Sasuga Mia-sama - 23

Tearmoon Empire Story

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23 - Princess Mia launches a verbal attack! Tiona... has recovered!?

"Hey, what exactly are all of you doing there?"

With foot stepping noise, Mia got into the crowd.

There were three girls around Tiona. They were the daughters of the aristocrats of a certain country in a certain country that she had seen on the previous timeline. that.

"Huh? What the heck are you, suddenly....."

A leader-like girl who responds to a sudden intrusion with a sullen voice.


"Yo, Your Highness Princess Mia....."

Hearing Tiona's voice in stunned, she immediately turned pale.

"Yo, You Highness Princess Mia, you say, can she be....."

"Indeed, This me is Mia Luna Tearmoon, the first Imperial Princess of the Tearmoon Empire. Please remember me from now on."

She lifted her skirt a little and gave a gorgeous bow. At that moment, behind Mia, the imperial majesty aura was shining brilliantly.

The girls who saw it seemed to fall down on the spot unintentionally.

"So..... what exactly are all of you doing?"

"E, ah, umm, this is....."

The girls' complexions gradually become paler. Because Mia....., the princess of the Great Empire, who they shouldn't turn into enemy....., was looked so angry.

Yes, Mia was angry. It was not an exaggeration to say she enraged.

For her, to be forced to get involved and lent a hand to her enemy..... She looked with eyes filled burning hatred to the girls who had created the scenes that she did not want to be involved in.

"It seemed all of you have been rude to my imperial subjects...."

"N, no, but, even though she is an imperial aristocrat, she just a frontier aristocrat. Even a bumpkin who doesn't even know the social circle ..."

"Did all of you not hear just now?"

There was no other choice but to help.

But Mia was a kind of girl that not knowing when to give up. In the first place, she was trying hard because she didn't want to executed by guillotine, and that was clear.

During this time, Mia lowered her shoulder a while, and said,

"I favored all my subjects equally. Even the child of the bottommost slave, for example, there are no leaks out from my favor. I will never forgive anyone who is rude, toward my imperial subjects."

Her implication was that she didn't help because Tiona was special.

In other words, it means that Mia would help whoever was bullied even if she was a child without power like a slave, in other words, she was equal to a child of a slave! It what she meant.

It was because Mia would help her anyway, so she didn't think she should help her comfortably, but that unreasonably stubborn was the true value of Mia.

Mia showed a sparkling smile to Tiona.

――Since I helped you, no matter what I say, you can't complain, right?

Ah, but..... sadly, what Mia's real intention did not reach Tiona.

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Tiona's house was a household with a short history.

Her grandfather was originally a leader of neighborhood farmers and became a nobleman by the reward of exterminating thieves.

In the first place, the territory in which her house was originally transferred to the empire was so late, it was almost never seen as an imperial subject nor being treated as an aristocrat.

It was still good to be called a Quasi-Imperial people, and when it was getting terrible they were called serf's descendants, the colonists that messing around.

That was why she entered St. Noel Academy.

She studied hard, learned polite manners, and even mastered court swordsmanship.

Everything, at least, looked back at the noble daughters who made her a fool of herself, so she didn't want to be ridiculed

And to be recognized as an imperial aristocracy.

Even so, from the first day, she was harassed and she was already depressed.

No matter how hard she tried, her house, Rudolfon's house, nor her territory never be recognized as part of the empire.

And then 'she' appeared, when she was caught in such despair.

The noble princess at the top of the Tearmoon Empire, Mia Luna Tearmoon, said dignifiedly.

"To my subject. I will never forgive anyone who is rude toward my empire's subjects."


At first, Tiona didn't know what she was saying.

She wasn't expecting any help, much less she wouldn't expect herself to be recognized as an imperial subject.

Although it was made Tiona stunned, she suddenly noticed the gaze directed at her and raised her face.

――Your Highness, Princess Mia......

There was a warm, gentle smiling girl.


Suddenly, she felt tears running down her cheeks.

Not because her effort was eventually recognized.

Even if she was a powerless and insignificant entity, she would give her favor and asylum, she, the princess in front of her guaranteed it.

Tiona, who had lived so as if being chased by something, Couldn't stop her tears from feeling relieved for the first time in her life.

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[End of Chapter]

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