Fixed Damage Chapter 26 - Playing with the SUCKge

Fixed Damage
Arc 3: The Pursuit of Forbidden Curse

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4 - In the forest

"To attract monsters at night── That means we shouldn't stay in town until we get to his place."

I told Shea and Yulin.
If we stayed in town, there was a danger that the monsters she attracted would attack the town.

"It's okay. I'm with you, so it's safe, Yulin-chan."

Shea held tightly Yulin's hand.

"With my skill, enemies within 10 meters will be annihilated. There's no need for Shea's help."
"I'm not worried about enemy attacks, that's..."

Shea glanced at me.
Somehow it was a sneering sight.

"Chrome-san is a man, so."
"...There's no way,  I'll try to do something wrong with Yulin, I won't do that."
"After all, Yulin-chan is cute"
"No, no way, I am ... Shea-san is much more beautiful."
"You're cute. be confident, Yulin-chan. Your maid outfit looks great."
"Ah, this outfit is just a hobby..... ehehe."

Yulin smiled.

"But it's such a cute Yulin, so I can't overlook the danger of being exposed to the desires of many men."

Shea suddenly became a serious face.

"Hear? My sister once said, "All men are beast", "All men are demonic libido". Yulin-chan also has to be careful."
"All men are beast...... demonic libido......"

Yulin repeated Shea's words.
I thought it was a biased view of men──.

"So that means, did that mean Chrome-san wanted my body.....!?"

Yulin looked at me with a surprised face.

"No, wait. The story is going in a strange direction."

Anyhow, it went crazy.

The night getting late.

We were sleeping together side by side.
I was in the middle, the right side was Shea and the left side was Yulin.

"What's wrong, you can't sleep?"

I asked Yulin in a whisper.

By the way, Shea was quietly asleep.
From that sign, Yulin seemed to be awake.
Was she so overwrought that couldn't sleep.

"That's.........because, for the past few days since I fleed from the lab, I spent the night scared of monsters."

Yulin also answered in a whisper.

"Be relieved, because I'm on your side. Any monster will die before approaching."

I answered.

"It's safe as long as you're on my side. ''
"... Is Chrome-san going to defeat Valery?"

Yulin raised her upper body.
In the darkness, She seemed to stare at me.

"You maybe have a grudge to him. but, he's my revenge target. so I won't give him up."
"N, no, that's not what I mean, I don't think to take revenge."

Yulin seemed to shook her head.

"Could you be, did Chrome-san also undergo Valery's experiment?"
"In such a place. Thanks to him I almost died and I lost all my magic."

I explained.

The purpose of that magic was to strengthen the Hero Yuno.
But for Valery, it just an experiment.

"My skill is a by-product."
"I'm sorry. I ended up prying your....."
"No, it's okay. Sleep anyway today. I don't know if we can release the curse on your body, but it's possible. Go first to his place and look for a solution."
".....Thank you very much. Thanks for your kindness."

Yulin seemed to smile.


Wrong, even now I just only thinking about my revenge.
I helped Yulin, it was true that there was a feeling I could not overlook the assaulted human, but also I took advantage of the guidance and information about the Institute.

That should it be.

"I am……"

When I muttered, I heard a breath.

This time, Yulin seemed to have slept.
Surely she was tired.
She fell asleep very quickly.

......I will sleep for a while.

Took revenge on Valery──I've decided to nourish that spirit.

It was dawn and we woke up.

The sky was still dark.
A little more until sunrise.


Shea was already awake.
Yulin was still asleep.

"What's wrong?"
"There's a little story"

And Shea.

"I can't go too far away from Yulin-chan, but if a little more."

We moved a few meters away from Yulin.


I was going to fall due to out of balance.
My feet seemed to be getting tired during the trip.


Shea supported me from the side.
We would look like hugging each other.

There was her face, so close.

"Ah ...I, I'm sorry."

Shea blushed her face.
For some reason, She kept hugging without trying to leave me.

"My bad. It seems I more tired than I think."
"No, Chrome-sama is weak and if I can support──I want to support you."

Shea was staring at me.
Her cheeks were still reddish a bit

"And, what is the story?"

I went back to the main subject.

".....I didn't notice last night, but this morning I think a bit ..."

Shea glanced at Yulin sleeping a few meters away and muttered.

"The possibility of a trap?"

I asked.
Shea nodded small,

"I can't see Yulin-chan as a bad girl. But is it possible that Valery used her and she wasn't aware of her and also some sort of trap has been put in......Isn't that possible?"

It was likely, based on Valery's personality.
But, there was a prerequisite, and that was, he was aware of me.

"Isn't Valery who did the spell on Chrome-sama. He probably know that Chrome-sama still alive and has the power of [Darkness]."
"It's not impossible"

I nodded.

"Not to mention, I'm already taking revenge on Riot and Irina. With that fact, it's no wonder he's reasoning about my survival and skill."

Especially, for he who had the most detailed knowledge of [Light] and [Darkness] in the Hero's party.

"Or maybe he has prepared a way to counter Chrome-sama."

And, Shea.

"There is an interval of 3 seconds for [Fixed Damage] skill works. If there is an opponent who can not be killed, I will protect you with all my might."
".....I'll ask you then"

An enemy that wasn't killed instantly after received 9999 damage, there was no way such an enemy exist.
But it was not absolutely.

It was encouraging to see Shea, a knight with excellent melee capabilities, coming to my side.

"Of course. I'm your [Subordinate]. I'm Chrome-sama's──knight, after all."

Shea declared.
Her chest glowed brightly.

"This is──"

Shea expanded her chest's cloth astonishingly.

Surprisingly in the valley of her rich chest revealed patterns that shine in black purple.

A crest that looked like a heart.
It was proof of [Subordinate].

The crest was──changed from black purple to crimson.

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[End of Chapter]

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