(Not yet) Sasuga Mia-sama - 5

Tearmoon Empire Story (WN)

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5 - Loyal Maid

In the dim dungeon.

In a cold, chilly room, Mia was sitting on her knees, waiting for "the time".

Two years had passed since Mia was imprisoned.

There were no large numbers of servants surrounding her. During the first few weeks, some came to the met, but when they knew that Mia would not regain her power, they left immediately.

Then Mia became lonely.

But the few exceptions were ...

"Mia-sama, I come to prepare your hair."

Anne, a young maid with red hair.

Anne came and bowed to a soldier standing beside, and stepped into the prison. Mia was already numbed, in the prison was smelled terrible. That was the lowest environment, comparable to the slum district.

However, Anne showed no hesitation and went behind Mia.

Then combing with the comb her had in her pocket through Mia's dull blonde.

Her hair that hadn't been washed for many days could be hard to arrange, but Anne would surely prepare Mia's hair.

"My apologies, Mia-sama. I've been having trouble using combs for a long time....."

"... Why are you doing this for me?"

That words spilled out of Mia's mouth.

After being caught in this dungeon, Anne had been stopped by. Once every three days or every other day.

She had pledged to bring something sometimes and dedicated herself to wiping the body of Mia occasionally, who could not take a bath and prepared it herself, so she could keep herself clean.

But Mia didn't know the reason why.

Mia was the daughter of the emperor. So, it's not that no one around her was good persons, or rather, there were quite a few.

But the maid in front of her, Anne, is not. If anything, she was a person who was bothered by Mia's selfishness.

First of all, to be clear, Mia was not a tyrant.

Well, if she did, she would be abusive and abusive, and if she got sick, she would not get a hand. Sometimes they have legs and sometimes heads.

That is, when someone messed up, she became sullen and abusive,
Then if she got angry, her hand will come out.
Sometimes her feet came out,
Sometimes that was a headbutt.

……Mia reflected on what was not appropriate for her noble status.

But, nothing more.

She did not whip with a whip the soldier who was there and said "Rude person must be truncated!" Because it looked painful ...

Mia didn't really like the pain.

But nevertheless, she was never a good princess.

To someone who does what she likes, cursing and kicking, would not they exhausted?

That was only for someone with odd tastes. The maid in front of her was probably different.

"I never did anything good for you. Rather......"
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"Yes. I was beaten often. Maybe I have ever get kicked?"

Anne smiled with a nostalgic smile.

"Did you know? Mia-sama, the kick from Mia-sama isn't painful at all?"

"Eh? Is that no?"

"Yes. It's nothing compared to when I had a fight with my brothers. fufu."

Then, Anne became silence,

"That's why I take care of Mia-sama just because I couldn't leave you alone. There's no particular reason."

She smiled so kindly.

The calm time was not long. The soldier who came soon took Mia to the execution table.

As she separated, Mia turned to Anne and bowed deeply.

"I can't reward your devotion right now. Thank you, and forgive me that is what I can only say."

The next moment, Mia's body was wrapped in warmth.

"I pray for the blessing of God to Mia-sama."

When she realized that she was hugged by Anne, tears overflowed into Mia's eyes. Because there was never such a gentle hug in her captive life.

The overflowing warmth of Anne's kindness makes her feel happy..... but it was regretful.

What she couldn't do for her was engraved in Mia's heart as a deep regret.

Mia headed to the execution table, she couldn't help but embraced her regret in her chest.
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".....I remembered it."

Mia kneels quietly beside Anne, who apologizes for her mistake in front of her.

"Princess, your dress will in cream...."

"Shut up!"

She exclaimed to her surrounding maid and Mia gently lifted Anne's shoulders.

"Anne-san, raise your face."

"My, my, my deepest apologies. Your Highness Princess"

"I'm not angry at all."

With that said, Mia smiled soft and gentle.

"Now, stand up. Is there really no injury?"

"Ye, yes, umm, thank you, very much."

Anne, raised by Mia, her eyes became black and white. In such Anne, Mia was,

"If now, I can properly reward your devotion."

Then she said secretly.

"I will make you my exclusive maid from now on. You will take charge of me from now on."


"Pri, princess!?"

The surrounding maids around Mia were shaken all at once.

~ "(This is a Translation Content of pemudatunawisata.my.id)" ~
[End of Chapter]

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