Sasuga Mia-sama - 19

Tearmoon Empire Story

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19 - The oath on that winter day

The winter months at the Tearmoon Empire were relatively mild.

The snow was rare, and for some years it was not necessary to put the fire in the fireplace.

However, this year was a severe winter with cold snow.

"Uuh, it's cold....."

Anne was walking down the hallway, exhaling a faintly white breath.

Today was the last day of the year.

If looking around the capital, many shops were taking a break from work today, but it couldn't be said from the palace.

Anne visited Mia's room, greeting her colleagues who stood up as usual.

"Excuse me, Mia-sama."

"Aah, Anne. You're here."

Mia, was sitting by the fireplace and reading a book, saw Anne and stood up.

"It's cold yes. I hope it will a little warmer."

With that said, guided Anne beside the fireplace.

"Thank you very much, Mia-sama. If you insist, This low me will get your words."

Until recently, Anne had been reluctant, but recently she had been honestly receiving her kindness.

Mia argued that refraining in herself was rude.

So, Anne was determined to answer with loyalty to her kindness.

Anne and Mia put in firewoods to the fireplace side by side.

――I wonder if she got a little taller ...

Anne smiled softly as she looked at Her Highness Princess, who now looked as cute as her little sister.

"Hey, Anne, maybe a little, is it okay....."

Suddenly, Mia opened her mouth. Seeing that, Anne tilted her neck a little.

Mia didn't try to meet her eyes. When she had such a subtly awkward face, it was usually when she wanted to ask for something hard to ask.

"Yes, what is it, Mia-sama."

Though wondering, Anne replies.

"I'll be attending the academy next spring"

"Eerm, I know it. Congratulations on your admission."

The noble children of the noble family were to go to academy, a specialized educational institution, from the spring of their thirteen.

There, they learned a variety of knowledge and became well-qualified to manage the country.

After going to the academy, Anne was looking forward to seeing how this splendid saintly princess would become a respectable woman.

"Thank you, Anne. And so....."

Mia smiled a little, but soon her face became cloudy.

After a moment of silence, Mia raised her face as if she had determined.

"I want you to come with me as a servant."


Anne was frozen by her offer.

"I am, right?"

It was reasonable that Anne was surprised.

The Academy was where the children of the royal aristocracy gathered. And noble children were the future nobles.

The aristocratic academy was an important place to look forward and built friendships and connections with those who would shape the future of the country. Carelessness was never allowed.

The academy where Mia would attend wasn't in the empire.....

Mia would leave the palace and live in the academy's dormitory for the next few years.

And only one servant could she bring.

She couldn't get help from other veteran maids.

"Umm..... Mia-sama, I'm very honored to the offer, but, that's, are you alright with this me?"

Anne was never an excellent maid. If anything, she was a sloppy one.

She knew that Mia trusted herself and she felt a lot of fear and dearness, but sadly, it had nothing to do with her ability as a maid.

Why is she not bring a capable veteran maid with high ability? And Anne thought so.

And then, Anne's hands were wrapped in warm warmth.

As she surprised and lowered her gaze, she saw Anne's cold hands were gripped by her little palm.

"Umm, Mia-sama, my hands are cold ..."

"Anne, I'll say if it's you, then it's alright."

"~! Mia-sama ..."

Hotness things began to spill over into Anne's chest.

Such much credit, trust, favor, was it okay for her to receive all of it without returning, she wondered.

As driven by the emotions born in her heart, Anne knelt in place.

"I'll do my best to devote myself to you, Mia-sama, please treat me well."

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――Fuuh, thank goodness. Now, I'm no longer worried about my retrospective.

Mia exhaled a breath of relief.

Where Mia would heading was, the academy where the two of her life's enemies were waiting for.

The frontier noble who led the Imperial Revolution, Tiona Rudolfon, who would be called as 'Saintess' in the future, and Shion Saul Sankland, the prince of the Kingdom of Sankland, who helped her.

The two people who were directly connected to Mia's guillotine fate were the alumni of that academy.

――In such a situation, it is nothing but a nightmare where I can not trust my aide.

For the time being, that minimal situation was allowing Mia to celebrate the new year in relief.

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[End of Chapter]

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