Sasuga Mia-sama - 15

Tearmoon Empire Story

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15 - Tea party

On that day, Mia came to the tea party with the invitation of Emeralda Etwa Greenmoon, the daughter of the Four Grand Dukes of the Tearmoon Empire.

The tea party was a status for aristocratic daughters.

The more you could invite named customers, the more power you could show. In that sense, the Imperial Princess, Mia, was popular.

A tea party held in a corner of a vast garden attracted many daughters of aristocrats.

"Even so, Mia-sama, you have done something that couldn't be imagined..."

Emeralda, the organizer of the tea party, said that while waving her wavy crystal emerald hair.

"Hm, What is that?"

Mia tilted her head with a cool face, sipping tea.

"I've heard it about the slum the other day."

The Duke's daughter laughed "Hohoho", and said,

"But why did you do that wasteful thing? Why did you give an important hairpin for the folk? My father twisted his neck too"

"Aah, about that, yes..."

"I thought it was just a whim, but I thought for a long time that it was something deeper because it was Mia-sama. But I just couldn't figure out why....."

Emeralda leaned forward.

Honestly, Mia didn't like her.

Anyway, she, while saying to the surroundings that she was Mia's best friend. She was the first one to betray her as soon as the revolution occurred.

She couldn't help dislike her.

So, honestly, she didn't want to come to this tea party, but she couldn't easily refuse. After all, she was the daughter of a noble family in second after the emperor's family.

So, the goal of Mia today was to stay safe with as little effort as possible.

So that meant.....

"It doesn't have any profound meaning. I just acted out of my heart."

She answered appropriately.

The meaning was, I did it because I wanted to do it, any complaint? this bastard.....said that shit on my side.

If her opponent was Ludwig, she needed to pay attention to the answer, but if this aristocrat's daughter was the opponent, this was enough.

"It's wonderful, As expected of Mia-sama. Your heart is so wide."

"Even being concerned about peoples, we can't imitate such a majestic action."

While listening to the surrounding aristocratic daughters praising,

――Ah, I hope it will end soon….

Mia sighed in her heart.

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"Thanks for your hard work, Mia-sama."

As soon as she got on her return carriage, Anne spoke.

"My shoulder is stiff"

Anne turned compassionately at Mia, who was relaxing her neck.

"As I thought, Mia-sama isn't too familiar with that atmosphere?"

That wasn't it was not familiar ... but rather, Mia was a person who grew up in that atmosphere.

So, she was worried about Anne's words.

"As I thought, what does it mean?"

While checking the souvenirs presented, Mia asked with a plain tone,

"Because Mia-sama is different from them."

――Ara, this is the ice confectionery. This is definitely delicious!

And so, Anne's story went on while she was thinking of such a trivial thing seriously.

"They will never go to the place where the poor live, or providing their belongings with mercy, unlike Mia-sama."

"Is..... is that so?"

Mia was involuntarily panicked by her dazzling brilliant eyes.

It was Mia that had never acted in good faith.

If she didn't intend to do so, but get praised for it, she couldn't help feeling deceiving.......

Mia's conscience shook before Anne's pure trust.

As a result, in order to balance, She wanted to do something good.

"... Then this kind Princess will specially, will give you this."

She gave to Anne the ice confectionery souvenir.

"Eh? Is it alright, to something that looks so luxurious!"

"I don't mind. It's not unusual ..."
It’s not particularly something unusual............

"Waa, thank you very much."

Anne cheered happily..... and then fell silent for a moment.

"Is something the matter?"

"No, I want my little sisters to have a taste, I think....."

"Aah, so that's it, so how about going to your house?"


"Because it's ice confectionery, it will melt if you don't eat it right away. If you want your little sisters to have a taste, let's hurry."

"P, please wait a minute. Mia-sama, that kind of thing..... No matter how much you want to come to the house of the ordinary commoner, It shouldn't be allo......"

"Ara, you didn't know, right? I'm a very very selfish princess, you know?"

Anne lost words to Mia, she had no choice.

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[End of Chapter]

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