Sasuga Mia-sama - 16

Tearmoon Empire Story

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16 - Princess Mia, opened the enlightenment

Anne's home was just outside the castle town. A small house in a corner where the commoners' wooden houses line up.

In the garden where pretty flowers bloomed, lots of dried clothes were swaying by the wind,

It didn't seem like wealthy in flattering, but it was a very homely and warm home.

"Mia-sama, please wait in the carriage until I say good."

Leaving out, Anne quickly entered the house.

After a few minutes of waiting, Anne and a young man and woman with a slightly blue face appeared.

"Ara, both person there, maybe....."

"It, it it, it's an honor to meet you, Your Highness Princess. I'm Anne's father. "

The man said in a strangely raised voice, and introduced that the woman beside him was Anne's mother.

On the other hand, Mia raised the hem of the skirt slightly,

"Nice to meet you, I'm Mia Luna Tearmoon. Anne is always taking care of me."

With an adorable smile.

"N, no, likewise, To specially have your favor to our daughter, there are not enough words of thanks."

."Su, such hospitality, we aren't worthy to ..."

"It's okay to have no worry about. I'm always taken care of for Anne and I just stopped by today to bring you a souvenir."

Mia smiled, truly a smile in an exemplary way. It was the good exterior of Mia.

"Then, Anne, please guide me to your little sister soon."

Mia was impatient because she wanted to eat the ice confection before it melted.

Fortunately, counting of it, there were eight ice confections in the ceramic cup.

If she shared with Anne's family, most of it was likely to go to Mia.

――As expected, the Four Grand Dukes. Such generous!

Mia was thrilled at the ice confection she had not been eating for a long time. But.....

She was a little worried when she saw the children gathered in the narrow guest room.

There were four children. The oldest was a boy, perhaps a little older than Mia. The latter three were girls, younger than Mia.

"... Anne's brother and sisters, right."

Including Anne, was five people. With, her parents... was seven!

――Oh, it's just bad.

With this, the surplus one should come to herself.

Moreover, she showed the saint-like act of generously dividing souvenir.

The kindness of Her Highness Imperial Princess in Anne must remain unbroken.

In fact, she didn't really do much, but anyway, Mia was listening to their self-introduction of Anne's brother and sisters in a good mood.....

"I'm sorry, Mia-sama. The second daughter, Elise, is a little weak, and she's always resting in her room all the time. Actually is, she wants to come out to give a greeting....."


In that word, Mia solidified.

No way, one more person.

In addition.....

"Waa, Your Highness Princess, can I really have something like this?"

"Thank you very much, Princess Mia. Look, father, mother, let's eat, let's!"

"Hey!, not in front of the princess..... Please excuse our rudeness, Your Highness."
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If she was shown the happy face of Anne's family, she couldn't help it anymore.

In the very front of Anne's eyes, in order to maintain a kindness image of Her Highness Imperial Princess, of course, Mia could not say something like "Give me one".

――Hey, if you're a Four Grand Duke Family, why you did not put in about ten! You fool!

Scolded the duke's daughter in her mind with unfocused emotions.

After the eight times, finally, she regained her calmness,

"Please excuse me, Your Highness Princess. Actually by all rights, no matter what the circumstances, we all have to come to greet you here, but... such rudeness...."

"Eh? A, ah, that's all right. It's me that shouldn't have come suddenly, and if her physical condition is not well, It can't be helped, right. And leaving that aside, Anne, if it's melting it will be a waste, so have everyone eat it as soon as possible."

And once, after sending a glance to the ice confectionery...

"That's right, why we don't bring the ice confectionery to your sister in her room while they're having a taste?"

Just to make sure, it was not like she was concern about the sick.

Simply, she was just a human that couldn't endure herself to see a scene of they were eating sweets in front of her, and seeing that sweets being swallowed into their mouth.



Anne was so impressed, and her words were clogged up.

"Thank you for your concern. My sister will surely be delighted to have Mia-sama come to visit! "

"Aah, that's the most I can do."

On the other hand, Mia's voice was half-discarding and felt monotone

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[End of Chapter]

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