Fixed Damage Chapter 22 - NTR-ed by LonT #12

12 - Hero Knight Margo

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12 - Hero Knight Margo

A/N: It is the last of Arc 2. A member of the hero's party, a middle-aged knight Margo viewpoint.
Next time I will return to the MC Chrome's viewpoint again.


Two shadows were wriggling in the dark castle.

One is a knight.
One is a dragon.

"It looks like the Minotaur squad in the kingdom of Ralpha has been wiped out. Seven intermediate demons against only one person."
"Hou, that person is quite a fierce man."

In front of the words of the blue giant dragon──Demon Lagios, the knight grew small.

Margo Lascada.
One member of the hero's party who defeated the Demon King Vilgarodomus, the top knight of the Luphus Empire.

Forty-five years old, he was also known as a hero knight because of his unbroken sword skills and personality, commandment, and achievements of defeating the Demon King.

"If that is seven Minotaurs, it will be an opponent that can be managed by human knights in a unit. If it was defeated by one person alone──."
"I guess that person has the power of hero class."

Lagios nodded to Margo's words.

"Or maybe a warrior comparable to you"
"To this me, huh"

Margo growled small

"In addition, he seems to have a sign of [Darkness]. It's a troublesome
"Yuno's [Light], the hero who defeated the Demon King──that is a power comparable to that. "
"Comparable to the power of Yuno..... It can't be, it is"
"Oh, you all created it, right? As a price to create the hero's [Light]"

Asked the question to Margo, the giant dragon exhaled.

He remember that day two years ago.

"To strengthen Yuno with the power of [Light]."

Valery, the sage, cut out during a discussion at the hero party, excluding chrome.

"Because if like this we just keep pace with other hero's parties."
"Strengthen with the power of [Light].....?"
"In a recent battle at an ancient ruin, I found a magic book. It was written there, a forbidden magic."

Valery answered Margo's questions.

"[Chain of Darkness]──You have to sacrifice one to succeed the spell."

Margo was afraid of the words.
He thought he would be sacrificed.

Fortunately, it was not Margo, but Chrome.

He was deprived of his lover and created [Darkness] in despair, abandoned by his best friend.
The [Darkness] also produced the [Light] at the same time.

[Light]'s power was amazing.

He defeated the Demon King's Army leader, Frangilas, with a single blow, and Yuno continued to show a remarkable success.

Finally, he defeated the Devil King Vilgarodomus.
~ "(This is a Translation Content of" ~

Yuno, who defeated the Demon King, quickly gained the highest honor as a hero who saved the world.
Bards from all over the world sang his heroic tan, and everyone praised him.

Margo has been thinking over the past two years.

──If I was the one had the power of [Light], not Yuno.

He was the top knight of the Luphus Empire.
As a member of the hero's party that defeated the Demon King, his reputation was unshakeable.

But the hero's reputation far surpassed.
Since Yuno's residence was in the Luphus Empire, his fame also faded.

To put it simply, it was a bonus for the hero.

Margo was overwhelmingly referred to as "one of the Hero Yuno's companions" rather than "Hero Knight".

It was humiliation.

Jealousy of him was only growing day by day.

(I'm a hero too. No, I'm more than that youngster──.)

Margo clenched his lips.

Moreover, Saintess Irina, whom he secretly thought of, was now the hero's fiance.
He felt intense jealousy when he thought that Yuno was holding that pristine beauty as he wants.

Swordsmanship, fame, women──and youth.
In all, he lagged behind Yuno.

He had to admit.
But that was why Margo sought more “Power”.

He secretly reached out to the remnants of the Demon King's Army, and became friendly with Lagios, the 13th surviving Demon King's executive.
Then he began to work on the "plan."

(This time, I will become the only absolute hero)

Not Yuno, the hero of [Light], but this Margo Lascada,

PTW/N: "Hero" for Hero Yuno using "Yuusha", and "Hero" for Hero Knight Margo using "Eiyuu".

~ "(This is a Translation Content of" ~
[End of Chapter]
[End of Arc 2]

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What we can learn from this Arc are:
1. The enemy of your enemy is (not sure yet) your ally.
2. Cheating people will always cheat.
3. Behind a "naiveness", there is unimaginable cruelty.
4. We've known since volume 1, all members of (Yuno's) hero party're rotten, scum, and more
5. Any addition?

What we still don't know yet:
1. We still don't know about (ex)supreme priest, is he still alive, or killed by Irina's underlings. (I want him to have a dance with coffin guys 😆)
2. Does the hero know that he was NTR-ed?

PTW/N: What do you think about the punishment for Irina? Is it satisfying?

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