Fixed Damage Chapter 27 - Playing with the SUCKge(i)

Fixed Damage
Arc 3: The Pursuit of Forbidden Curse

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5 - To the laboratory

I gazed at the crimson crest on Shea's chest.

"You also had that crest."

Perhaps it was carved when she became [Subordinate].
Her cloth and armor got in the way, so I couldn't see it at that time──.

When Irina became a [Subordinate], the place where the crest appeared was on the forehead.
Did the location change depending on the other party, or did it had another meaning, I wondered.

Moreover, the color of the crest had changed.
From black-purple to crimson.

Irina's crest remained black-purple until the end, so the difference might have some meaning.
……Do I have to ask her?

"The color of Shea's crest has changed, what does it mean?"

Tried to call [Darkness].

There was no reply.

"Answer me, [Darkness]"

I called her for a few more times.
I called her in my heart, but there was no response.

".....a whimsical guy"

There was no help for it.

After a while, the brilliance of the crest subsided.

"Ah..... n, no, Chrome-sama, don't look at me.....!"

Shea suddenly turned her face red and hid her chest.

".....Aren't you that have exposed your chest"
"Tha, that's right. No, I'm sorry."

Was she still upset, her eyes were swimming.

"Is the crest there from before?"
"Yes, since when I became Chrome-sama's [Subordinate]."

Shea nodded to my question.

"Sometimes it glowed as it did just now, but usually it invisible."
"I see"

So I didn't notice it.

".....My chest, you looked it, right?"

She suddenly glared at me.

"No, no matter what I did just now, it would clearly come to sight."
"Can you be, had an evil desire toward me?"
"Still, as usual, you sometimes say rude things."



There was a voice of Yulin in the back.


I heard a cute yawn.

"My bad. Did I wake you up?"
"No, I had been up for a while. I couldn't help but listen to both of you were flἰrting pleasantly."

As Yulin said, she turned her eyes off awkwardly.

"Ah, am I in the way? Should I have pretended to sleep a little more.... as I thought, both of you in that kind of relationship, right?"


"Eh, ah, it, it's wrong, Yulin-chan. just now was a misunderstanding."

Shea shook her hands in panic.
Blushed again, she took a glance toward me.

"That is, umm, about Chrome-sama..... I think, it would be a lie if you weren't aware of it, but ..."
"Fufu, maiden mode right, Shea-san"
"N, not, Yulin-chan"

The smiling Yulin and panicked Shea.
It was a strange atmosphere again.


In order to shake off that kind of atmosphere, I cleared my throat once,

"We'll head to his laboratory──"

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In a laboratory room surrounded by many magical experimental devices.
There, seven boys were chatting.

"Recently, Valery-sama often "appointed" you, right."
"Th, that's not true."

Asked, Mikha hurriedly shook his hands.

"I'm just as much as everyone....."

While saying, he sighed a hot sigh, remembering a moment with Valery last night.

Mikha was a young boy with an androgynous look, with pale pink hair trimmed at the shoulder.
He was one of the seven favorite disciples of the sage Valery.

"As much as? You are most often called to his bed."
"You stand out too."
"Tsk, That's Master's favorite number one for ya?"

The look of jealousy and envy seemed to pierce.

Mikha managed to parry and looked around at the six boys.

Each of them had different features from themselves, but they had a rare beauty and had a slender body.
It could be seen that the master's homosexual hobby was strongly visible.

Everyone was Valery's lover, and every time Mikha was appointed, he spent a mesmerizing night with his master.

Valery, who was a member of the Hero's Party that defeated the Demon King and was called the world's greatest wizard, for his disciples he was equal to God.
He was invited to bed at night and could not refuse it.

In addition, by receiving Valery's favor, he might be given a special mystery of magic, Of course, there was also a calculation.

However, it would be the same for the other disciples.
They were competing not only for their magical power, but also for won the love of the man-lover Valery.

Everything was──in order to succeed Valerie's trace and eventually become the world's greatest wizard.

"Speaking of which, a subject girl ran away."
"Is that the cute girl in a maid outfit?"

The topic of the disciples had changed.
Mikha felt relieved inside.

"Goddamit, I thought I'd taste it someday."
"Give up give up. Some magical rituals require a virgin condition. If you commit arbitrarily, you will be punished later."
"I know, You can't touch such a cute girl with one finger or you'll die, right?"
"Well, when it's finished its role as a guinea pig, it's possible that it will come to us."
"When it comes to us, there are too many patterns then its body and mind are broken."

The boys chated.

Despite having a relationship with Valery, their desires were exclusively women.
Some swords also could be used to both men and women──.


Mikha looked at the magical device for the alarm and slightly raised his eyebrow.

"What's wrong, Mikha"
"That is──"

The lamp was lit in red.

"There are people approaching this institute──"

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[End of Chapter]

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