Fixed Damage Chapter 28

Fixed Damage
Arc 3: The Pursuit of Forbidden Curse

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6 - Break into 1

A huge black-painted building rose several hundred meters ahead.
Valery's Magic Laboratory, located at the border area of the Kingdom of Ralpha and the Principality of Ryju.
Proceeding deeper into the forest, we finally arrived.

This was my first time to come here, when I was a disciple of him, I had heard only about the laboratory.
Aiming at the results of Valery's magic research, the invasion of other wizards was endless.
Therefore, it seemed that defensive magics were multiply applied to doors, walls, and even inside.

"Let's go"

I called on Shea and Yulin.
We proceeded straight.

Certainly, that main gate fired lightning magic when an intruder approached within 30 meters.
When I was investigating it from my memories....., my eyes were covered with a pale glow.

Probably that was as powerful as the high-tier magic "Thunderblast".
The surrounding ground exploded and burned.

Two or three more.
We proceeded calmly in the rain of lightning.

All the lightning that reached within 10 meters around me had disappeared.
[Fixed Damage] also causes 9999 damage to the attack toward me.
Even "Thunderblast" was inevitable.

Flashes of Lightning that struck at a distance more than 10 meters scattered the explosive light, but we ignored it and proceeding forward.

Eventually, we reached the front of the iron door.

That door could not be destroyed with [Fixed Damage].
Because unless it was a creature that was my enemy or an attack against me, it would be excluded from fixed damage.

[Fixed Damage] could not give an effect on such mere doors or walls.

"Shea, I leave it to you"
"Yes, Chrome-sama."

Shea nodded reverently and pulled out her sword.

That blade was covered with a black shine.
It was the shine of a [Darkness] skill [Dissection] that I gave her.

Shea swung down her sword cut through an iron door that was a meter thick like butter.

We continued without problems.

Passing through the gate, there was a passage about 50 meters to the entrance.
On the left and right were statues of demonic beasts.

"It feels really good"


Some roaring sounded.

That stone statues shook all at once, and then becoming real demonic beasts and heading for us.
Those guardian stone statues were the demonic beast gargoyles.


The next moment they raised screams.
All of that demonic beast that came within my skill range received 9999 damages and shattered.

Only countless debris left behind.

"I'll get inside."

I went straight and turned all the gargoyles that approached into rubble.
At the entrance, there was a door with magic to repel intruders, but this was also cleared in the same way as the main gate.

We entered the building.

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Magic traps were set up everywhere in the laboratory.

At the moment of passing a specific place, attack magic launched.
Or a part of the wall was cracked, and from there monsters instead of guards appeared.

However, it didn't matter to me how powerful the magic was or whether the monster stood in my way.
All magic would be erased.
Monsters would be instantly killed when they were within range, unless they were in the same boat as the Demon King or the aides.

With [Fixed Damage], I dealt all the attack magics and the monsters and made them disappeared, then I proceeded with Shea and Yulin.

Our destination was the innermost part of the laboratory.
Valery's dedicated laboratory was said to be there.

Currently, he had seven disciples, and he was doing various magic researches and experiments at this institute with them.
A number of……..outrageously cruel human experiments.

Those who were the victims of that experiment, would have serious aftereffects on their body and spirit, or had been transformed into monsters, or suffered severe pain, grief, remorse, and despair──.
There were a lot of stories that disgusting to be heard.

I did not know what Valery was aiming to cursed me with the "Chain of Darkness" spell.
In the first place, I didn't have any feelings about it.

But, I could be sure, it was related to that outrageously cruel things.

"──wait for me, Valery"

I kept walking while gritting my molars.
Just like whipping my feet that weakened by his magic, I moved forward and forward.

"I will give you a proper punishment.....!"

Used [Fixed Damage] to erase the monsters, cut the wall with Shea's [Dissection], and proceed in the shortest distance.

“As I thought, it’s amazing…!”

Yulin was looking at me and Shea with reliable sight.

"I'll leave the guidance for you. My purpose is revenge on Valerie, but you want to release the curse on you. And first of all, Let's find out how to release it."

And I.

"Bastard, you intruders!"
"Did you not know that this place is Sage Valery's laboratory!"

Two magicians appeared from the front of the passage.
The distance was about 20 meters.

"Who are they?"
"They're Valery's.... disciples. They mainly manage us the subjects....."

Yulin's voice was trembling.

"They didn't treat the subject as human, broke us like a tool, then killed..... They're cruel people."

Her face was pale.

"All is well, Yulin-chan"

Shea hugged her.

"We'll protect you"
"Now then, I'm here to steal your master's research achievements!"

And Valery's disciples shouted.

"As if I'll allow you to do that! For the sake of my dear master──I will attack you here now."
"That's right! As proof of my love for Master Valery!"

While ecstatically dyeing their cheeks, the two beautiful boy magicians pointed their staff at me.

........By the way, I'd heard the rumors that Valery had a man-loving hobby.
When I was at the Hero Party, The reason he didn't reach out to me might be because I was not his taste.

"[Fire Blast]!"
"[Wind Blast]!"

The two had respectively shot high-tier magic of fire and wind.
Moreover, that was without chanting.

──Not bad.
Their ability as a magician would be better than me when I was at the Hero Party.

Probably they at the same boat as a court magician class.
As expected of the people who was Valery's disciples.


The fierce flames and swirling winds were.
At the moment reached a distance of 10 meters from me, that attacks disappeared into countless particles of light.

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[End of Chapter]

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