who were watching a series of uproar fluttered.

"Mia-sama. my deepest apologies, Are you injured anywhere?"

Mia, who was stunned by the shock, quickly regained her sanity and smiled.

"Yes, no problem. Thank you."

Originally, she wanted to leak one of the abusive words.

Indeed, probably the past Mia would definitely have done so.

However, after experiencing a hard life in imprisonment, Mia had a deeper heart than a cake plate and a broader heart than a teacup.

In other words, if it interpreted, it means that, if not as far as the average person, he has endured enough to be called a barely selfish daughter.

This was great growth.

Yes, people were growing.

Even if slower than a turtle ... no, than a snail.

Mia had grown!

So, even now, while smiling at the mouth,

"If you bring a new cake, it's just fine."

Not only just follow,

"More than that, Is she fine there?"

She could show them that she even could afford to give attention for a maid who had fallen.

Well, anyway, she just needed a replacement cake, so there were no problems at all...

"My sincerest apologies, Mia-sama. In fact, that cake is the only we could get today......"
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"You! Halt on the spot!"

Get angry! It was a moment.

Such as the generosity of Mia, Before the cake ruined, it was nothing more than a dead leaf that flew when blown.

Cake's great, you know!

Especially, a cake that she would eat for the first time in a few years, easily blown off because of someone's mistake.

"My, my cake is, how could this happen..., you, give me your face!"


Gradually, Meer's feet were got down. The frightened young maid turned her face toward Mia with an awkward gesture.

What appearing was the face of a mid-teen girl, older than Mia.

Her red hair covered with fresh cream, pale freckles on the tip of the nose, blue and round eyes that were thin and teary.

Her face was more like cute rather than beautiful. But it was not the atmosphere that she could found at the dance party. Rather, she was a simple girl who looked like a girl from a rural village.

"……You are"

When she saw her face, a scene revived inside Mia's mind.

It was her worst day's memory, the day of her execution.

It was at that time, alone in the dungeon, waiting for "that time" to come.

~ "(This is a Translation Content of pemudatunawisata.my.id)" ~
[End of Chapter]

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