Sasuga Mia-sama - 20

Tearmoon Empire Story

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20 - To a new land

There was a small nation in the middle of the continent where crowded by many nations.

A country that has been blessed by God, the Principality of Saint Velga.

The home of the Central Orthodox Church, which had long been worshiped by the people in the continent, had great authority, despite having no military power.

As proof of it, there was one "Academy" in the country.

St. Noel Academy――a super-elite academy where children of royal aristocrats in neighboring countries were gathered.

Usually, the next generation that should be carefully cultivated in their own country, were gathered in one place and educated for a period that was not short for six years.

Just based on it alone, It could be seen how great the authority of this country was.

It was such an academy that Mia would attend this spring.

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"Waa! Amaziiing!"

One week after being swayed by a carriage, when we finally arrived at the St. Noel Academy, Anne shouted.

Seeing Anne stuck at the window and not showing a sign of moving away, Mia smiled involuntarily.

"From now on, you'll be tired if you keep that state, Anne."

"B, but, Mia-sama, it's amazing. Sea, the sea is....."

"That's a lake, you know."

While correcting her, Mia turned her eyes to the scenery outside the window.

The road passed through the lush green trees, through a small forest, and what came into view after that was a huge lake.

Lake Noeliege, which occupied more than one-third of that country's territory, known for its rich nature, sparkled with the reflections of the falling sunlight.

In the middle of the lake was a large island, which stood out with a beautiful white, castle-like school building.

It was like a scene in the fairy tale.

She didn't know the feeling of involuntarily wanting to cheer, but.....

――As expected, if I look at it for almost five years, it will be ordinary plain.

After all, it was an academy's building that had been together for several years on the previous timeline.

Although there was no complaint about the environment, she never impressed.

"Mia-sama is, as expected, you're really calm."

Mia gently closed her eyes after laughing vaguely and ambiguously at Anne, who exclaimed.

――The next six years are important.

Before coming to the academy, Mia scrutinized her diary and thought about how she spent her time there.

As a result, she decided to impose two rules on herself.

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First, never approach danger. In particular, try to avoid as much as possible people who can lead to the guillotine.

Second, if possible, if the reforms of the Empire fail and unfortunately the revolution occurs, Establish valuable connections as much as possible.

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That was it.

――Above all, it is important not to approach the danger. According to the eastern proverb, A wise one always keeps away from danger.

She thought of the faces of her two hated people who had driven her to the ruin..... Even though said that, It wasn't like she wanted to clear her grudges or intended to fight.

No vengeance!

Mia, who didn't want to feel hurt or painful again, was a lazy pacifist.

Always keep herself away from dangerous things. If she didn't get acquainted, then she wouldn't buy their personal grudges.

――Nevertheless, it's foolish to not be prepared in case of an emergency. Then, I need to establish connections so that they can't unobtrusive as possible. Finally, who am I going to build connections with...?

When Mia was sinking in her thinking, the carriage suddenly stopped.



Suddenly, she heard the coachman's bitter voice from the front.

"What is that?"

"Ah, Your Highness Princess, I'm sorry. In fact, I tried to move the carriage to the ship that crossed to the island, but had been overtaken by another country."

"Huuh..... then?"

"Originally, it should be our empire's turn, I'll go and complain to that."

Mia sighed a little to the coachman who said that while snorted.

"... It's not like I care about it."

"B, but, then the empire's prestige will..."

"The more you pay attention to such small details, such as order, the more you will be involved in things of the prestige of the empire."

While saying, Mia held her head lightly.

To be honest, His behavior was hurting from Mia's view. It was really hurt.

There was nothing more unpleasant, such as making a fuss about the order of crossed to the island.

But the real pain for Mia was that she did exactly the very same thing on the previous timeline.

…….Moreover, the whole carriage fell on the lake.

As she remembered, it really.....hurt her.

It was very hard at that time. Because she wore her favorite heavy dress, she got wet in the water, got heavy, and drowning.....

She managed to get to the shore, but was laughed at by the students watching around.

Even now, even if she remembered, it seemed that the fire of shame would turn her into ash.

It was really painful that she never experienced, to show off the painful behavior she had been doing before in the very front of her own eyes.

――Really, What an embarrassing person..... I want to blow the past me away!

"A, are you alright? Mia-sama"

"No, I don't mind. It was a long journey, so I'm just a little tired."

Said so, and Mia opened the window.

The lakeside wind was so refreshing and seemed to comfort Mia.

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[End of Chapter]

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