Fixed Damage Chapter 25 - Playing with the SUCKge

Fixed Damage
Arc 3: The Pursuit of Forbidden Curse

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3 - Yulin

"Are you okay, Shea"

I called out to Shea.

In the aftermath of the monster's magic attack, there was scorch around her armor.
Blood was dripping from her left hand.

"I was slightly injured, but I was fine. I was saved, Chrome-sama."
"I'm glad you're safe"

Said that, then I turned my eyes to the girl scared behind Shea.

Is she about the age of late teens?
The blue hair was cut at the shoulder, and the blunt eyes gave a pretty impression.

She wore a white and navy apron dress and a white headband.
It was a maid outfit that you could see in a noble residence.

"No, stay away from me ..."

She stepped back with a pale face.

"What happened?"

I was asking that, but the maid girl just shook her head from side to side.

"Isn't she scared?"

Shea said.
For some reason, looked at me with a scornful stare,

"Chrome-sama is full of suspicious aura."
"Is that so?"
"It's like a villain's atmosphere."

Well, I had the power of [Darkness], and it was no wonder that such an atmosphere appeared.

"... Sometimes you say rudely, you are"
"Please excuse me"

She said that, but mischievously smiling.

Recently, she sometimes had such an expression.
A girlish smile appropriated for her age of seventeen.

Some time had passed since Riot, the enemy of her sister, died, and it might be that changes were taking place inside Shea.
Perhaps that feeling was starting to rise.

Of course, sadness and anger would still take a long time to heal.
Or that day might not come forever.

Nevertheless──I felt that the changes in Shea were her own will to move forward.

If I completed my revenge on everyone, would that day come when I could laugh like this?

"N, no, umm, that, it's not mean he's scary ... Well, that guy had a slightly scary atmosphere. He has a suspicious aura."

I was told by a girl who just met for the first time.

"Right, haven't I say that?"

Shea was proud of herself for some reason.

"It's your triumph"

Shea smiled.

"Being with me will make you unlucky"

The girl looked at us and gave a sad sigh.

"I'm──I can attract demons."

[Darkness Pheromone].
It was said that the seal engraved on the subject by the technique emitted an aroma that attracts demon.

She was called Yulin, and she was a resident of a nearby village.

A few weeks ago, a wizard helped Yulin that being kidnapped.
And she was treated as an experimental body at that laboratory, and the aforementioned seal was carved.

She managed to escape after seeing the gap, but because the aroma increased at night, she seemed to have attracted such a powerful demon.

To date, she had been forced out of the outdoor experiment and it was said that many unrelated people were sacrificed.
It was suicide to go out alone with such a spell on her.

"You──Maybe, You didn't want to die from being attacked by demons, right?

With guilt, her consciousness.

"I'm, scared....."

In my question, Yulin did not affirm or deny.


No more words than that, big tears were spilling out from her round eyes.
One after another.

"The curse that was put on me. The people who got involved and died. That wizard was calm even after performing that terrible technique ..... all of that, scared..... Aah."
""That wizard".....huh"

I muttered.
Well, maybe ninety-nine percent, was that "guy".

"We'll unlucky if we're with you, because you're attracting demons."
"Yes, so please stay away from me"
"My skills will destroy all approaching enemies. So no need to worry."

I explained to Yulin.

"You've seen it earlier, right. Where the monsters disappeared in an instant."
"B, but ..."

She was still worried.

"Be relieved, Yulin. I've been helped many times by him. The power of Chrome-sama is real."

Shea said good words.
Did her words of the same sex, around the same age, created a sense of security, I wondered. And Yulin's expression became softened.

"Ah, That's late but.....Thank you very much for your help earlier."

Yulin bowed deeply.

"And who is the "Wizard" who did that spell?"

I went to the core.
I was expecting it, but I wanted to check it directly from Yulin's mouth.


Yulin's expression was stiff.

"N, no, that is──."
"If you leaking it, you'll die, right?"
"But anyway you will die if you are now. Not far away, attacked by a demon."

Yulin breathed in with a gulp.

"If you are now, you have no future. If there is a way to survive, first tell me the situation, seek help, and to remove the cause drastically──."

I stared at Yulin.
Head on.

"Are you going to fight, or."

Silence flowed.

Eventually, Yulin exhaled as if had determined.

"The spell that placed on me, that is... doing by Sage Valery, a member of the Hero's party."

So, she confessed.

"As expected, that is him"

Valery's research facilities had to be investigated.
And the spell he'd done on Yulin was so likely he was researching.

He didn't think people were people.
Use whatever he could to explore magics.
Just as a tool.

That was Valery's view of human beings.

It was terribly simple.

But, it was simple──he was strong and scary because of his simplicity.

"We're heading to Valery's place. Are you coming along, Yulin?"
"Aren't you at his lab before? If so, showing the directions will help much."

I told Yulin.

"If you go to him, you may see how to remove your curse. I think it's a benefit for you too. I and Shea will guarantee your safety."
"Leave it to me. I'll protect Yulin."

Shea smiled brightly.

"To the laboratory....."

Yulin looked down with a thoughtful face.

It will take courage to once again return to the place where you just had fleed.
If we were rejected, then it couldn't be helped.

It was true that Valery's lab will have some sort of magic trap, so getting directions will help.

"──Can, can I return to my original state?"

Yulin looked up.

"It's possible, but not absolutely."

I shook my head small.

Why did I make this suggestion to Yulin, I wondered.
Suddenly I asked myself.

Maybe I──overlapping her with myself?
Just like to Shea at that time.

Shea and I were fighting for revenge.
Yulin was cursed against her will.

It was the same for both Shea and Yulin that overlapped with my situation.

Therefore, it might have sprouted in one corner of my heart.
I wanted to help her if I could.

"If I stay like this now..... I can never return to my original life."

Yulin muttered.

"I want to see my family again. I want to meet my friends. I want to meet everyone in the village......"

Her words changed into sobbing on the way.

"Will you bet on that possibility, Yulin?"

I asked her.

"The possibility that we can go to the lab and remove your curse"

Yulin looked up and stared at me.
With her eyes wet with tears, straightly.

"──please by all means"

In her words of decision, the sobbing was no longer mixed.

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[End of Chapter]

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