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11 - The Journey Continues

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11 - The Journey Continues

I kept the audio magic orb that recorded what she had done.

Let's spread this to each country at the right time.

At that time, the popularity of "Saintess"-sama will fall to the ground.
Some who believe in her might consider this a plot.

But "The facts that this has been told in her own voice" was heavy.

"The first one is a settlement, huh?"

Irina, who had turned into a demonic beast, headed to the frontiers of the Luphus Empire, where many remnants of the Demon King Army were gathering.

The residence of the Hero Yuno was also in that country.
Because it was far from Ralpha, it will be a long journey──.
Eventually, we'll have to give Yuno the appropriate reward.


Shea walked to me.

"……What's wrong?"
"No, that is."

Shea was approaching me in a shy manner.
Gently touched my hand.

Shea gently stroked my thin, deadwood arm.

"Are you concerning me?"
"That person, Isn't she a former lover of you?"
"That is already all over."

I shook my head left and right.

At that time, I thought Irina would always be with me.
Sharing the fun and sad things together and walked our lives together, and──.
I dreamed of such a life.

After the battle against the Demon King's army, I was going to see an ordinary mediocre happiness──that was what I dreamed.

"I don't have any feelings for her anymore."

──I don't know if it is easily divided completely.

At least I would never forget, I couldn't.

Will I still be hurt when I think back about her?
Do I continue to burn my heart with hatred and grudges?

"I have been saved thanks to you"

Shea looked straight at me.
Her blue eyes were moist.

"For my own life, and the dignity of my sister's soul. We have been saved. That's why──."

A soft and warm hand gently held my hand.

"I also──want to save you if I can do. It may be funny and presumptuous, but if your mind becomes a little lighter, I want to be with you."
"... just the feeling only, I'll accept it."

I slightly distorted my lips.

Thanks for the care of Shea.
At least I tried to smile, but my expression couldn't be expressed well.

"Four more people──my journey continues. What will you do?"
"Ara, didn't I say it before?"

Shea smiled.

"I'm your [Subordinate]. I'll accompany where you go and I'll be your power."
"If so──shall we go?"

I couldn't keep immersed in sentiment.

There was still remained, people of my revenge target.

"Where are you going next, Chrome-sama?"
"My ultimate goal is the Hero Yuno"

I told Shea.

"Unlike other members, he has the power of [Light]. Even though I have [Darkness], it won't be easy."
"[Darkness] and [Light] ──"
"In the last two years, my power has increased a lot, but Yuno may be stronger. That's why I want to gather information first."

And, I.

"While taking revenge, investigate Yuno's power, and eventually give proper punishment to all members."
"I'll follow Chrome-sama."

Shea nodded reverently.

"I will continue this journey. The next target is──"

I stared at the void.

I looked at the face of “a person”.

"Sage Valery"

That was the name of my third revenge target.

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On the road to the Luphus Empire Frontier──.

There were dozens of demons in front of her.
Those were the remnants of the Demon King Army.

── Kill.

Such an impulse sprung up from within her.


Raised a roar.

That Demonic Beast advanced according to the lord's order.
To fight against the demons.

(No, such a thing...... I'm Saintess Irina ...! Why, why I have to turn to be this ugly demonic beast..... I won't, I don't like this ...)

Irina, who her body became a demonic beast, could no longer even utter human voices.
She could only cry despair in her heart.

(My beautiful face, and body ... return them... I beg you, Chrome.....!)

Hit the demons in front of her with the insect-like articulating feet.

The enemy's head was crushed.
However, Irina's articulating feet were not so strong and could easily be torn off.


The demonic beast Irina moaned for intense pain.

(It hurts... it huuuuuuurts......! Enough, I don't want...... I want to escape ... I want to escapeeeeeeee!)

But, she couldn't escape Chrome's order to fight the remnants of the Demon King Army.

The torn articulated feet regenerated immediately and struck the next demons.
She always defeated them, but her articulating feet broke again.

Severe pain.

Severe pain, regeneration.

Severe pain regeneration severe pain regeneration severe pain regeneration severe pain regeneration severe pain regeneration severe pain regeneration severe pain regeneration severe pain regeneration severe pain regeneration......

And again, severe pain and regeneration──such an act continued endlessly.

(I'm ... I'm a saintess you knooooowwwww... I'm worshiped from all over the world, and men from all over the world kneel before me...... that brilliant future will have been waiting for me, however, why is such a thing... aaaaaaaaaaaah...!)

While crying in her heart, the demonic beast Irina kept fighting.

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[End of Chapter]

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