Sasuga Mia-sama - 14

Tearmoon Empire Story

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14 - The secret of the hairpin

Behind the narrow, intricate alley, there was their destination.

A small, leaning church. There could be heard the children's cheerful voices from the large garden.

After leaving the child to Sister, Ludwig looked back at the church.

"Is this the only place where the sick can be treated ..."

The church was simple, and including an orphanage, it didn't mean that many people could enter. Here, it is very impossible to cover and took care of the sick people around here.

――You couldn't understand unless you actually looked at it, that is exactly what Princess Mia has said. The likelihood of an epidemic occurred around here is quite high.

Ludwig was thinking.

Meanwhile, Mia had been interacting with the priest, who was in charge of the church.

Apart from that, she is not particularly religious. The idea was that if she made a connection to a church that was a cross-country organization, she would be able to get help for asylum in an emergency.

Every time, "herself is first" that was what mia thinking.
"Holy Father, thank you for accepting this sick person."

"No, we are doing what we deserve as a servant of God. In addition, I am sorry to have Your Highness Princess visit such a place."

"It's not a big deal, because this place is a part of my beloved country. By the way, Holy Father, your friends abroad are....."

That was Mia who relentlessly made appeal

"Your Highness Princess Mia ..."

It was at that time. Ludwig called out.

"Ara, Ludwig, is it time already?"

"No, I understood what Your Highness Princess's thoughts."

Upon hearing that, Mia nodded satisfactorily.

"Is that so. As expected of Ludwig. So how should we do to prevent epidemics in The New Moon District?"

".....There are two ways to prevent the plague: distribute the food to build the physical strength of the population, and to improve the medical facilities."

Speaking that out, Ludwig once again realized the difficulty.

His recent job had been reduced the spending.

Increasing income or reducing expenditures was one of the two ways to make the Empire's finance sound.

Since the income did not easily increase, the primary task was to reduce wastefully spending.

But it cost a lot of money to distribute food and build a hospital.

Ludwig had no idea how much money would be needed to maintain that situation, or whether such money would be available in the first place.

Even if Mia used her authority as a princess, wouldn't it be impossible?

After all, she was still a young girl.


"That means we need money, right... I see."

Mia nodded small, folded her arms as if thinking something,

"In that case..... that's right, I wonder, if you sell this, is it sufficient?

Slowly, she removed the hairpin from her hair.


With a large red jewel, it was an item presented by a famous merchant on the other day.

"Mia-sama, that is!? Isn't that your favorite!"

Anne made a surprised voice.

But Mia shook her head a little,

"It's okay, no matter how important it is, no matter how powerful you hold it, it will disappear when it's the time to disappears and break when it's the time to breaks. At best, you should use it in a meaningful way."

"You Highness Princess Mia ..."

Ludwig was very impressed, unusual for her to be calm.

Literally, Mia looked like a saint.

Of course, it was an illusion.

As you know, Mia was not a saint. So there was a good reason she said, "Sell it!"

The reason was……,

――If it will be deprived by such people, it is better to sell it quickly.

Yes, the hairpin, what she wanted to hide, was what she had been deprived of when she was captured by the Revolutionary Army.

Moreover, it was by a wild and violent bearded man, ... well, it didn't mean that if it by a good-looking, refreshing guy was okay.

――If it becomes such a thing, it is better to let it go of it and use it for my sake.

Wherever Mia was counting

But of course, Ludwig didn't know such circumstances.

"I've heard Mia's feelings very well. This Ludwig will make the best use of this, this treasure I've received."

For example, if he sold a hairpin, it was not enough to cover the amount he needed.

However, Ludwig knew the intent of Mia who dared to provide her hairpin.

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From the next day, Ludwig was loudly publicizing Mia's offering of her precious treasures to the people for the slum.

The highest mercy of a young princess.

The people were amazed at the benevolent of Mia, and the aristocrats had no choice but to spent their own money out.

Twenty days later, it was decided that a large hospital would be built in the New Moon District.

~ "(This is a Translation Content of" ~
[End of Chapter]

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