Sasuga Mia-sama - 13

Tearmoon Empire Story

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13 - Smell of epidemic

Soon after Mia's order, Ludwig arranged for an escort soldier.

Because it was suddenly, only four men were gathered, but all were only skilled soldiers.

It was said they were inspecting the battlefield, anyway, but this just a stroll in the Imperial City for a short time, this should have been almost no problem.

――If it is alright, I want ten more people, but it can not be helped because it was sudden.

Ludwig sighed.

After all, His Majesty Emperor's daughter would enter the city. No matter how many escorts we had, it was not enough.

"By the way, Your Highness Princess, is His Majesty Emperor aware of today?"

"Eh? My father is?"

Mia tilted her neck. But,

"That's okay. I'll just tell him later about this."

Ludwig was a little anxious to Mia, who was proudly spreading her chest.

The New Moon District that came in the sight was so bad. Just one step in, the air was clearly different from the previous district.

It was very easy to describe,

"It smells terrible."

One of the soldiers instinctively pressed his nose.

The whole district seemed to be dominated by a rotten smell, a sweaty smell, or a filthy smell.

Put aside the soldiers, Anne and Ludwig frowned,  let alone the smell that pokes their nose that would never be smelled in a castle or luxury residential area.


"Is that so? I don't care so much....."

Mia was calm.

For Mia who had been trapped in a dungeon for two years, this was better at all due to the wind.

"Isn't it hard for people in such places to take a bath? So, it is natural for a human to become stinking without cleaning themself for three days. It's no different from a traveler coming from far away."

After saying so easily,

"Well, It'll go more than that."

Mia started walking.

The surrounding soldiers could only stare in stunned at such a daring princess.

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Dirty roads, dim alleyways, crumbled houses ...

From those shadows, some suspicious gazes were sent to the out-of-place party.

Regardless of that kind of thing, Mia went on foot and walked.

"Your Highness Princess Mia, where is your destination?"

The leader of the soldier asked.

"Nn, that's right, I haven't decided, but ... That is?"

Suddenly, Mia looked at the edge of the road and went to a child who fell there then crouching.

A boy, five or six years old, younger than Mia, wrapped in a battered cloth that could not be called clothes anymore, gently and softly put her hand on the boy's thin shoulder.

"Wai, Your Highness Princess!"

"Excuse me, you, you are okay?"

The boy, who slowly raised his face, did not look particularly surprised when he saw Mia. His eyes were cloudy and couldn't be felt any cheerful childlike energy.

"Are you feeling sick somewhere?"


His lips move slightly, but no voice was heard. Instead, the answer came from Ludwig behind.

"It looks like he's hungry, not sick. It's commonplace here."

"Yeah ... it's definitely hard to get hungry."

Mia instructed Anne to share her sweets with the boy, and then looked back at Ludwig.

"Ludwig, I want to ask you something."

"What is it?"

"What should we do to prevent the epidemics in here, in the future,?"

"An epidemic..... that is ..."

In Mia's words, Ludwig's head received a shock as if he had been beaten.

Because it was something he didn't even think about.

He knew that the imperial finances would certainly ruin in a few years.

So he thought he had to do something about it, and he was desperately thinking of measures to reduce spending and increase tax revenue, and he was proud that everything he did was effective.

But once such epidemics occurred, all of that would quickly become meaningless.

And the little princess in the very front of his eyes pointed out that danger.

"To prevent epidemic and illness ..."

"Mia-sama, this child, it seems better to him have a rest somewhere. It looks like there is a church nearby, why not go there?"

In Anne's words, Ludwig's thinking was interrupted.

"That's right. I also wanted to see various things, so that's exactly good."

Looking at Mia's face smiling with a laugh, Ludwig knew why she brought him here.

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[End of Chapter]

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